“He doesn’t look a happy man on the football pitch at all,” Keown has his say on Aubameyang

Martin Keown has joined calls for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to be taken out of the Arsenal first team.

The striker and club captain has been in poor goal-scoring form all season and that has affected the team.

He scored more than 25 goals in all competitions in the last campaign, including 22 in the league, the exact same amount as in the previous season.

But since being given a new deal at the start of this season, he has been in poor form.

The striker started for the Gunners in their game against Liverpool at the weekend and they lost the match 3-0.

He was one of the poorest players on the pitch and Keown says he looked unhappy playing for the club and probably needs to be benched for a period of time.

Keown also says the striker doesn’t offer anything good and keeping him in the team will send the wrong message to the youngsters at the club.

“He doesn’t look a happy man on the football pitch at all,” he said of the 31-year-old on TalkSPORT.

“He is not offering a great deal going forward. It is maybe time now to think about moving the captain out of the team.

“If the young players see him playing but he’s not really performing well enough, it sets the wrong example to the group.

“Something at the moment is not right in his life. He doesn’t look a happy man at all. If you look at his body language, the smile has gone. The bounce has gone.

“It is better he doesn’t play. He has a youngster Martinelli [who can replace him]. [Martin] Odegaard has been in a Real Madrid dressing room and has said he’s the best young player he has seen in years.

“He doesn’t actually play for Arsenal, he just trains. Surely it is time to give him a game, particularly if Aubameyang is not u

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  1. I agree with Martin something is not right,so drop him i never wanted him to sign a new contract,if anything maybe a year but three,,,that means he will be 34…to old lacazette, the better player.so up front martinelli laca pepe…get in

  2. Auba has been a fabulous player do it is puzzling as to why he is having a quiet time right now. I think may be he needs big occassions to fire him up. Leading Arsenal back to the CL may just be the right stage. 5 games for him to regain his mojo.
    Arsenal are five games away from a ‘great” season.
    Who knew.

  3. OT
    Dortmund have just scored at City.
    Liverpool trail 3-1 at the Bernabau.
    Could be us next season Champions League winners.

  4. There is clearly something wrong with Aubameyang lately. Instead of him we might as well have had Snoop Dogg playing for us against Liverpool, who at least could have pulled-off that hairstyle much better.

    Being captain of Arsenal is not a job where you can just have off-days whenever you feel like it. Those huge wages and superstar status come with responsibilities and club and player have to ensure that the job is being done right by whoever is doing it.

    Whatever the problem is, the player and club need to get to the bottom of it and take the appropriate steps to resolve the situation ASAP, one way or another.

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