“He is incredible” Zinchenko praises Arsenal teammate

Oleksandr Zinchenko has heaped praise on Gabriel Martinelli as his new Arsenal teammate impresses at the club.

Martinelli has scored in Arsenal’s opening two league games of the season and is developing into a real threat to defences.

The Gunners have maintained their winning start because of his contribution, and it seems this would be the season that he explodes into the limelight.

Zinchenko has just moved to the Emirates from Manchester City, and he has been impressed with the attitude and characteristics of Martinelli.

Speaking about his new teammate recently, he told Standard Sports:

“He is incredible. He is a real diamond.

 “I would say exactly the same things about him that I say about Gabriel Jesus.

“The way these two guys are working — how everyone is working really — every single day is unbelievable. He (Martinelli) has got amazing quality, and he’s still young. I am pretty sure he has an unbelievable future.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Martinelli has been at Arsenal for a while, and it makes it hard to believe that he is just 21.

At that age, the former Ituano man is just at the beginning of his career, and we are lucky to have him in our squad.

Hopefully, he would keep impressing as the season goes on and help us earn a return to the Champions League.

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  1. Martinelli is my favourite player at the club. He is the real deal and for 21 yrs old he hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he is capable of.

    Exciting times and watch for Marquinhos also, another little gem.

  2. Zinchenko is right, Martinelli’s energy is incredible – the way he played in 36C heat, imagine what he’ll be like in winter!

    And the finish for the 4th goal was superb when you consider that he was on his weaker foot.

    We may be seeing two of Brazil’s first-choice attackers for the world cup in action.

  3. Yes, a brilliant young signing.
    Leicester had to keep two men on him at all times and I rate him ahead of Saka this season, in all departments.

    1. Ken
      Very interesting you say that. I was talking with my best friend this weekend (he’s a utd fan) and he said he’s far more worried about Martinelli than Saka.

      He also rates Martinelli higher; said he’s a better finisher, better dribbling, and just an assassin. His opinion is Saka will be a top player, but Martinelli will be world class when in his prime.

      Martinelli gets the ball already prepared to go at defenders, while Saka hesitates not seizing momentum. Martinelli has that killer instinct that I don’t see in Saka yet.

      1. Cast your mind back Durand and some of us were asking why MA was not playing him, much like ESR of course.
        It was the continued use of Willian that was holding him back, but that has all changed of course.

        I do believe that Martinelli is THE most exciting player I can recall, even over Saka and ESR, since Jack Wilshere burst on to the scene.

        The reason being, he seems to be able to get himself out of trouble with his amazing ball control and, despite his stature, his refusal to be knocked off the ball…. unlike Saka (this season) who, despite his undoubted skill level, seems to run into situations that slow down our attacks.
        That was so obvious on Saturday, when I felt that Martinelli ran the Leicester defence ragged… with the assistance of a very strong left sided player in Zinchenko.

        1. True Ken, Martinelli just has no fear of defenders and his confidence is so high.

          I’m waiting to see that from Saka, whether White or Tomi is playing RB.

          Lately he gets the ball and stops, waiting for Odegaard sometimes before attacking.

          I hope he shows more confidence and goes at defenders like Martinelli; both have the pace and technique to keep defenders on their heels.

          1. If Saka can bring that side of his game back Durand, then we will cause mayhem to every defence we play against.
            He certainly has the ability to do so, but he does look jaded so far this season… is he being overplayed?

        2. Saka seems to have slowed down a little bit but I also think if Tomiyasu was behind him, it would have helped,

          Ben white was too careful.

          1. Good point, but I still feel that Saka is struggling to reach his own high standards he set, while Martinelli has progressed enormously this season.

  4. both are great players, arsenal are lucky to have so many young gifted players in their squad,i must say the top four teams last season must be very worried..

  5. I always knew he would become the diamond and he still isn’t polished yet!

    I remember a while back some on here were saying we should get rid of him…


  6. He’s becoming exactly what we hoped for and to think some on here think he should be benched in favour of Nketiah 🥱

  7. All these comments about Saka dip in form are so so wrong!!!

    We are not playing 433 neither are we playing 4231….forget the lineup!!!

    Saka and Martinelli do no have thesame role in the team why compare them pls!!!

    Saka have more defensive duties than Martinelli in the way we are playing at the moment, which is somewhat 3412 or 5212….. Meaning Martinelli is leading the line from left with Jesus while Saka is covering RWB to the opposite of Zinchenko.

    Hence the reason Saka is playing with a lot of caution and defensive discipline.

    Pls let’s not destroy the team spirit and sacrifice in Saka with all the baseless comments, hence he will start considering going another club were he can freely play as a RWF in search of personal glory and accolades. And this would be Arsenal’s big loss!!!

    1. Nobody’s trying to destroy anything – just making observations.
      Martinelli is superb at the moment, while Saka has, most definitely, lost the crispness of his early season form of last year.
      The tremendous team spirit won’t be affected by fans on JA giving their opinions.

    2. Well said. This is also my worries going through these comments. Saka is a very good player and also is Martinelli

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