“He makes us better, that’s what I think.” Campbell wants Arsenal to make controversial move happen

Arsenal and Tottenham have one of the fiercest rivalries in world football and the worst thing that any player that has played for either team can do is to play for the other.

Arsenal has had to watch Emmanuel Adebayor play for Tottenham via a stint at Manchester City, while the Gunners famously signed Sol Campbell from their bitter rivals.

These transfers may have happened, but the culture of hatred between both teams still remains and it remains a taboo for players to swap teams.

Kevin Campbell doesn’t seem to care about all of that and he has urged Arsenal to make a move for Christian Eriksen.

Reports earlier this week claims that a swap deal between Arsenal and Inter Milan that will see the Gunners send Granit Xhaka to Italy in exchange for the former Spurs man is on the cards (The Sun).

Those reports have been met with mixed reactions, but Campbell seems to be interested in such a move and he claims that Eriksen will offer more than Xhaka.

“He makes us better, that’s what I think. No disrespect to Granit Xhaka, but I think Christian Eriksen is a better player than Granit Xhaka, and he’s got more to his game going forward than Granit Xhaka,” Campbell said when asked about Arsenal signing Eriksen on the Highbury Squad YouTube Channel.

“We’re talking about not being creative as we could be, we know what Eriksen brings to the table, especially his dead balls, his through balls, he scores goals as well.
“We know he’s played for the opposition, but I don’t really care, he’s not there now, he’s left there, he’s gone to Inter Milan. It’s not worked out and we could make this happen, why not?”

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  1. all these years i’m just trying to figure out what Xhaka is supposed to do and what he actually does on the pitch. From watching Gilberto and Pat even Petit to this fella.OMG.just waiting for the day for him to walk out of tbe door. Will be there with a bouquet and tears of joy.

  2. You have to ask yourself, would you go for a 28 year out of form player hopping to regain his form (really big hope here) or an upcoming Hungarian ? Well the latter might be a nice choice. Just saying.

  3. Every player is better than Xhaka. I don’t know his traits and specialities.

    Does anyone think Xhaka will get a place in any Top6 club? No.

    But Arsenal see this guy to be better than all our midfielders. I don’t know what the managers see in him. Would rather AMN than Xhaka.

  4. Two matters pertain to this article. Firstly, I am totally with the other posts on here about how useless XHAKA is and always has been. Slow, immobile, ponderous, with actions you can read ages before they even grind slowly into his brain and then then FINALLY, AT LONG LAST, become predictably action, though at tortoise pace.

    Secondly and more to the point of this thread, I totally reject as childish the common notion that having once played for a team, no moral player can ever then play for a deadly rival. That is spiteful and nonsensical, since players need clubs in order to make a living and feed their kids.

    They did not start out as fans of the club they play for, with a few only notable exceptions. We NEED to understand that a player changing allegiance, somewhere in football, happens all the time, but the people who do NOT change sides are we fans.

    THAT is the reason why FANS, not players, not managers, nor owners, are the true life blood of all teams and without us lot, all fans everywhere, no club can last long, as this pandemic is proving.

    Imagine if we fans were not only barred from attending stadiums as at present but actually chose to give up supporting our club totally and en masse. The club, any club, then dies, overnight, thus proving my point. But NO PLAYER, anywhere is ever irreplaceable.

    But to stress for full understanding, we fans need to grow up and live in the real world which is not all about football as this pandemic is showing, and allow PLAYERS WHO FOR WHATEVER REASON LEAVEOUR EMPLOY(because they AREjust employees, NOT the lifeblood remember!) to ply their trade whereever they choose.

    This does not excuse disgraceful deceit such as Ashley Cole and THAT is a totally different and inexcusable matter. Consider this please, my thinking fellow Gooners.

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