Could Agent Odegaard pull off mission impossible transfer for Arsenal

Martin Odegaard has told Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland that he should come to Arsenal if he wants to come to the Premier League.

The striker is expected to be the subject of mass interest in his signature this summer with a release clause believed to become active at the end of the season, and some have even claimed that a move to Manchester City is very-much on the cards.

Speaking on Astro Supersport however, Odegaard has called for his friend and international team-mate to join Arsenal if he does want to come to the Premier League, whilst claiming that he doesn’t what his current plans are.

The Arsenal playmaker said: “He is a funny guy, a good guy, a good friend of mine, great player as well, of course, so we will see what he will do.

“I don’t know, but if he is coming to England, he needs to come to us, of course. Nah, I don’t know, I don’t know what he will do. He is a great guy.”

While we would relish the thought of seeing Haaland in our famous Red & White, playing alongside potential club captain Odegaard, I’d be shocked if we could meet his wage demands. As much as you would hope that we would be able to bend our finances to make such a deal happen, I’m not seeing Edu and Arteta looking to put all their eggs in the one basket.

Would Haaland have considered Arsenal as a possible destination this summer?


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  1. What is the attraction of Man City over say Bayern or Real Madrid? Certainly not the weather. Titles? Well Bayern and Real Madrid are serial title winners and make CL semis most seasons. Is it just the salary? Could he come to Arsenal? Lousy weather minus the trophies and at lower salary level. Unlikely. Do Man City really need Haarland? They are top of the league and in the CL semis with Jesus who before last weekend had no more than 3 PL goals to his credit. Wish clubs had to select 20 players from their own academy while restricted to 5 overseas players with all players being free and a max 25k p/w salary.

  2. Hasn’t Haaland got Raiola as a manager?
    Players we are told want to win things. More chance of that at City than us – well, on a regular basis, that is.
    I’m sure fairfan the weather in the north west isn’t as appealing as Madrid or Barcelona, but spondulicks tend to come into play. Half a million a week is a tremendous pull.

    1. Yes Sue P, Raiola is his agent and will collect a hefty fee from whatever club signs Haaland. Bayern Munich have already said that the wages quoted mean they won’t be after him.

      1. The way l know Arsenal on budgeting and the demands of Raiola, it’s mission Impossible for Arsenal

  3. Nah, don’t see this one happening.

    Top top player, the wage demands is not realistic, and we shouldn’t go there.

    Very good striker out there on a fraction of his demand, we should establish a wage structure and stuck with it,
    IMO the way some of these wage demands are going is certainly not healthy.

  4. Anyone else sick of the same clubs grabbing up all the talent all the time?

    Even when Barcelona are found to be £1.5bn in debt, they keep on spending.

    Billionaires using real football clubs as their fantasy football playthings.

    I like to see Real Madrid and Barcelona lose. I like to see Chelsea and Man City lose and now Newcastle as well.

    Football needs to be in fan ownership. Wherever Halaand goes, I’ll probably be rooting against him (it won’t be Arsenal with his wage demands, Bayern are right about that – Bayern may be the only club to avoid the money trap).

  5. Ah YES , good old dreamy fantasy!. The “what if “, make believe stuff that keeps JA going
    But NOT for realists like me, of course.
    Meanwhile, back on PlanetEarth, we realists can easily accept that Gabriel Jesus WILL be coming.

    As for Haarland, we leave that to those who wish to wallow in self foolery!

  6. I think Haaland would love to play for us, being a Gooner fan as a kid, but he wants £500,000 a week which City can easily pay and his dad played for them too, so no contest!

    1. Ofcourse it would look good for arsenal having another version of skilled Thiery Henry in Jesus . Wow come on Gabbie to the Emirates

  7. We should keep an eye on Dortmund with how they go about replacing him, Haaland replaced Auba, that was some smart business ..esp with the league he came from and with his age. Also, teams might want to pry Bellingham away, Dortmund are good at finding young players with bright future. We should try and gazump Dortmund to some youngsters in specialized positions.

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