“He said some things that weren’t very gentle.” – Ex-Gunner recalls when a normally calm Wenger lost it

Robert Pires has opened up on a time Arsene Wenger lost his cool when both of them worked for the Gunners.

Wenger was one of the calmest managers in the world, and him losing his cool was quite rare.

He normally talks to his players in a low tone and we easily consider him one of the coolest managers we’ve had.

Pires knows this but says Wenger was so disappointed when Arsenal lost 6-1 to Manchester United and stunned them with his reaction.

The Gunners had been 5-1 down at halftime in the game and the embarrassed Wenger told them his mind at the interval.

Pires recalled to The Times: “We were taught a football lesson in the first half, which happened rarely,”

“And what’s more, we equalise, right? I get in down the right, I pull the ball back and Titi [Henry] scores.

“And we thought, ‘Yes, magnificent.’ Ha — and then Manchester United went through the gears.

“They were merciless. Merciless. Bam, bam, bam.

“It was the only time I saw and heard Arsène Wenger get annoyed at half-time. He said some things that weren’t very gentle.”

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This revelation shows that even the very cool Wenger will not accept poor performances from his team without showing anger.

The Frenchman was one of the finest managers in the Premier League at the time and he was constantly in a battle with Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United.

Allowing the Red Devils to beat them that way was simply unacceptable.

Arsenal faces United in their next league match and Gooners will hope they can secure yet another league win in that fixture.

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  1. 5-1 down at half time you would hope he would lose it,but what about the 8-2 defeat and all the other big loses Chelsea liverpool etc

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