“He was a joy to watch” Wilshere says fan favourite is the best player he has played with

Jack Wilshere played with some illustrious names while he was at Arsenal before leaving the Gunners.

Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie were all his teammates at the Emirates, but he believes Santi Cazorla was the best player he ever played with.

The Spaniard was a crowd favourite at Arsenal and dazzled when he was in top shape.

In a recent interview, Wilshere reveals the way the Spaniard handled the ball left him in awe even though they were teammates.

He told TalkSport Edge: ‘He could use both feet, he was only 5ft 5ins and he would just run between players and he was a joy to watch.’  

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Cazorla was one of our best players, and the Spaniard left a lasting impression on most of us.

His magical feet and quick thinking helped to unlock defences in England and in Europe easily.

The current Arsenal team would be happy to have him in their squad, but the likes of Emile Smith Rowe and Martin Odegaard are also doing more than good enough to help us with creativity.

Fans hope they would develop into a creative force like the Spaniard was at the club.

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  1. He was great to watch but I don’t think he was as good as he’s remembered. Great talent but not as dangerous when it comes to the final pass or finish as fabregas, and not as consistent. Not wanting to be negative as he was brilliant and one of my favourites to watch, just think he’s remembered as being better than he was in terms of effectiveness

    1. I absolutely disagree like what???? Cazorla was the most technically gifted midfielder we had during that time. Even more technical and gifted than the likes of Ozil. Cazorla was simply class even in big games he was a leader natural leader rarely ever has a bad game super consistent wherever he plays whether is 6 or 8 or 10 or even as a winger he was absolutely brilliant. no one talks about his versatility thats what made him so good. A total complete footballer I rank him as high as Ronaldhino Zidane Okocha Bergkamp etc passing, dribbling, shooting, ball retention, fight and hunger with great vision, he had it all!

      1. He was a lovely player and I understand why he was a fan favorite, but there’s a reason he was never a major player for Spain – he was a class below those players you mention, except maybe okocha.
        Again, don’t want to be negative about a player I also loved, just trying to be realistic. Brilliant player, agree he was incredibly good technically, but his impact wasn’t as big as people remember.

      2. I’d rate him as similar to Rosicky, but maybe stood out more because he played with in a worse Arsenal team.

    2. I could of written exactly what you have said, a good player and great balance, but Fabregas could dictate the pace of the game, he always had the next pass before it got to him and great awareness a real shame he left he to soon 😩. I remember vividly that people on this very site used to slate carzorla for not being defensively good enough when we had to defend.

  2. It is not fair to compare great players but if I remember carzola’s injury coincided with Arsenal decline ? Helb was probably closest to him for his ability to control and dribble safely out the crowded area .They both were good when opponents are trying to press. Arsenal has not managed to find similar players. They badly need one to improve.

    1. Arsenal’s major decline started in 2008 when we lost flamini and hleb, which really broke up the last truly competitive team in the league.
      Cazorla helped slow that decline, though and honestly, a player like him in his prime would make a massive difference to this arsenal side. Maybe Saka is the closest we have to someone like Santi right now, but he’s still improving.

  3. We struggled a lot whenever Santi was absent. He’s the best midfielder not just in Arsenal, but in the EPL. His passing, versatility, dribbles, dead ball, space creation, etc were spot on.

  4. What a footballer santi was. Takes free kicks with both left or right legs with such an accuracy. Pls is santi right or left footed?

  5. Havyn, doesn’t Ozil love the club then?
    Have a look at what Cazorla says about him.
    Another great Wenger signing that Loose Cannon surely appreciates?
    Better than than Fabregas (another great Wenger signing LC)?
    Better than Rosicky (another great Wenger signing LC)?
    Better than Hleb (another great Wenger signing LC)?
    Too close to call, but all better than Odegaard at the moment, that’s for sure.

  6. He had the ability to turn defence into attack at the drop of a hat. Have defenders tripping all over themselves as well as each other with his magic dribbling, switching from left foot to right and vice verse. He was never never caught flat footed, because even when he didn’t have the ball at his feet, he was dancing to some tune playing in his head, the tick tock of play.
    We miss him and miss a player of his calibre to make our midfield tick like he did.

  7. Did you guys still remember the freekick he scored against hull city in the fa cup final when we were 2 nil down in 2012/13 season, did you guys still remember when commentator peter Drury echoed his name like this” ohhh catorla, Santi is phenomenal, Santi is a mildfield Scientist

  8. Carzola is better than fabregas, absolutely joy to watch and I don’t think we would ever have a player of such quality again, and let’s not forget that we lost top 4 after we lose Santi to injury,

    1. With fabregas, we were going for the title, and he was the most creative/dangerous midfielder in the league as a CM in a 442. There’s no comparison.
      Santi had a playing style that was easier on the eye than almost anybody, but he wasn’t world class like fabregas imo.

      1. Santi was once LA Liga player of the year even with Messi and co which Fabregas and Ozil never achieved. Go figure.

        That he doesn’t start for Spain doesn’t mean he wasn’t good but just the Spanish coach believing in the Barca and Madrid Combo then.

        1. He won the best Spanish player – Messi was the best foreign player that season. Impressive, yes, but not quite what you were saying.

        2. And who was he seriously going to knock out of the Spanish team back then – he was brilliant, but not as brilliant as some of the others at that time

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