“He was going with the intention of heading the ball” Raul Jimenez defends David Luiz clash of heads

Wolves striker, Raul Jimenez has defended David Luiz one year after the horror clash of heads between him and the ex-Arsenal defender that nearly ended his playing career.

Luiz essentially headed the Mexican when they both contested for a ball in the air and Jimenez came off worse from the clash.

The Brazilian had no ill effects from the incident but Jimenez was out of the game for around a year as he recuperated.

His injury was so bad that there was a possibility that he wouldn’t play football again.

However, the striker has bounced back and has even scored his first goal back in the game.

He is currently with the Mexican national team for this international break and spoke about the incident.

The attacker maintains Luiz isn’t to blame for what happened to him because the Brazilian went for the ball and unfortunately his head came between the then Arsenal centre back and the ball.

He told Mexico’s W Radio: ‘One of their players goes to the front post and passes in front of me.

‘If I didn’t take that step, I wouldn’t jump backwards, and I would have jumped in front of him.

‘Jumping backwards, he caught me loose. I take 100 per cent of the blame off David Luiz; he was going with the intention of heading the ball. Unfortunately, it was on my head.’

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  1. What an absolute gentleman and sportsman, I hope Raul finds his devastating form and returns to being one of the league’s stand out players, he deserves it. I haven’t noticed a single negative comment from him despite the year of prime ability he’s missed out on. Massive respect for him, one of the few role models in the game.

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