“He will be sacked.” Pundit says Arteta’s new deal doesn’t guarantee his long-term future

Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan believes Mikel Arteta’s new deal means nothing about his future because he would be sacked if results don’t go well next season.

The Spaniard has been at the Emirates since 2019 and has gradually phased out some players he inherited at the club.

Most of them are underachievers and the team is now being built around players that have a better prospect of winning things for the club.

The Gunners believe in the former midfielder and have handed him a new deal, which is a show of support and means he would stay at the club for the next few seasons.

However, Jordan believes he would still get sacked quicker than we expect if things don’t go as planned.

He tells TalkSport: “It’s really academic. I felt he earned another year. If Arsenal progress next year, he’ll be in situ. If they have a terrible season next year, all that’ll happen is he’ll get more money out of getting sacked. So I think it means very little.”

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In football, a manager is usually as good as his last result, so Jordan’s comments are not a surprise.

But Arteta has done a good job at the club so far and he deserves to be rewarded with a new deal.

If the club backs him with better players in the next transfer window, his team can easily do much better and perhaps challenge for the league title.

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  1. What’s the fuss about manager getting sacked??
    I don’t understand some of our fans who mocked our previous managers or others manager being sacked.
    Only few manager of today’s world have not gone through sacking.
    Sacking is part of their job, it’s inevitable for them.
    Same Carlo who was once sacked by Madrid is the one who is about to win them another Ucl.
    If team who hardly compete could sack their manager, then you will expect it to be common among the big teams..
    I think this is one of the reasons why Wenger rejected those big team calling for him as none of them would have tolerated him for that long without getting him sacked..
    Regardless of their achievement, once they stop performing then they all know their fate..

  2. Nothing at all wrong with his comment, I totally respect the man, says it as it is and knows what he is talking about.

  3. Arteta won’t be sacked anytime soon. Let’s just hope for a more fruitful season

  4. I think Jordan is stating the obvious and seems to be getting praised for it!!
    If we don’t have CL football, don’t finish in the top four and don’t progress past the Q/F of the CL, then it’s abject failure isn’t it?
    Of course, all Gooners will be backing him to become the most successful manager in our history and, now he’s earning a reported £8,000,000 plus, we should expect nothing less.

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