“He will not be remembered as an Arsenal great though” Campbell reflects on Ozil’s Arsenal career

Kevin Campbell doesn’t think that Mesut Ozil will be considered an Arsenal legend when fans look back at his time at the club.

The German is close to finally sealing a move away from the Emirates after a protracted final year at the club.

After being frozen out of the club for the half of this campaign, he didn’t want to remain sidelined again for the second half and has now reached an agreement to leave.

He is expected to be announced as a player of Fenerbahce any moment from now, and fans can now reflect on his time at the Emirates.

Some fans will consider him to have been a hero who served the club well when he played for them, but Campbell doesn’t agree with that assessment and says that the midfielder was a top player, but he will not be classed among the greats that the club has had.

“It did not work out for Ozil,” Campbell told Football Insider.

“I wish him well, he has gone to his boyhood club in Fenerbache which is great for him and Arsenal free up a bit of room on the wage bill. It is no hassle, no problem and we wish him well.

“It is now time for the club to move forward.

“He will not be remembered as an Arsenal great though. He will be remembered as a quality player, a talented player but not a great.

“If you want to be a great you lead by example and do not have what he has on his resume. Nobody questions a great.

“He sums up the Emirates era – incredible talent but did not bring the big trophies home. That is what you need to bring home.”

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  1. That could have been what your epitaph said, regarding your career Kevin… what I can renember of it, being it was so memorable!!!

    1. He never said he was an Arsenal great himself – he’s as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. Thought he summed it up nicely actually.

      1. I never said he couldn’t have an opinion either – just reminding him of his contribution to the club.
        Thought I summed it up nicely myself actually.

        1. YES YOU DID BUT IT WAS NOT THE SUBJECT Ken, as you well know But classic Ken deflection tactics from the actual subject, as ever!


            In actual fact Jon, I took your advise by not taking this ex player’s word as fact and if HIS WORDS are not only the subject of the article, but also the discussion of his opinion as well, what was the point of the article?

  2. Ozil will soon be forgotten, as he’s far from being a legend. As I correctly predicted years ago, no top team will want him, hence his move to the Turkish league.

    Good riddance, and now hopefully we can unify the dressing room.

  3. Kevin Campbell is a knob. The yanks ownership is hurting the club and poor investment in players & staff have resulted in world class players not achieving these trophies. Assisting Giroud was never going to win you much unless you had Henry or Ronaldo. The club hung Ozil out to dry to cover up the failure of the ownership. Ozil is class on and off the pitch. Stop listening to these ex failing players like Campbell who don’t know what winning trophies mean.

  4. Ha ha Kevin’s words or TMJW won’t change history
    Before Mesut it was nine years before
    we won nada

  5. He’s clearly not an Arsenal legend, albeit he had what one might describe as a “legendary” season at the club, but that doesn’t qualify someone for such a vaunted status…nowadays people are too caught up in ridiculous “goat” conversations in every sporting context and as such we’re too quick to anoint individuals as the “best” at something or a “legend”…let’s reserve those designations for the very few individuals who truly warrant such accolades, so we don’t further devalue such terms

  6. As far as I am aware, not one supporter has ever said he would /should be regarded or thought of as a legend.
    To do so, would not be correct in my opinion – but to try and make the case that he was a one season wonder, who wasn’t even wanted or needed at the club, is just as wrong.

    1. If you read the article Ken, the first line said KC doesn’t think MO will be considered a legend, which is what I was addressing…my point was that in 15-16, with 6 goals and 20 assists, in all competitions, could be considered as a “legendary” season…this wasn’t to suggest that it was his only productive season, just his best

      1. If you read my reply, I said that, as far as I know, no supporter has ever said etc…
        Kevin Campbell’s statement /opinion was made as a pundit, although I have no doubt he supports the club as well.

        I have read the article and my observations (especially the last paragraph) were to the fan base as a whole and not any single individual supporter and his /her views.

  7. Yes, everybody entitle to his own opinion …

    to me .. he is among Arsenal’s great …

    Deadly partnership with Sanchez, won 3 FA Cups, Second highest assist in a single season.

    Ya Gunners Ya


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