‘He will stay’ – Expert claims Arsenal target won’t be allowed to leave

Gianluca Di Marzio has claimed that Manchester City will block the exit of Arsenal target Gabriel Jesus, despite claiming that the club ‘will’ sign Erling Haaland this summer.

The Brazilian is in an immense strain of form at present, with six goals from his last three appearances, but is believed to be ready to quit the club in the coming window.

There is a growing expectation that Haaland will be arriving from Borussia Dortmund in the summer, whilst they have already agreed a deal to sign Julian Alvarez from River Plate also.

Despite the above, Di Marzio insists that Jesus will not be allowed to leave City this summer, insisting that they have no need to sell any players before investing in others.

“Seeing him (Gabriel Jesus) playing against Real Madrid, I don’t think Guardiola will allow him to leave, even if they sign Haaland. Which they will, because they are very, very close,” Di Marzio told wettfreunde.

“They still need another striker. A different type of striker. Haaland is a different type. He (Gabriel Jesus) will stay because it’s difficult to find a player like him. Manchester City doesn’t need to sell a player in order to get funds to buy another player. They have the possibility to buy all the players they want.

“It depends on Gabriel Jesus in the end and if he is okay with playing less with Haaland coming. It depends on his attitude, knowing another incredible striker like Haaland will arrive.”

Jesus’s recent run in the first-team may have changed some minds in regards to his future, but with the arrival of two rivals for the CF role this summer, I just don’t see why he would want to carry on. He still has a huge amount of potential that he is being blocked from reaching due to his lack of playing time, and it is time to move on for me.

Whether we can persuade him to come to the Emirates is another whole story, but I personally don’t see why he would be staying unless he can be given assurance on further playing time in the coming season, something which is surely impossible with Haaland coming.

Do you believe Jesus could challenge Haaland for minutes in Pep’s side?


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  1. I knew it, I even said it here. Its foolishness if city sells one of their best players to a rival + they have the money to keep him. Like I said on an earlier post, the player they would most likely move on to allow the accommodation of Harland is Sterling.
    Arteta wanted sterling last summer , they’d probably offer him to us on a platter now with thier blessings.
    I honestly would like us to scout for players that is RIGHT for us and can easily adapt to our system there are good strikers in Eastern and central Europe , There’s a Solbaken guy who plays for Bodo/Glimpt , I think he’ll fit in nicely tall and young. We can also get Ivan toney ( if necessary ) .

  2. I really think jesus has all the right to feel offended and force a move.how can guardiola come out to the general public and say he does not have a cf to play when jesus is very much around and fit,they’ve signed julian alvarez of river plate ahead of summer now they are bringing in haaland making it two strikers, such dissrespect and humiliation of the highest order by the So called ‘world best manager’.

  3. If this lad stays at Man city, I would say Guardiola is master of the mind games.

    It was not until the link of Jesus to Arsenal hit the media, and other outlets, have I seen this kid on fire.

    Honestly he was never on my strikers list

    1. Has 12 goals 9 assists this year EPL/UCL only, last year he got 11 goals 4 assists, year before 20 goals 10 assists, then 11 goals 3 assist, then 17 goals and 3 assists and finally 7 goals 4 assists in just 8(2) prem only games debut season. Currently 25 with 1 year left on his contract. Not new just not hyped the same as others in the City squad.

  4. As usual, Patrick asks entirely the wrong and meaningless question at the end of his piece!

    He should instead ask, who thinks City will wish to keep a player they could sell this summer for a hefty fee when he will scarcely play for City in key matches next season and has just ONE remaining year on his contract. And will thereafter be allowed to go on a free.
    Of course he will opt to leave and City will comply, IMO.

    I confidently predict he will be sold this summer and believe he will come to us.

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