Healthy competition is GREAT for Arsenal

Now that Arsene Wenger has nearly a full squad of players available as Arsenal’s injury list has improved drastically, Le Prof seems to have two great players available for nearly every position on the pitch which must give him a headache on match-days.

One position is even more competitive than the others as the two young right-backs Hector Bellerin and Calum Chambers have been given extra chances to impress while Matthieu Debuchy missed most of the campaign through injury. Now the French international is back and has to try and wrest his starting place back from the upstarts, but Debuchy believes that the competition for places is only good for Arsenal.

“I think this is the most intense competition I have had, yes,” Debuchy told the Official Arsenal site. “We have a lot of good players who can play at right back, I think of Hector and Calum. They have both done well this season.

“They are young and talented, with a huge potential to become very good players. They’ve proved so far this season that they have the qualities to be at Arsenal.

“We have a very good relationship between us, good affinities as with the rest of the team. We do some very good work in training, and it is always better to train in this environment. We’ve never had any problems between us.

“Arsenal is a big club and it is normal to be in competition with other players. This is how football works. I believe it makes everyone more competitive, and it is good for the club.”

It certainly is, and Debuchy could face even more competition for his place as Wenger has agreed that the improved Carl Jenkinson could also be coming back to the fold next season. Perhaps Wenger could move the ageing Debuchy into a more central role next season and leave the speedy youngsters to fight it out for a place on the flanks?

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  1. Arsenal will never win EPL or Champions league with Wenger as the coach he needs to go or atleast spend on top proven player we dnt get trophies for making profit neither is that useful to the funs Wenger Out!

    1. Aside the obvious fact that we’ve retained our star players, made world-class additions and are looking more and more competitive? Fair enough if you’d personally like wenger replaced, but at least substantiate your views with current relevant points. Not criticisms that were relevant two years ago

      1. Lol.R u serious?the same criticisms of him 2 years ago are still all relevant 2day,thats the main reason he definitely has to go mate @josh37

        1. How are they.. where we in two consecutive FA cup finals before two years ago. Did we almost sign one of the worlds best in L Suarez but then get next best player of that mould for over 30m. Did we have a ten match winning streak.. no because we havent done that since Invincibles.

          Fair enough two years ago we had no League title and we still dont but in the entire history of the PL there has only ever been four different winners (not sure of BlkBrn).

          You really have no right whatsoever to feel entitled. The money that has been spent within this league is not seen throughout any other league.

          1. Mucked up on second sentence – We did try for Suarez two seasons ago… jazuz they fly by.

    2. “Arsenal will never win EPL….with Wenger as the coach” errrr, would you like to start again?

    1. And how do you think “competition” works? An unchanged side on their toes knowing someone will step in if they fail is one manifestation of “competition”. It is not a beauty parade or a democratic process whereby every one gets a chance each week by swapping and changing for the hell of it.

  2. We need competition upfront,where if Giroud goes 5games without scoring he can be dropped and replaced with someone who’s more capable than Welbeck!

  3. 4 players for RB next season, Debuchy, Chambers, Bellerin and Jenkinson…

    thats the kind of competition and cover we need at Arsenal….

    we need this kind of competition for other positions too…

    come on Wenger, spend the money!!!

  4. Wenger trusts 11 players.
    He does not trust the
    other 20 squad members.
    So why keep 20 players you don’t trust?
    EPL starts this season..
    Sanogo 2 Podolski 0 Ryo 0 Campbell 0 Diaby 0
    13 million in wages for 2 starts.
    6.5 mill per start
    Shoe string budget my ar#se
    Why don’t we sell all the sh#t
    and buy quality who Wenger
    can trust to play?
    Is that just too much common sense ?

    1. Is it not common sense that players on loan or injured probably aren’t up for wenger’s selection? You’re aware how loans work? The other club pays the wage…
      David, this season we’ve seen the benefits of Monreal, coquelin and Bellerin who weren’t in wenger’s first team plans last season. Stop being so impatient with developing players!

      1. Diaby has played 20
        out of the last 300 games
        What development is
        taking place there?
        Ryo Campbell Podolski Sanogo
        are not on loan to develop
        they are on loan because they are useless.
        Rosicky made 6 starts and he is 35 years old
        So your saying we wait till hes 46
        before he breaks into the starting line up 🙂

        1. Rosicky has played a squad role for seasons now and played exceptionally when called on.
          It’s the same story you struggle to see the bigger picture.
          Teams cannot have 25 first team players it’s impossible! And while you evaluate Te loanees as useless you gloss over my coquelin point! Admit it! If you were doing one of your surplus or not good enough lists he’d be in there this time last year. There’s no harm in loaning a few 20y.o’s out if they may develop in the future. At the very least it may increase their price if we sell them

  5. Man utd, Chelsea, City and Arsenal they always use the same set of 14 to 15 players…..

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