Heartbreaking – Jose Antonio Reyes dies age 35 – reactions

Heartbreaking news has broken within the last few hours that former Arsenal winger Jose Antonio Reyes has died in a car accident aged just 35.

Reyes was part of the 2003/04 invincible side after joining us in January 2004 he leaves behind his wife Noelia Lopez, who he married in June 2017, and children, son Jose Antonio Jr and daughters Noelia and Triana.

He has a cabinet full of silverware having collected no less than five Europa League winners medals as well as winners medals in the Premier League, La Liga, Fa Cup, Super Cup and one world cup with Spain.

This is terrible news, he has been taken far too soon, a sentiment reflected by many that knew him including former teammates and opponents.

There are many more tributes pouring in from all over the world for a man that was beloved on and off the field.

Rest in peace Jose Antonio Reyes, we will miss you dearly.


  1. OxInTheBox says:


  2. Sue says:

    Terrible news… his poor wife & children ?

  3. ForeverGooner says:

    Omg 🙁 RIP Jose
    Far too young to die
    Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends

  4. gotanidea says:

    Shocking. Still remember his debut at Arsenal, when he was just 20 years old

    He had brilliant skills at that time, but suffered in development because he was not fit into Wenger’s 4-4-1-1

    I can imagine him thrive in Klopp’s or Guardiola’s 4-3-3 formation today, if he were still a young player. Condolences to his family

    1. Tissiam says:

      He left because he was young and homesick that’s the reason he pleaded with wenger who let him go back to Spain so don’t blame wenger,he had his faults but that’s not one of them!

    2. GOONERBRI says:

      Gooners will remember you always Jose. Sad sad loss of a great man and footballer. You will always be one of our invincible. Take care up there Jose.

  5. qone says:

    what a loss – not only for us arsenal supporters but to the whole world of football,rest in peace

  6. Pat says:

    We pray for his wife and children.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Nothing you can ever say in times like this, heartbreaking.

  8. buttflaps says:


  9. Lozza says:

    RIP Jose, taken to soon.
    Thoughts with your family at this tragic time.

  10. David Rusa says:

    It is very tragic to lose such a young man in those terrible circumstances! It is the worst news any Arsenal fan will hear. It is so shocking that a loved young man has died in horrific circumstances. May he rest in peace!

  11. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Just seen the terrible news. So young, so sad. R.I.P. Jose

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

  13. RSH says:

    Well this is terrible news. RIP

  14. Clive says:

    R I P…Jose…an Invincible..my tots are with his Family and Friends.

  15. Sean Williams says:

    Truly heartbreaking. Jose Reyes was a naturally gifted and charismatic footballer. A great player. An invincible. From all the caring tributes it is clear that he was a credit to humanity and football as a person and as a player. R.I.P Jose.

  16. Gily says:

    So sad?
    May the bereaved family receive the needed comfort.
    Rest in peace Reyes ?

  17. Skills1000 says:

    RIP Reyes. So sad. A fantastic footballer.

  18. georgie b says:

    Cesc Fabregas tribute brought tears to my eyes.

  19. Goonster says:

    Oh No ??

  20. jon fox says:

    Ghastly news and so terribly sad. Only 35 and in the prime of his life. Thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends.

  21. Midkemma says:

    Heartbreaking, my wishes goes out to his family.

  22. Declan says:

    Loved watching you when you played for us and so sad for you and your family. #respectfamreyes

  23. brydenGH says:

    R.I.P Jose Antonio Reyes
    My thoughts with the family

  24. Le Coq Monster says:

    RIP Jose.

    Please Liverpool win it for Jose.

  25. Gogo says:

    Rest on Reyes…
    May the Lord give his family the strength to bare the loss. Amen

  26. Ankoanko says:

    We are from God and to him we shall all return..
    Rest well gunner

  27. Le Coq Monster says:

    I`d like to think Jose Reyes last act as a gooner was to use his polterguist powers of moving the ball onto Sissoko`s arm for the penalty. RIP Jose.

  28. Tom says:

    Terrible season for this sort of stuff in the world of football. Many tragic deaths this year in football. This one just makes it a saddening season for the football community.

    We take for granted that footballers make tough life changing calls. When he moved country to come to arsenal he showed he was an elite person willing to push himself. He gave it a go, I’m sure learnt so much during his time here and from what I hear, grew into a top man. RIP JAR

  29. ozziegunner says:

    My heatfelt condolences to Jose’s wife and children on the tragic loss of a husband and father.
    My earliest memories of Jose Antonio Reyes are when he played for Arsenal as a young winger against Manchester United at Old Trafford. He made some great runs, but was ruthlessly and mercilessly hacked down with no protection from the officials. An excellent player who was firstly lost to Arsenal too early and now lost to his family and friends.
    Unfortunately death and severe injury from traffic accident trauma is all too common. Hopefully we all take a moment to think of the consequences and take greater care and be more considerate on the road.
    RIP Jose Antonio Reyes.

  30. ken1945 says:

    I also vividly remember that game ozziegunner.
    We had just got ourselves a star man. He was breathtaking in his movement, skills and always seemed to be smiling.
    A wonderful member of our Invincibles and someone who I will always be able to bring to mind as part of our club.
    Rest in peace Jose and thank you for those incredible memories, you lightened up my days as a Gooner.

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