Hector Bellerin advocates punishment for online trolls after Ian Wright abuse 

Hector Bellerin has advocated for tougher punishments for online trolls to discourage others from the act.

This came about after Ian Wright was racially abused on Twitter by a teenager who later turned himself in to the police.

Wright posted the series of messages he received from the racist on social media and this has led to calls for more punishment for racist abuse.

Bellerin, who has also suffered vile abuse on social media, has called for tougher punishments for perpetrators of the act in a bid to stop it.

He claimed that social media can be a good place for professionals to be closer to the fans and that it can also be a hard place when fans hurl abuse and even retaliate against the abusers but then realise that there are other good messages on there for you.

“It’s strange that in the world we live in today people act like this,” he said as quoted by Talksport.

“I think if everyone was held more accountable then the world would be a much better place.”

He added: “Social media can be great in getting you that contact with fans, but it can also be very hard. You have to learn to deal with it.

“When it [abuse] happens you want to write back, but then you realise that for every one bad message you can have 100 good messages that you don’t notice so much.”

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  1. Sue says:

    Hear hear, Hector 👍

    OT.. Just watched part 2 of Harry’s Heroes – brilliant!! David Seaman has been hilarious, from stropping off last night at having to face an XI of naked men, to then being called ‘Spunky’ by Vinnie Jones! 😆
    One thing’s for sure – Merse still has it, as does Lee Hendrie! Really feel for these 2, after opening up about their problems…

    1. jon fox says:

      Heartening comments Sue but not at all surprising from you! CANT WAIT FOR THE THIRD PART TONIGHT,PERSONALLY. Can’t understand how naked men were prepared to play, even unfit ex -internationals, with no protection at all where it most matters.

      1. Sue says:

        Neither can I, Jon! Been such an enjoyable watch.
        Nice seeing some of them away from their punditry jobs – cracking senses of humours!!! I’ve laughed so much!!
        Those naked men baffled me, and when they celebrated scoring by leaping all over each other – it made me cringe 🤣🤣

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