Hector Bellerin and Arsenal considering parting ways

One of the most popular and longest-serving players at Arsenal is Hector Bellerin, but the beloved Spaniard might be leaving the Emirates this summer, reckons Football London.

Bellerin is one of the most senior players in the current Arsenal team and although his performances haven’t been as top-notch like it was before his last long-term injury, he is a player that is admired by the club’s fans.

The Spaniard has spent a long enough time in the Arsenal first-team setup to be considered one of the club’s leaders.

However, this is an important summer for both the club and the player and a decision on their relationship might have to be taken.

Bellerin is a transfer target for top European sides, most-notably, PSG.

The French side is looking for a new right-back and they think that Bellerin is the perfect target for them in that position.

Arsenal will ideally love to keep all their players, but the Spaniard is one of the few old members of their team whom they can sell for a good profit.

The report claims that the player is also considering if the latest rebuild will be more successful than the previous attempts or if he should leave for one of his suitors.

Keeping their relationship will be a good decision, but parting ways for a significant transfer fee will also not be a bad decision.

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  1. Probably best for all if it happens. Good luck Belly its for your best. Prem a little bit too grown up for you.

  2. Always difficult losing a good player from any squad.
    We have assurance that we have 3 players who can play wing back on the right. Having 2 without bellerin is still okay if arsenal wish to push up Joel Lopez to the first team, and let the next barca ex follow suit.

    It’s always sad to see good players go. But arsenal will always be a team that will buy and sell then buy buy buy. And even then you have to trim your squad. We currently have 34 in a 24 man squad.

    If bellerin can raise 30m then arsenal can buy partey at 40m and along the way sell Gendouzi for 18m (realistic) somewhere.

    There is no other big money sells possible to get the lad from france. It’s either one or the other.

    But I am one who will see the sale as some form of progress thinking if it occurs. He likes his fashion, paris can be good for him, he may be okay with it. And for us we get in who we want.

  3. Arsenal need to strengthen midfield to return to the winning ways of Viera and Gilberto Silva. Unfortunately saleable replaceable players are few and far between at the Emirates to bring in the Partey’s, Diawara’s and Aouar’s of this world.
    As well as AMN and Soures, Arsenal have Joel Lopez coming through in the Academy.
    If PSG meet Arsenal’s valuation (don’t give him away!) then Bellerin will be welcomed by the catwalks of Paris to pursue his modelling career, with a good sideline in football.
    Hector Bellerin, thank you and good luck in the future.

    1. 👍! that’s exactly why Hector is not against the idea and like you said if he ends up leaving,it is with our best wishes!

  4. He’s not one of the irreplaceable players in our squad. If we are well compensated it and allows us to get our midfield targets, we must accept. AMN, and Soares can fill in, and we can re-asses the RB/RWB spot next season if needed. I dont see losing Bellerin as a downgrade really. It’s not like hes one of the best fullbacks in Europe.

  5. Ive just watched two ten minute videos of Bellerin and Maitland Niles,ive always thought Bellerin was much better but you know what he isnt anymore.
    If Psg are willing to give 30 million for Hector i would take it.

  6. Sad to see Bellerin leave if he really goes. Liked the man a lot but that is the reality. We might have to sacrifice Bellerine to strengthen our midfield. Good luck Bellerin and thank you for everything.

  7. I think the signing of Soares ,was arranged on the basis that Arteta would sell on either AMN or Bellerin, but in the light of the former’s excellent form of late and his versatility, it would seem that Bellerin is the one to go.If that is the case, I wish him well and I hope he stays injury free for the rest of his career.

  8. Selling Bellerin will be a Big mistake. Hector Bellerin is a world class player, proofing over a long period of time. Bellerin was out injury for almost a year with serious knee injury, it will take him about a year to fulling recover. It is very stupid to total judge him only on his current form. Yes there was a couple of up and downs in his current perform, but at moments at his best he was still better that the average. To me over a period of time and on evidences AMN & Soures is just average player and they are in the EPL for quick a time now. Yes AMN had some great moments on the pitch recently, but did you take notices off his crosses when he goes forward. I am not sure if you guys really watching our games or just read afterward what the expert are saying, but AMN crosses into the box most of the times are poor, no quality at all.
    Look what up happen to Arsenal this season, with Bellerin on the side line for most of the season, average team mid table team. No if we want to move into top 4 and challenge of the title we need to have world class players rather than average players.
    For me Hector Bellerin needs to stay if we are really serious about re-building a stronger team.

    1. You have a very strange definition of world class and totally different from mine. It is revealing how many Gooners are cool about letting your so called “world class” Bellerin leave. Just read their many comments and then reconsider your own extremely odd definition.

  9. AMN has played 3 good games for Arsenal. 3 , and you people want to say he’s better than Hector? Have you people thought of the fact that he could be starting simply because his competitor on the other side is Kolasinac? have you thought of that? In which of those games has Niles had to defend on a high pressure side of the pitch? His 3 games have been against Chealsea, City and Liverpool . All three teams didn’t really attack his side of the pitch and yet in all 3 games, Hector who was overloaded had 3 offensive actions that directly resulted in goals for us.

    It’s sad for me that I have to belittle AMN to big up Hector because truth is he’s been playing well. Do I however think or want AMN to be THE starter at LWB for the whole season? Not when we can win the game without tactical tweaks. Even in the games when he’s played well , he has no offensive contribution taking into consideration the fact that he usually has the underloaded side to attack.

    Watching Arteta’s tactics, Niles does nothing more than simply being a decoy to draw defenders away from AUba. That’s evidenced by the dribble statistics of the two of them against Liverpool. AMN was up against just Williams or whatever his name is. Hector on his flank had Milner , Mane and Robetson, and yet Mane’s first real threat on the Arsenal goal came after Hector left the pitch.

    I appreciate Niles and what he’s doing, but arsenal fans creating this one or the other environment because Niles had Okay games in 3 matches shouldn’t overshadw the near half season he’d have had to dethrone Hector in which even in his injuredness, he’s been able to do better.

  10. Joe, with respect I think you are taking your criticism of AMN too far.Arteta will not be playing AMN at LWB next season.With the signing of Gabriel, Tierney will be moved to his natural position of LB or LWB where Saka can also operate effectively.AMN is likely to be deployed at RB or RWB and perhaps in a man marking role against a particularly dangerous individual such as Mane .

  11. Nice one Joe I keep reading sentimental comments on this Page about AMN being a good player at RB. To be completely honest with you all AMN is the worst Arsenal player to have ever played RB the young lad simply doesn’t fit into that position I would have loved to mention a thousand matches where he was basically the weaklen in our team. Just take a look at 1st leg game against Aston Villa, the Europa league finals and many more we were even much stable when chambers played in that position last season…. I challenge y’ll to back up his Performance with some statistic cos i don’t really know if you guyz watch Arsenal matches.

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