Hector Bellerin becomes second largest shareholder of League 2 club

Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin has become the second largest shareholder in Forest Green Rovers, a club which he believes in.

The League Two side are known for their allegiance to living to their middle name, with solar panels pitched above their stadium to generate power, and vegan food provided for fans and players alike inside the stadiums, so much so that the United Nations accredited the club as ‘Carbon Neutral’ back in 2018.

Bellerin revealed how he first became accustomed with the club following a friendly match back in 2014.

“I actually played a friendly against them when I was really young so the name always stuck with me over the years as we both progressed,” Bellerin told football.london. “Then when I started to see all the good stuff, like becoming the greenest club in the world, it made me want to reach out and look to build a relationship with the guys.

“I don’t think it’s just about the football club, it’s investing in something that is right. Something that shares a lot of similar beliefs to you and something you can believe in.”

Bellerin’s investment sits below any threshold that would see it deemed a conflict of interest for the FA and the Spaniard insists the process was not that difficult, “as soon as I said I wanted to be involved and it was something I wanted to be part of, the guys at Forest Green were really positive so it moved forward very quickly.”

“It feels good to be part of the club.”

The 25 year-old is not the first footballer to invest in football clubs during his playing career, with the likes of Demba Ba and Eden Hazard both having a part in US side Diego 1904, but I do wonder if his ownership could come under question if Forest Green were to climb higher up the ladder to the Championship, or even the Premier League, whilst he remains with Arsenal.

His future is currently under question however, with talk of interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Bayer Leverkusen.

Would there be a conflict of interest if Forest Green climbed up to the Premier League?


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  1. They are a mid table team in league 2, although its possible it could happen. I think by the time they reach the Prem I’d at all Bellerin would be long gone. Who knows he could play for them one day too. Seems like he is good at investing his money good luck to him

    1. Robert, which of these are you referring to? And what are you talking about!

      (Internet slang) Gate to heaven.
      (Internet slang) Great to hear.
      (Internet slang) Glad to help.
      (Internet slang) Go to hell.

      1. Good on Bellerin for getting involved with FGR and esp for the reasons he does so. There will be no conflict of interests, even in the long distance and incredibly remote possibility that FGR make the Prem, as Bellerin will be gone from Arsenal long before that remote possibility and PROBABLY leaves even this window(please God!)

        I respect him as a man but as a player he is not for me and never has been. I like defenders who CAN defend. Quite simple really!

  2. Forest Green in the PL??!! Don’t be daft!!

    I applaud him for all his environmental work and being vegan! Well done, Hector…

  3. On a more serious point pertaining to this subject of players investing in clubs, I see this as a fast growing future trend. Top level players are ideally suited to invest in football clubs , having the passion, the money and possibility to attract more and, crucially, a knowledge of how the game works. Business sense can be learned by those with sufficient intellect and a quick brain.


    We Gooners know more than most of the huge advantages of having someone in control who is a proper football fan, eg David Dein and his polar opposite, eg Kroenke.

  4. Interesting to see Hector investing in a scheme such as this.
    But why hasn’t our club looked at this as a reason for us fans to invest our money in to a similar enterprise?
    I’m sure solar panels (as an example) could be utilised around the Emirates and it would enable fans to buy into a scheme that is linked with our club.

    I invested in these a few years ago and the benefits are real and quite substantial – but it would be the link with the club that really appeals to me.
    For those who are unlucky enough not to have a s/t or live abroad, the thought of investing and helping our club’s growth and image would be really appealing… or am I just being a daydreamer on this one?


      The concept of doing something for any reason other than to make money for themselves has not yet occurred to some owners. It is so far outside their mentality that they will not even accept that concept , true though it undoubtedly is. I know you and all others will know PRECISELY who I am referring to!

      1. Such a shame though Jon, as it would give us fans at least some kind of ownership of our club, albeit a minute one.

        I read recently that Dangote has now finished his concrete works and has gone on to another project, so I can’t see anything changing in the near future.

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