Hector Bellerin begs Arsenal to allow him to stay at Real Betis

The long-serving Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin has had a sucessful season out on loan to Real Betis back in his native Spain, and after being part of Arsenal’s first team squad for seven seasons with the Gunners, he now considers that chapter of his career is over and he is more than happy to remain in Seville from now on.

The problem is that the 27 year-old is still under contract to the Gunners and he now needs Arsenal to agree to allow him to remain in Seville, where he won the Copa Del Rey with Betis this season, who also achieved a second Europa League place in a row by finishing fifth in the current campaign.

Speaking to Betis TV, Bellerin made it clear where he wanted to play next season: “I have always shown that I feel very comfortable here and I want to be here, but it is not as easy as that,” he explained. “At the moment, the situation is that I have to return.

“I have spoken with the two clubs, I have made my position clear to them and from there, we have two months in which we are going to try to make everything work out for the best for the three parties.

“I have always said it, I made an effort to come here and I am willing to make any effort so that this continues to be my home because I am happy.”

Although he has made his feelings known about wishing to stay in Spain, he still spoke respectfully about the Gunners. “It is true that I had very nice moments at Arsenal, and they gave me a lot,” he continued. “When I talk about Betis, I’m always thinking about what I have done with Arsenal and how nice it was for many years.

“It’s not easy to leave Arsenal, but I hope everything goes well.”

Obviously Betis are not one of the richest clubs in Spain and can hardly afford to pay Arsenal the going price for Bellerin, but they may consider his long and loyal service at the Emirates before he became surplus to requirements.

Should Arsenal respect his wishes and let him remain at Betis?

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  1. Betis has to pay up simple. Edu has been sending Arsenal players on the cheap. Edu has no negotiation skills so far he buys high and sells low.

  2. This is what happens when you just release players.

    Other clubs and players themselves see this as weakness and will ask to be released or clubs on purpose offer lowly tranfer fees because they KNOW Arsenal might just budge.

    1. Well said….it’s too late now though as it’s a huge part of our image in the transfer market thanks to Edu/MA.

  3. Im happy enough for Bellerin to go but not in a ‘released from contract’ type of deal.
    Do Real Betis have any promising young players that might be interested in playing in London for a while?

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