Golden Boy Bellerin certain to get full Spain call-up

Arsenal’s newest young star Hector Bellerin has been absolutely amazing since he was pushed into the Gunners First XI a year ago, so much so that he was awarded the Catalan Young Player of the Year. His opposite number in the Arsenal back line, Nacho Monreal, who will be 30 in February, believes that the his 20 year-old Spanish compatriot plays with as much maturity as a player of Nacho’s age, and will one day be playing for the senior international side.

Bellerin has also been nominated for the European Golden Boy award, and Monreal thinks that he fully deserves his nomination. “It’s not a surprise because he’s playing really well,” Monreal told “He’s a young player, only 20 years old, but he plays like a guy who is 30. He’s very mature and he plays with a lot of confidence.

“He trusts in himself and that’s very good for us. Since he’s started to play, the level of the team is improving so we are very proud of him.

“When I was 20 like him, I was scared every time I had to play at the beginning, but he’s not. That’s the secret for him, that he’s so confident in himself.

“He knows what he has to do, he goes on to the pitch and he does it. It looks easy but it’s not easy. He’s only 20, he has a long way to go, he has to play more games but obviously everything he has done is brilliant. He just needs to keep going in the same way.

“I’m 100 per cent sure he will play for the Spanish national team. I don’t know when as that’s the question. At this moment there are another two right backs like Juanfran and Dani Carvajal. Hector is still playing for the under-21s but if he carries on, he will play with the senior team 100 per cent.”

I don’t think Nacho is taking many chances by backing Bellerin to play for his national team as he deserves every possible accolade for his performances this season. He would even challenge Francis Coquelin for the most consistent performer in 2015, which is pretty amazing for a 20 year-old….

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  1. Greg says:

    Hector bellerin is just an “awesome” precious gem for arsenal fc, and he just keeps on going from strength to strength with every game. Coyg!

  2. Greg says:

    He deserves a call up to the national team! His performance for the gunners justifies that “no doubt”!

  3. Mo1 says:

    Outstanding talent but let’s not get carried away just yet, some r already saying world class etc come on why put unnecessary pressure on the lad.

    Think we need to play him on the wing tmrw esp since campbell just came bk yday and one thing for sure sanchez ain’t gna rest.

    Solid Base fir tmrw tough tough game

    Debuch mert gabby (if kosc head ain’t right) nacho
    Coq, santi
    Hector ozil sanchez

    Ospina, kosc, gibbs, flam,iwobi,campbell, chambers

  4. Robertthegooner says:

    He is good but not great. He is overrated, lets not over rate him even more.

    He is like Jenkison. Decent/Good

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