Hector Bellerin is back to his very best form at last

Where has this new Hector Bellerin come from?

Over the past few Arsenal games, despite not having the best of results until Sunday, there have been many players that have stood out to me and that I have been excited by or pleased with their performances.

One of these players has been Hector Bellerin, whom since his injury, I would be the first person to admit that he didn’t impress me, and I thought his time at the club was coming to an end.

But in the last couple of games, his performances have seemed to have made him turn into the old style Bellerin that is coming out to play. I call it the old style only because is showing us what we know he is capable of.

He is making runs into the box, whipping in some quality crosses and he is using the pace that had so far been hidden since his return from injury, and add to that the defensive ability he has brought back into his game and I no longer feel nervous when watching him defend or go forward.

Hector Bellerin has clearly either added some more work to his game or has just found his form that he had long before he picked up that rather unfortunate injury.

The quality of the crosses he is putting in is even leading to some goals for the team and we have been looking for players like that. His cross like the one he set up for Aubameyang against Rapid Vienna when both boys came off the bench to combine for a goal and lead us to a win is slowly becoming a big part of his game it seems.

Whether it is down to him needing time to settle back after his injury, the competition he feels he now has in the team, seeing what Tierney is doing on the opposite flank or whether this is the true ability he has that we are now being blessed to see, I don’t know, but whatever it is long may it continue. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I was one criticising him pretty strongly over the summer – he’s proving me wrong and long may it continue! I think this is one we can put down to the influence of Arteta, he’s getting the best out of a lot of players

  2. Is there a link between show-pony hairstyles and performance? Now it’s Bellerin’s level not his looks which are outstanding.

  3. Remember when he sacrificed his legs to dribble past several Chelsea players for pre-assisting Aubameyang’s final goal in FA Cup final? Bellerin is always good in attacking, despite losing his pace and being questionable in defending

  4. Many arsenal fans(me inclusive) are quick to jump on players and criticise them without taking into consideration the factors that affect them
    We seem to forget that they are humans too

    So happy we’re seeing the better version of bellerin

  5. He has been our best full back the last 3 games ,that’s not taking anything away from Teirney it’s just that Bellerin as been outstanding,another player now reaping the rewards from Arteta .

  6. I’ve been supporting Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Lacazette, and Gouendouzi. These players were easily criticised for few mistakes, unlike their counterparts. Atleast people can see what I’ve been talking about

  7. Dan, so correct in your analysis as usual.
    It’s no coincidence that we have the best defensive record so far this season and I suggest a little more patience with our players, when returning from injury wouldn’t go amiss.
    Of course, once again, Mikel Arteta has to be applauded for his management and belief in the player – another so called “dross” player who has proved his critics wrong.

    1. Ken He has NOT proved me wrong and I have been a regular long time critic of his lack of defensive soundness. A mere handful of better games does NOT ,IMO anount to “proving this critic wrong”. I would far rather wait for a longer period before even thinking of re evaluating my long held opinion that he is a weak link.

  8. I remember criticizing Bellerin immediately he came back from that injury how harsh was that? I was disappointed 😔 I wanted him to come back so much that when he did he wasn’t the Heck I knew.. AMN😊 Was doing a masterclass at right back and I didn’t want to give that up for an inferior Heck.. but since Arteta came through the doors I have been backing Hecky B and after that goal at the bridge I knew Heck was back.. glad he stayed with us man is a legend one of the longest serving member of the squad that’s huge!!!

    1. And to think some people wanted to cell him. I am still waiting for MNN first assist, while Bellerin is just add them. I can’t believe it some people think it is because of Arteta that he is playing beautifully. He was world class every since, he was just recovering from a long time injury my friends

  9. I think now Bellerin is possibly the only weak link in the team noe xhaka has gone. Like xhaka his positional play is poor and his tackling is weak. As with xhaka some wont see the difference until a proper player is played there. At the moment all we have really is Bellerin so we will be playing him, if he performs ok and isnt put under too much pressure, then we can cope but he isn’t upto the standard of Tierney of any other top 6 right or left back.

  10. I tend to agree Reggie.Bellerin has done fairly well recently , but he no longer has the searing pace which was his main asset as an emerging youngster , which enabled him to recover from his forrays up field..In terms of priorities however both he and AMN are better than Soares who it seems was signed purely as back up rather than as direct competition for the RB/RWB position.

  11. Bellerin has played distinctly and noticeably better of late. But I much prefer to wait for a longer period before rejudging. Form can come and go and I still see no reliable defensive nous in Bellerin , which I believe is the single MOST important quality lacking in this defender.

    As Grandad correctly says, he has also lost some pace. Not convinced by him at all actually. I prefer defensive reliability every time!

    1. Cant agree more Jon and Grandad, i/we can only go on what we see and over the last few years some of us have seen what xhaka actually doesn’t bring to the team. Until you see, like on Sunday two players doing what xhaka clearly cant do, it takes something like that to hit hime to some. Bellerin is a similar animal, he is Arsenal so he has his supporters, that doesn’t make him good enough. Until somebody plays there that gives some people that light bulb moment, people will alway make a case for Bellerin. Like has been said, he has lost something and is getting by for 80% of the time, he will get caught out and he is fallible to strong runners. He isnt bad but he isn’t good either, he is just getting by, that isnt what we need.

  12. All I can say to those who have doubts, thank goodness Mikel Arteta hasn’t.

    He trains with him every day, sees his commitment and, of course, we all know he is part of the best defence in the PL at the moment and his versatility as a RB or RM this season speaks for itself.

    That’s how I am judging him, not on last season and under UE – chalk and cheese.

    1. Ken Proper judgement needs to be made over a longer period than your rather hasty judgement of a mere seven Prem games played, if I may say so.

      If, in the Spring, he is still a regular and playing well I MAY then rethink things But that is a big IF, imo! He has a long way to go to undo years of defensive unreliability, in my book.

  13. As long as the team keeps winning I couldn’t care a less about was go he picks carry on Mikel Simple…..

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