Hector Bellerin is certain that one thing will start happening very soon

Hector Bellerin insists that Arsenal is close to scoring a lot more often.

Arsenal rivals should beware of the Gunners because the goals they are lacking will begin flowing soon, according to Hector Bellerin.

The Spaniard has become the latest member of the Arsenal playing staff to back Mikel Arteta as he struggles to get his team to win games.

Arsenal has won just one of Mikel Arteta’s Premier League games as their boss but they have also lost just one of those matches.

The Spaniard has improved the mood around the Emirates and he has also got players playing with more confidence and Bellerin claims that all that is missing is the goals.

He adds that the goals will come when the attacking players gain more composure and the team grows more confident in their style of play.

‘Mikel has always been very tactical in his work and in his whole life, he’s very professional with very clear ideas,’ the Spain international defender told Arsenal’s official website.

‘It’s very early doors in time. [Mikel] has a new philosophy and the way he has implemented it in the last few games that we’ve played, there’s been a big change.

‘I think sometimes we need to be a bit more efficient in front of goal [but] that’s also something that comes with confidence. When you see that you’re playing better and controlling games better, the goals are something that’s going to come. I’m sure you’re going to see that very quickly.

‘For us, the promise is that we’re trying to get better every single day. When a different coach comes, there are different things that you’re being asked to do.

‘The most important thing is to get things right and I think with the coaching that we’re getting and the tactical advice, if we do the things that they’re asking us to do we’re going to be successful.’

Arsenal will take on Newcastle United when they return from their training camp in Dubai this week and fans will be hoping that the team would have gotten better in terms of scoring goals.


    1. To score more than one goal and pick up 3 points are things we haven’t seen in a long time!! Be great if that happens on Sunday, Kenya 001

  1. nice article, i believe in the manager’s philosophy and all we are asking it to transfer that into winning game #COYG # gunners for life

  2. “gotten better” Martin? SURELY YOU MEAN “GOT BETTER”! I still havehad no answer to my question asking are you American and if not, would you mind using the same English language as we do on here please?

    1. Pompous comment. get a grip on yourself Jon. Also you should of had a space between have and had. Hash brown just saying.

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