Hector Bellerin ready to part company with Arsenal in the summer

The Spaniard Hector Bellerin has now been at Arsenal for ten years since Arsene Wenger poached him from the Barcelona youth team, but having made more than 200 appearances for the Gunners it looks like he is thinking of testing himself in a new environment.

According to an exclusive report on CBSSports, Bellerin was tempted by an offer from PSG last summer but is now ready to go through with the move in the next transfer window.

It would certainly make sense from the Arsenal point of view too, as the 25 year-old will have two years left on his Arsenal contract this summer, making this the optimal time to cash in on one of our most sale-able assets.

The Gunners need money to continue Mikel Arteta’s rebuild of the Arsenal squad, and Bellerin may feel that he is not keen to wait around for the club to become great again when he has the chance to be guaranteed to win trophies at moneybags PSG, who are looking like good candidates to win the Champions League in the near future.

If the “sources” for CBS are correct, then surely Arsenal should be keeping tabs on possible replacements this summer, with Norwich’s Max Aarons and Tariq Lamptey of Brighton having been mentioned as possible targets.

Do you think that letting Bellerin leave this summer would be a sensible idea?

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  1. We should get at least £25m for him. Mind as well replace Cedric too.

    Get Fabien Centonze and maybe Emerson from Barcelona? Both tough tackling RB’s who have gone under the radar.

    1. @Dan kit
      It’s because outsiders only know of your achievements while insiders know of both of your failures and achievements. It’s why Juve thought Ramsey is worth 400K while Arsenal fans debated whether or not he is worth 200K.

    2. Funny how these teams don’t put a bid in for him…why? because he isn’t that good, how many caps for Spain? Let Bellerin leave so we can bring someone else better and there are plenty out there

  2. And the time is right for Hector to move on (overdue in fact).

    Just one of the positions a quality upgrade is required.

    However, we must bring in a clear IMPROVEMENT on what we have.

    No more journeymen, looking for their last over-paid 3 year contract.

    Someone akin to Lampty at Brighton would fit the bill.

  3. I pray this is true. It wasn’t just Bellerin who was poor against City, but he looked so out of his depth. His runs off the ball were so poor as well, which didn’t help Pepe in the slightest. Constantly running inside, into traffic. Hardly any overlapping runs, thus creating the width.

    He is one of our worst players. Always giving the ball away, can’t take throw ins, can’t cross, can’t defend, terrible movement! I still support Arteta, but it’s beyond frustrating why he keeps picking Bellerin over Cedric.

    As we also know from Bellerin, there is such a thing as wanting to win too much. Clearly he does not have the correct mentality for top level competition.


  4. Bellerin’s main asset as he became an Arsenal regular was his speed.His positional sense and his defensive capabilities were always questionable at best but he often managed to sort himself out due to his ability to out-pace his opponents.
    A series of injuries have now put pay to his one expedient method of recovery.Added to his fading speed an inability to cross and a carelessness with his general passing and we have someone who offers very little to the team other than his apparent market value.
    A value which in the current market cannot be more than £15m given his age and despite the fact that he’s supposedly wanted by a couple of Europe’s elite.
    Hopefully none of these supposed suitors take the time to watch back performances against City,Villa and Spurs to name but three.
    When Cedric was being slated for playing fullback on his wrong side I couldn’t help but think how ineffective Bellerin is on his “right side”..
    If anyone does want to genuinely pay good money for him I would sell him in an instant…
    Unfortunately…as we know…most clearly visible team frailties don’t seem to be noticed by Arteta and his coaching staff.

  5. If the price is right, definitely yes. He would do really great in Ligue 1, a league significantly less competitive than the Prem.

    I hope they manage to get 30 million pounds for him, even though Transfermarkt shows his value to be at 25.

  6. Nobody wants Bellerin. He has lost his pace and can’t cross to save himself. Post covid clubs wont pay pre covid transfer fees and pre covid salaries. Even money bags PSG are in huge debt because of Covid and no one will buy Mbappe or Neymar for half they paid pre covid. We are just stuck with all our players because they have seen Sanchez Ramsey Ozil Mustafi Socritis all run down their contracts for large retirement packages. Ozil Ramsey left on frees so why would we expect Bellerin Willian or Lacazette do any thing else? We have a choice of selling at great loss, downgrade swap deals like Sanchez + Mikhitaryan or resign .

  7. He’s not as good or as bad as many seem to think. He’s clearly but the worst defender in the world, otherwise we wouldn’t have this good defensive record. He’s usually quite poor in attack but he has his days when he’s very effective.
    To me, he’s about as good as Clichy was; this is a player who did win a title with city, but not as a major player (I believe he was rotated a lot). That’s Bellerin’s level, but he’s our unquestioned starting RB and I think it’s time we tried to improve.

  8. It’s better for him to leave. Arteta is gonna destroy most these players’ careers. Maitland-Niles, Gouendouzi, Martinelli, Seliba, and Nelson should also join him if they want to resurrect their careers. Arteta has not built any team, so how can he rebuild Arsenal? There’s no hope in Arteta

  9. Bellerin’s not getting any better (Probably getting worse) and maybe this is a good time for him to move on both for himself and for Arsenal FC. I think Soares could already be better in his position and might start getting selected ahead of him if Holding manages to string-together some consistent not-injured time.

  10. If Only MA have more funds at such a time unfortunately no.
    Look at the number of players n depth we have. I think MA will love to sell many that can be only be a number to sell.
    We have to replace them at a reasonable price.
    If we sell him from 25-35m. Replacement will be ard the same price too. There’s not much profit to be earn too.
    And u can’t buy so many at one time cos they need to gel with the team build up chemistry n fitness
    Hopefully we have more talented youth products coming up as backup.

  11. Always believed in his potential, but very disappointed with him not stepping up this season. His defensive contributing is just lacking and his forward passing is nonexistent, thinking/acting seems slow. The throw-ins this season was the low point though.
    Still think he has a lot of potential but he has to focus on his football or he will not succeed, at Arsenal or anywhere else. Maybe he needs to start eating some chicken >.

  12. Good All
    I am going to argue Bellerin doesn’t have a great season so far, but he is not as bad as people said. The right back position is not our worst area or the root of our problem. The middle of the park is our biggest problem. We rarely create something through the middle, too slow, doesn’t dominant the park and little creativity, so many times the ball will go from the middle back to the CB’s to the FB’s forward. Teams read us and close the spaces on the sides. We also don’t score enough goals. Bellerin already have 1 goal and 2 assists this season and a couple of crosses that wasn’t taken and his defense record are not bad at all. In fact our defense is our best department at the moments, and some Arsenal defenders had made bigger direct faults concede goals than Bellerin.
    Our defense wasn’t the worst in the City game, in fact after the goal they were actual good, Holding was excellent and Bellerin had good moments in defense.
    Just be careful what you wish for with replacement, a lot of Arsenal fans wanted Wenger out, 3 years later we are far worst without him. Bellerin is capable and have the qualities, he had lost some pace, but he is still fast enough for this league. He is a bit down in confidence, but if we address the real problems in this team, we will be able to get the best out of him in a better team.
    What we need is 1 ingredient up-front (Jack Grealish), strength the middle and a good experience manager

  13. Would it be sensible to let vhim leave ! More orgasmic than merely sensible, I’d say. A so called defender who has neve rhad even the first idea how to defend should have never been her at al. And mercifully, won’t be very soon now. A clear weak link and has been for years past.

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