Hector Bellerin refuses to deny latest Arsenal exit rumours

Arsene Wenger has continually said that the most important thing for him this summer is to keep his current group of Arsenal stars together, but with Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and others still entering the final year of their contracts without any agreements in place it is looking even more unlikely that Wenger will get his wish.

We also have the new Bellerin-to-Barcelona rumours, which has the ring of an exact mirror of Cesc Fabregas’ departure back to his hometown. Although Hector has recently signed a long term contract with the Gunners, the Barca star Denis Suarez, who is Bellerin’s international team-mate, has revealed that the right-back is torn between the two clubs.

Suarez told Mundo Deportivo: “I have spoken with Bellerin and on the one hand he wants to come to Barca and on the other he feels tied to the Arsenal. I wish he could come.”

Bellerin’s family moved back to near Barcelona not long ago, and the latest rumours are saying that the youngster has himself now bought a house in the same area, prompting further speculation on his Arsenal exit. But Bellerin himself refused to deny or confirm the rumours after helping Spain beat Macedonia 5-0 in the U21 World Cup. He simply ignored the question and said: “I am totally focused on the U21 team and I do not think about anything beyond the European Championships,”

These rumours simply won’t go away, and surely Bellerin could stop them by simply saying that he is staying at Arsenal, couldn’t he? His silence is worrying….



  1. John Legend says:

    Whatever please!!!
    I will always blame Arsene for everything that goes wrong in the squad.
    Arsene should know how to get the most out of these guys and I am sure we will not lose out stars again but only let go of guys that feel they are good and should play more(like players we buy from other big clubs)

    1. JembutArsene says:

      That speaks volumes on you, not about anyone able to engage on a wider topic. You’re utterly fixated with Wenger and any discourse that doesn’t explicitly reference Wenger or hold him wholly responsible is met with a backlash of nonsense as seen above. Your input is pathetic. It’s not my fault you have problems comprehending posts, so you can call me a Wenger lover all you like, it’s one name that doesn’t faze me unlike most of you. I don’t think you are an idiot. But then what’s my opinion against thousands of others? Some on here look at things dispassionately when it comes to issues around Arsenal unlike you Wenger out keyboard militants who seem to believe you are pushing him out by commenting on blog. Arsene is a genius. There is an unwillingness – amongst all football fans, but particularly, it appears, among Arsenal fans – to acknowledge that your manager might just know a little bit more about your team than you. As bitter a pill as it may be to swallow, there is a reason Arsene Wenger is paid money to make these decisions. Of course, managers don’t always get it right, but in a profit-making, money-driven industry, the Premier League makes no allowances for consistently poor decision making. Wenger is a shrewd, unfaltering decision-maker. He has built a football club, not a football team, and in doing so he has given Arsenal a philosophy and an identity. This is a man who, prior to managing Arsenal, earned his living by analysing football teams and the type of tactics they employ. He is a true master of the game – wise, thoughtful, ruthless. There aren’t many of those left anymore. Arsenal fans, like all football fans, will always enjoy the peaks and suffer the troughs of their team’s fortunes. That is the nature of football. That is the beauty of football.


  2. Guneal says:

    “Arsene Wenger has continually said that the most important thing for him this summer is to keep his current group of Arsenal stars together”.

    Mr. wenger you think your current squad that lose out on top 4 are good enough to notch-up top 4 next season.

    When Liverpool, chelsea, tot, missed top 4 they went on a buying spree. Man u broke the world record by buying Pogba and co who brought them back to top 4.

    We have virtually done little since we lose out on top 4.
    It hurt being a supporter of Arsenal…..

    1. jeff says:

      ManU finished 6th behind us.. but I agree with what you want to say. Arsenal is just not a serious club anymore sadly…

    2. Jonm says:

      “Man u broke the world record by buying Pogba and co who brought them back to top 4”. My understanding is that it bought them 6th place, six points behind us.

      1. Jonm says:

        Pogba left manu on a free transfer in 2012. In 2016 manu buy him back for £89m. That is just total incompetance, can you imagine the criticism we would give AW if one of our youngsters left for free and turned in to a £69 player.

        1. Jonm says:

          Note £69 should read £79 million.

    3. Admin says:

      **..Man u broke the world record by buying Pogba and co who brought them back to top 4…**

      Man United finished 6th

      1. Guneal says:

        You are right…..my bad.

        champions league spot should have been the right words.

  3. Ronny says:

    Gutted but hes gone!
    Family moving back to Spain, him buying a house in the catalan region and the chance of playing for barca which in all honesty was his dream one day.
    Think of Alves he was bang on rb for years at barca if they shop elsewhere he may not get his chance for years and years.
    Forgetting the pay rise he’d get and boosted CV, what would we do in his situation?
    He’s ready to go home.
    Really wish the touchline abuse aimed at him hadn’t happened.
    Good luck Hector I just hope we have a plan for a top quality rb/wing back.
    Not sure ox will stay if he knows this is where he’s playing all season.
    With all the players we have in our last 12 months of contract, in and outs the new contract/legal guy is going to be busy. Poor guys probably not even found the coffee machine or ordered his stationery yet 🙂

    1. Jonm says:

      I expect he will eventually go to Barcelona if they want him. Not only is he an ex barcelona youngster but he was born and bred in Barcelona. He must have dreamed of playing for barcelona as he grew up. However it was Arsenal who gave him his chance. As yet he is below Cesc Fabregas standard and Fabregas experience at Barcelona was not good, he left. Bellerin could easily be left sitting on the bench at Barcelona.

      I do not know what will happen but he has signed a long contract, if he leaves we should be asking top money, we are not under any pressure to sell.

  4. Nebsy says:

    I hope he doesn’t leave this summer. That’d be exceeding my most pessimistic predictions about this transfer window.
    I’m at peace with Ozil and Sanchez departing. I’m not ready to see Bellerin bugger off yet.

  5. Shortboygooner says:

    He has a 6 year contract. I say me Wenger makes him honour it and stay and play for us or for on the bench. Then sell him in 2/3 years if he still wants to leave . Either way we make profit and win. I am tired of players using arsenal as a stepping stone. Let the world know we are not a feeder club where you can come and play well for a year or 2 then go off to another club. We are not Southampton. Same goes for Sanchez if I had my way if not replace him with Thomas lemar and stop letting contracts run so low. If Sanchez still had 2 years he could not play these games and the club would have the power as we do with hector

  6. kev says:

    If Barca make a cash + Rafinha bid for Bellerin we should sell him.We should also demand a satisfying amount.In the future if Rafinha wants to go too we can let the cycle continue.All we have to do is make sure we benefit from their talents.I still imagine what if Wenger had accepted the Thiago Alcantara and Bojan + cash bid for Fabregas.They could’ve have been far better than they are today under Wenger had he accepted the offer years back.Let’s not make the same mistake with Bellerin.I don’t know if he’ll even be staying beyond next season.Bellerin is very expensive as of now and to me we should cash in.A player like Rafinha will definitely become a great player in Arsenal.He just needs his chances and can do that.At times you need to have foresight in business.It’s not just about keeping the player you want to keep but also about doing everything possible to make sure you’re always profiting.

    1. kev says:

      We are even wasting our time with Bellerin.It’s likely his best years won’t even be at Arsenal.Why should we hopelessly hope?We all know eventually he’s gonna set his mind for Barca such that physically he’s in Arsenal but mentally his mind he’s got his mind made up.If it’s a Rafinha + cash bid he should cash in.Arsene would not regret this decision.

    2. inkfight! says:

      How good is Rafinha anyway? I have a feeling if we miss out on him, he will turn out as good as his brother.

  7. slash says:

    if I were arsenal I would have slapped 70 mil on Bellerin. If Bellerin starts acting like barca dna bullsh*t, I would buy a new RB, bench Bellerin straight 5 more years, and show the whole world thats how to deal with contract rebel.

  8. Ronny says:

    Just make sure his 40m record stays ahead of walcott time.
    His asset is definitely his lighting change of pace .

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