Hector Bellerin reveals his teammate was more upset than him when he got injured

Hector Bellerin gives an insight into the reaction to his injury

Hector Bellerin has revealed that the sight of him getting injured against Chelsea last season caused his teammate, Rob Holding to break down into tears.

The Spaniard was injured as the Gunners beat Chelsea 2-0 just over a year ago and he has revealed that Holding reacted more than he did.

He claimed that as soon as he got injured, he had settled in his mind that he would be out for a while, but his teammate, who had gone through a tough period with injury, seemed to understand the situation more and broke down in tears.

While revealing that he didn’t see Holding cry, he claimed that the former Bolton man probably felt sorry for him because he had suffered a similar fate with injuries.

‘It wasn’t him that told me this, but someone came up to me after that Chelsea game and said, “Oh just so you know, when Rob saw you get injured he started crying”. And I thought it was crazy,’ Bellerin told Arsenal’s official website.

‘At the time I’d got injured, I knew that I’d hurt myself and I’m not someone who dwells on things too much. Half an hour afterwards, everyone was feeling sorry for me but I didn’t need to hear it because I knew I wasn’t OK.

‘I was past it, I was moving on and focusing on being in the right frame of mind for the next nine months.

‘But then obviously I hadn’t gone through the surgery or the first few days of rehab, so I think Rob felt how hard it was going to be for me because he’d already gone through those stages.’

Bellerin added: ‘His emotion at the time just shows how much of a family we are in here and how just seeing your team-mate going through something like that can hit you,’

Bellerin continued. ‘Rob is a great guy and isn’t afraid to show his emotions and that’s something which also made me realise how much we each appreciate each other. ‘It’s great that I can share a dressing room with someone I have that sort of relationship and respect for – and the fact that we were able to make our comebacks together made it even more special.’

The injury kept Bellerin out for a long time with the full-back only returning to training in October. The 25-year-old has suffered other minor injuries this season and the Spaniard will be hopeful of being back to full fitness when the Premier League eventually resumes.

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