Hector Bellerin reveals why he decided to leave Arsenal this summer

Hector Bellerin has spoken about his transfer from Arsenal to Real Betis and revealed why he left the Gunners.

The Spaniard has been on Arsenal’s books for the last 10 seasons after they signed him as a 16-year-old from Barcelona.

He broke into their first team and became one of their most important players in recent seasons.

He lost his place in the team to Calum Chambers towards the end of last season and he was linked with a move away from the Gunners for much of the last transfer window.

PSG and Inter Milan are two clubs who reportedly wanted to sign him, but they moved for other options, eventually.

The Gunners had to send him on loan to Betis late into the transfer window because he was unsettled and had told them he wanted to leave.

He has spoken about joining the Seville club and he claims he moved there because they are his father’s favourite team.

He said via Sevilla ABC: “Being able to make my father happy with a dream that is his, and fulfilling it for him, makes me very excited.

“It is a feeling my father has instilled since I was little. As a child I was a bit of a turncoat, but he forced me to wear the Betis shirt.”

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  1. Some article(not this) has written that Bellerin stated to feeling free after going away from Arteta… when all he said was about his love for Betis as a child, the complexity of the transfer and that football is not always about money(he is justified by taking a paycut to join Betis.) Lol, even during Wenger’s time and now for Arteta, the media has a special aim to portray Arsenal managers in bad light.
    Let the man concentrate on the critical games ahead, instead putting him more into spotlight, lol. Tbh MA hasnt helped himself, so backlash from fans expected but media seem to have a special gun for Arsenal😂😂

  2. Professional sports people like politicians or other celebrities never “reveal” never “open up” let alone tell the truth. Over 20 years Arsene Wenger gave 3,000 interviews but “revealed” absolutely nothing. Bellerin gives us no clue why he left Arsenal and went on loan to Betis let alone admit he has not taken a pay cut.
    Like the Uruguayan Torreira saying he wanted to go “home” and play in Argentina but did not reveal he expected Arsenal to continue paying his 3.5m salary.
    Like Willian telling us he was ripping up his contract but does not reveal he actually took a 15mill pay off.
    Ozil left to play for his parents home land but did not reveal Arsenal paid him 9 mill to leave.
    Now Jack Wilshere will say he loves Arsenal but not reveal while he could play for Forest Green for 5k per week he wants 50k and the publicity of playing in the PL again.
    Truth is something you will never get from managers or players.
    It is simply too dangerous to their careers and livelihoods.
    In the NFL the only thing players are allowed to say is “We are training hard every day working hard to improve the team?
    Only a highly educated first language speaker who is an eloquent, interview skilled genius who knows every legal consequence of every word he utters could truly “open up”.
    Otherwise it’s just the same predictable tripe.
    To expect any player to truly open up is just silly 🙂

    1. Your comment is full of racist undertones,do you really have to mention a player’s or his parents nationality?as for not getting the truth from players neither will we get it from you,always making up unfounded claims than you can’t even back up,show me
      the proof that Wilian got a 15M pay off or that Bellerin hasn’t taken a pay cut,as for Ozil it was no secret that his wages were being subsidised by Arsenal,had you done your research you would have known it when Fenerbahçe released their public accounts , it might also surprise you to know that professional athletes sign legal, binding contracts,NDA’s…so to expect them to tell you how much they get paid to terminate a contract or that Arsenal will pay part of their wages is not only naive but dumb.

  3. Mikel Arteta is indeed an inexperience coach! To allow Callum Chambers to start at right back, knowing that he (Callum) is a center defender, over you and to separate Aubameyang from Lacarzette in our attack exposes the inexperience in him.

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