‘Hector Bellerin wasn’t ready for Arsenal first team’

The young Spaniard Hector Bellerin was forced into the Gunners senior side last season due to the injury problems of Matthieu Debuchy and the inconsistencies of Calum Chambers, and it seems that the Arsenal defensive coach Steve Bould thought it was too early for the lad, according to the Gunners legend Lee Dixon.

“Like everybody else I’ve been encouraged by his start,” Dixon said on Arsenal.com. “He’s still a young boy learning his trade and I think that’s the key to it.

“We can all get a bit carried away with the enthusiasm of how well he’s doing. He had an unexpected start, I think, when he first got in the team.

“I spoke to Steve Bould when he first started to play and he told me he wasn’t really ready yet, but he was forced into the position because of injuries.

“To be fair to him, he took his chance and did brilliantly well. He overachieved as far as everyone’s expectations were concerned, and I’m sure he’s surprised himself a little bit as well. But he’s got a really bright future, I’m sure.”

“Yes, he’s a bit quicker than I was! Though not that much – at my peak I was deceptively quick.

“But he’s lightning quick, and it’s well documented that he beat Theo Walcott in a few speed tests in training. That’s a big bonus for a full back, knowing you can chase anybody down.

“What it shouldn’t do, and hopefully won’t do, is give him a false sense of security, and he still needs to learn the position. I think sometimes slower full backs are better positionally, because they have to learn that side of the game.

“With Hector, he’s such an attack-minded full back, very good on the ball, great passer, that if he learns the defensive side of being a full back – when to go, the positional side, when to tackle, when not to tackle, when to drop off – then he is going to be a top, top full back. But it takes years. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

Hector has never looked back and has now made the right-back position his own. He has been sorely missed recently and will be welcomed back with open arms tomorrow against West Brom. He has made himself an integral part of Arsenal’s attack as well as defensively, and his excellent form has won him the compliment of being named the Catalan Young Player of the Year.

Can you imagine if he carries on improving at this rate. He could become as big a legend as Lee Dixon, who made 619 appearances for Arsenal over 14 years, during which time he won four league titles, three FA Cups, the League Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Today’s little known fact – Bellerin made his senior debut against West Brom in the League Cup two years ago….

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  1. Skandalouz says:

    Wouldn’t want to call him an overachiever. Very much a pleasantly developing player, a real joy to watch and potentially one of the best fullbacks in the game.

    1. Jansen says:

      For me he is the only young player we have that seems to have world class potential. And I include Ramsey, Theo and Wilshire in that list. They are potentially very good and play some really good games but they are unlikely to be world class. Seems too late for them, perhaps as a result of their injuries.

      Bellerin looks set to become the best right back in the world and as solid as Cashley was on the other side of the pitch (like or not).

      For this reason we have to manage his contract situation well. He will be the only player we have that the likes of Barca and Real will soon come after. If they do and we can’t keep him we better get a huge amount of cash and that won’t happen on a contract that has one year left.

      Also let’s start winning some trophies to keep our best players and that requires IMO some more investment in the squad.

      1. GoonerLad says:

        Ramsey and Wilshere unlikely ? Lol, Ramsey was already world class when he scored goals for fun. The reason he hasn’t been the same is because he’s been stuck on the right wing, his best position is in the centre. But even then it’s thanks to him our midfield has made us the most in form team in Europe this year so yes he is world class. And Wilshere is still only 23, Coquelin at 24 has already surpassed every DM in England including Matic who is considered world class. Wilshere and Coqeulin will be world class within the next couple of seasons.

        1. 007 says:

          There is no much miss-use of this word “world class” especially in the British media and sites. Can someone define it?

          In my books this is a player who can walk into any first 11 of any team or atleast make the squad. By that how many honestly at Arsenal do you think can feature among the worlds best? Ramsey, Jack? I don’t think so. They are our sweethearts since they play for our team, would you consider them WC if they played say for Lpool?

          Lets keep the WC tag on a realistic level please.

          1. Fatboy Gooney says:

            Spot on ?

          2. Jansen says:

            I agree 100%. World class, to me, means you are the best in your position and would be an automatic starter for the likes of Bayern, Barca, Real and other top teams. If Ramsey was world class he would not be played out of position at his own club. He can not displace Ozil who is world class to me or close to it.

            And just because you are not world class, like Ramsey IMO, does not mean you are not hugely important to your team. We are a better team with Ramsey than with out him, doesn’t make him world class.

            And why are fans so bothered if not every player in their team is world class? Football is team sport and one world class player doesn’t equal a trophy. IMO the trophies are won by the strength of the squad or the average quality not by the peak performer. If that were the case Portugal with Ronaldo and Argentina with Messi Would be WCs

        2. Jansen says:

          For me, to be considered world class you need to walk into the starting 11 of most every team and you need to perform consistently year in year out. Due possibly to injury and the resulting absence this can not be said about Wilshire or Ramsey IMO.#

          RVP had world class potential but too me was injured too often to be considered world class. At best he had one or two world class seasons.

          If you are not on the pitch you remain stuck at potential not realized, like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez.

          Let’s not forget even when Wilhsire was fit, everyone was saying it was time for him to prove himself and debating what his best position was. That doesn’t happen to world class players.

          If Ramsey was world class why would Wenger play him out of position? Because he rates Ozil higher IMO. And that does not happen to a world class player.

          It is probably a matter of definition. Suffice it to say I think Wilshire, Walcott and Ramsey are wonderful players and would hate to see them go. I think injury has hurt their careers badly and I doubt they can cover a season without long injuries. This IMO prevents them a chance at world class and game rhythm. Most true world class players are recognized as world class by the age of 23 these days.

    2. Ezat says:

      As Steve Bold admitted it was injury to Debuchuy that forced Bold and Wenger to use him. This is the way they do things in Arsenal. I am worried that talents like Jeff Adelaide never get a chance to play unless few midfielders or wingers injured then maybe Bold and Wenger are forced to use him.

  2. G-Rude says:

    And extremely bloody fast!

  3. Robertthegooner says:

    Bellerin is overrated
    He is decent. That’s all

    1. Tas says:

      Robertthegooner surprised at you
      the modern game requires fast counter attack and ready to defend in a mater of seconds specially in EPL and for me Bellerin is the best attacking and defending right back on the planet
      NO i will go one further in the Universe,

      when Bellerin is not playing for us the opposition team almost always attack us from our right wing where we are week without HB

      1. GoonerLad says:

        Lol it’s so true, even they know how special our Flash is.

  4. Classygunner says:

    Robertthegooner is justarsenal’s most bizzare comment maker of the year

  5. juhislihis says:

    Damn, 170 hostages taken by jihadists in Mali.

    One of those hostages is Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, who also expressed his interest to take over Arsenal in May.

    1. juhislihis says:

      Scratch that, Mr Dangote was not among the hostages. I hope this end bloodless..

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