Hector Bellerin – where has it all gone wrong?

Our once trusted right back, has it appears, fallen on hard times.


Hector Bellerin has not really fulfilled his full potential at Arsenal, despite showing glimpses, he has failed over recent seasons to remain consistent and a real threat down our right-hand side. The attacking prowess he once possessed, and the runs he used to make on the right wing has also disappeared into thin air causing him problems.


Over the years he has had his fair share of injuries, but if you want to get back to being the best you have to work for it, something which although Bellerin has done, to get back from injury and back into the first team, he has not put that work into his performances. His lack of intensity, defensive ability and attacking flair on the right has even led to him being dropped from the Spanish national side.


He is still only 25 years old, but this is the time he should be really cementing himself into our side and I fail to see how he will do that. He has not been the same since his latest injury. There used to be a time I felt confident when he was at right back, but now I feel nothing but nerves and worry that he is not able to defend. When he tries to run forward it seems as though the pace that he was well known for is no longer there, and at the age he is at, surely it is a worry because he is still young and should still have some sort of pace. But being out for that period of time seems to have taken away his footballing brain, because now when he has the ball, he does not know what to do with it.


I hope Hector finds the form that was once going to make him one of the best right backs in the world, because the confidence is lacking, and he needs nothing more than to get back to where we know he can.

Gooners has Bellerin’s time come to an end at Arsenal?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Come off it. Why have you written this nonsense, because Tony Adams said so?
    Hector has been in fine form this season and is looking great, it was one bad moment in a game and that’s it.

    Sticking by Hector who is a fantastic footballer and leader on and off the field. Show some class

  2. Weak link and a weak player, i find it strange he is still playing for us. A big big let down for me after a promising start but never been the same since Alonso bossed him 4 years ago in a game.

    1. I’ll second that Grandad!

      The young man has a passion to write but lacks deep thought in his rush to get the next article out, which lets him down a lot. He has a passion to write and can construct an article technically quite well. But he lacks analysis of what he writes and does not think deeply, nor does he provide evidence for his views, usually. A SHAME REALLY!

  3. He has lost some pace, but he has been asked to play in a different way by Arteta, coming in field from the right. It is bound to take a while to get the hang of this and I think he’s done well, contributing to some really good play. He suffers from having Pepe ahead of him who also hasn’t got the hang of playing with his team mates. I don’t agree that he’s lost intensity. Give the guy a break.

  4. He has improved this season, but woeful defending from him cost us dearly against City. His defending was so bad, that he wasn’t even facing the right way!

  5. So glad he wasn’t sold. While Alexander Arnold is one of the best in EPL he was one of the best in the world. Mark my words Hector WILL be back. Glad he’s not dropped often because that is not good for his confidence. COYG

  6. I fervently hope his time with us is close to an end, Shenel. Unlike you, I have NEVER rated him at all as a defender. I have NEVER seen any real defensive ability. I agree his one real asset, his speed , has declined and he looks lost, ineffective and not up to the job.

    But I have thought all of this, save his more recent loss of speed, for at least four/five years already. For me he must be sold when possible and a PROPER defender brought in instead.

    1. Jon I bet you rate Arnold a lot who can’t even defend on his own give the a guy a break will you .
      I agree that he has declined and was at fault for the mancheezy goal . Saka and tesco get a lot of cover on the left. Who covers hector ,I hope arrival of partey help sort this out .

      1. speedy Explain WHY a player who I consider very little use to us I should “give a break”! This is a fan site for opinions and I gave my opinion , I did not rob his house , so “give him a break” is meaningless!

    2. I totally agree with you Jon. He never got me excited. Sell him now while he still has value.

      1. Come on Jon you are clearly vexed.
        You didn’t answer my question who covers hector , holding or luiz those are two error prone guys .
        Hector is far from what we want I agree niles is good on 1v1 but in attack his crossing is ( mustafi style) terrible.
        I respect your opinion of course

        1. speedy, With the personnel we have now I would play AMN at RB .

          I think many of our younger fans are confusing Bellerin the man with Bellerin the player. They like his modern outlook to life , tree planting, social media, fashion. I share the tree planting matter but do not confuse being a good person with being a good player.

          As a player and defender he is poor, really poor! He lacks strength , his positional sense is poor and he is hopeless at heading . He former speed has waned, so has his crossing and we need far better. AMN is more reliable defensively and that is key to my thinking. AMN is improving fast but BELLERIN IS GOING BACKWARDS IN STANDARD.

          I ‘d try to sell him next window or in the summer as we need a proper RB and it is not him!

      2. “He never got me excited ”
        Edward are you just watching arsenal or you just don’t like him . Cos there’s no single arsenal fan that doesn’t want to watch the 19/20/21 year old hector .

  7. Tierney reminds us how a proper FB should play; gets forward and contributes to the attack, but never at the expense of his responsibility to defend. Tierney is also consistent, and is wasted in this 3-4-3 formation.
    Bellerin has been here long enough where he should have improved defensively, but still is lacking. Tierney is a proper fullback, and I had hoped some of it would have rubbed off on Hector, but apparently not.

    1. 👍 and Durand, Tierney realize that the only way to get to the top and stay there, in professional football, or any endeavour for that matter, is to work hard. Ability takes you only so far. Unfortunately, Bellerin appears to have too many distractions and is not concentrating fully on his football “bread and butter”. The catwalks of London, Paris, Rome and Milan are calling like sirens in the sea. As others have said, Bellerin should be sold before his value drops.

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  9. Bad injury, did not recover with same pace. His speed was a key part of his ability to be a good defender. He has lost that edge and it impacts in both directions.

    He is a decent player still but sadly not as good as before the injury.

  10. It is a real crap shoot as to how people come back. Tierney seems to be one of those people who bounces back strong after injury.

    Ramsey wasn’t one, he wasn’t the same after he was assaulted.

    Hopefully Martinez is able to bounce back to previous form, but there is no guarantee.

    Could make same argument with Chambers – before first big injury he seemed to be gaining and looked like a real winner. Since then, little flashes but can’t stay healthy and his quality isn’t there.

    Arsenal has a bunch of those types – promising but derailed by injury. We aren’t alone but I just pay more attention to them…

  11. hes never been that great of a defender from the start so nothings really “gone wrong”. He’s a good RB, but nothing spectacular. At least he’s contributing to attack again this season.

    1. There are a few other Arsenal players, who should take that sound advise and let their football do the talking.

  12. Accurate evaluation one addition his defensive woes started before the injury he should seed his first team position to Maitland

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