‘He’d suit Liverpool perfectly’ Arsenal man is told to join the Reds

Ex-Liverpool man Glen Johnson has identified Bukayo Saka as one player who can make an impact at his former club.

Saka has emerged as one of the finest attackers in England and several clubs want to add him to their squad.

The England international has continued to impress in Mikel Arteta’s team and this means his potential suitors have more reasons to sign him.

Liverpool and Manchester City are believed to hold an interest in his signature, and they are the two biggest clubs in England right now.

Johnson has watched Saka closely, and he insists the winger will slot in seamlessly at Liverpool.

He said, as quoted by Metro Sport:

‘I’d like to see Bukayo Saka go to Liverpool.

‘He’d suit Liverpool perfectly.

‘But he’s playing well for Arsenal, and he clearly enjoys being there. He’s obviously a good lad, and you can see that from the way he interacts with other players.

‘He’s still super young so maybe a few more years at Arsenal would work too. As long as he continues to stamp his authority there, then the big teams are still going to want to sign him.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka is leading our current rebuild and we cannot lose him now. It is natural and expected that all the top clubs want him.

However, it is an opportunity for us to prove we mean business and will not allow him to leave for any fee.

We need to hand him a new long-term deal to send an obvious message to his suitors that he is not for sale.

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      1. Of course he’s gonna sign,no doubts about it or will you place ur bet with 100% sure and not certain being the only odds?.

    1. Now I’m NOT comparing the players, let’s be certain about that!!
      But wasn’t this the same argument that was put forward for Sanchez, Ozil and Aubemeyang?

      Sign them at any cost?
      Prove we’re a big club?

      We all know what happened next don’t we?

      I happen to believe that Saka will sign a new contract, simply because of his words and actions, but just as with the Saliba situation, we get these so called experts, pundits and ex players trying to make a headline under their name.

      We all know Saka is a present and future star, who would make any squad better – do they think we haven’t got a brain cell between us?

      However, I urge caution, which is why I mentioned the three ex players above and what happened when the club listened to the fans and media.

      Of course he needs to be offered a new contract and we’ve already made a rod for our back, with the ridiculous £100, 000 a week given to Nketiah!! Saka’s agent will be, in my opinion, looking to seal an offer from the club at the least double that…. putting the club back into yet another crippling financial situation regarding current and future players demands.

      1. We took Nketiah on free so put the figures together before you argue about his wages

        We pay Pep 140, Cedric 75, Mari 100 and so forth. Saka is our best playerso 150 is OK. Next contract will be 200 then final contract 250, that should be OK.

        Even useless Laca was getting 182k for 5yrs without scoring many goals. Nketiah scored 5 goals from 6 games while Laca scored 4 for the whole season.

        1. I’m not bothered about what went on before he signed the contract for £100, 000 a week – that has set a oresidence for all further negotiations. just as Ozils contract allowed Aubameyang to ask for the equivalent sum of money for his signature.

          If Nketiah is worth £100,000 a week, what do you think Saka’s agent will be asking for? £150,000, when city and pool would have no problem with £200,000 a week.

          By the way, you give out the amount of goals Nketiah scored at the end of the season, but fail to mention how many he scored since signing for us on a free – care to elaborate?

          1. Agree 100%. You can’t look at Eddie’s situation in a vacuum. 100k pw might be good value over signing a new player, but the knock on effects could make that deal more expensive in the long run

    2. In two years Pool will be where they belong, down pre-Kropp. They’re very arrogant now and remember what they said when we wanted to sign Suarez.

      We shouldn’t allow them to beat us this season. If Spurs could handle them why not? We missed sitters when we last met them with Laca and OD throwing vital chances away while our RB leaked with Cedric playing there.

      Mane has always been good to them and they’ve made a mistake letting him go.

      1. But you neatly sidestepped my question regarding Nketiah’s goals, his worth per week versus Saka and how his £100,000 a week will affect future contract negotiations for other players…. your thoughts Howard?

    3. I agree on that, Liverpool.com recently released an article with a headline that “Magical player will be denied his “DREAM MOVE” by Arsenal to sign a new contract at the club”. Why the hell would he sign for Liverpool the team that doesnt score in finals and are weaker now and have lost their best player for penuts? Why is it his dream move being boyhood Gunners fan? And if anyone would sign him it would be more than likely Real Madrid in 5-6 seasons time for massive money.

      He will sign a new deal but other things have got in the way thus far. Like his extended holiday time, the tours of the US and Germany, pre season prep and of course our priority at the moment strengthening the squad. Saka and Saliba will be announced either just before the season starts, or when all our transfer business is complete

    4. May be in 2 to 3 seasons, arsenal would be more attractive or on par with Liverpool. But would rather brandish the middle finger to Liverpool and sell to city.

  1. It’s going to happen at some point unless something drastically changes and Arsenal start winning trophies again!

  2. There is no way Arsenal will let Saka go unless he agitates for a move. He is a grounded and sensible lad but talks of buy out clauses don’t excite me at all. It feels like someone is preparing to sign him in a year or two . That is if the rumor is true as well.
    Martinelli looks like he would fit in the Liverpool team better though. Same as Grileash , I think he is more of Liverpool type than City. Saka for me would be perfect for Man City instead of Liverpool.
    I am really happy these are our players though . It’s been a long time since Arsenal had a player so publicly coveted by the best teams in the league. Think our management is ready to ensure he stays.

  3. These rumours will always persist for our best players until we become competitive enough and winning big trophies.

    We used to be more attractive than Liverpool a few years back where Suarez was willing to force a move from them to us..

    We were more attractive back then evidenced by Sanchez choosing us ahead of Liverpool.

    Football is a cyclical entity. It goes in cycles. Today it’s Liverpool and City that are more attractive. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s it used to be Arsenal and Man United.

    Who would have thought that Man United would sink to the levels they are at at the moment where the likes of De Jong don’t want to join them.

    Let’s not be too sensitive. It’s how football works..

  4. I’m sure they won’t dare making a move talk less of preparing and launching a bid cos right upstairs they’ll know we won’t give two fv**s what they are willing to offer,same to city.

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