‘Hell of a centre-back’ – Neville full of praise for Arsenal’s Saliba

Gary Neville has been thoroughly impressed by William Saliba’s Arsenal debut after he played the full 90 minutes of the 2-0 win over Crystal Palace on Friday night.

It is hard not to be after the impact that Saliba has had for our first-team, taking his preseason form into the new term, and he is rightly reaping the plaudits at present.

Former Manchester United star Gary Neville was amongst those to be impressed, with him giving Saliba some of the finest praise.

Neville told his podcast followers: “You just know that he will get stronger, he will get more wise, and you know that in three years he is going to be one hell of a centre-back.

“He is a hell of a centre-back now, but when you see him in another two, three, four years’ time…”

Arteta has the pleasant task of having to choose from a number of top players in all positions now, and Saliba could well have cemented his name into the starting line-up already.

He seems really mature for his age on the field, and having a defence who all trust each other is the basis for building a strong team, and having William in our side could prove to be the difference between qualifying for the Champions League and not.



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Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. yeah, he is top class.

    lets hope we are not left with egf on our face if he does not sign a new deal.

    The plaudits are all his and nothing to do with Arteta.

    So you guys think he will sign? I really hope so but have my reservations.

    1. Don’t be so rash to condemn Arteta, the player is now ready to start in the Premier League, he wasn’t last year. A year of playing regular first team football has been more beneficial than playing the handful of games he would have, had he been at the club last year is clear. Ignore all the bullshit surrounding the player and the suggested rift with management, and despite the bumps in the road that have taken us to this point, it looks like the club has got his development curve just about right.

  2. OT: I hope we get a rw to challenge Saka. He has been off for a while.

    Maybe he needs rest or maybe he needs some competition.

  3. Saliba put up those stats without committing a single foul all game, that’s mighty impressive.

    Excellent reading of the game, positioning, and decision making against palace.

    It’s only 1 game, so let’s start giving him props in October after 2 months of games under his belt.

  4. Gary Neville has officially joined the choir singing praise for William Saliba. Jesus deserves praise too….let’s not forget.

  5. Exactly.
    Last year, no one thought Ben White was one hell of a centre back. His numbers may be good but he is not a commanding centre back. Saliba is a level above.

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