“Help” Pundit says Raya is now feeling the pressure of being first choice

Gary Neville believes that David Raya is beginning to feel the pressure of being Arsenal’s number-one goalkeeper, as he has made several mistakes recently.

Raya was responsible for Chelsea’s second goal in the match against the Gunners after prematurely coming off his line for a cross. This error is just one of a number of mistakes that the Spaniard has made in recent games.

Although Mikel Arteta is expected to continue with Raya as the team’s primary goalkeeper, it seems that the Spaniard might be entering a challenging period.

Neville observed another shaky performance from Raya and suggested that the pressure of being Arsenal’s number one is getting to him.

‘David Raya started his Arsenal career well but then he had a poor Champions League game [against Lens] followed by that first half against Manchester City,’ Neville said during commentary on Sky Sports.

‘Now, this game. It’s getting hot for him. He’s got that look on his face like, “help”.

‘It’s the toughest position to play and certainly when you’re at one of the biggest clubs in the league, you’re under the most amount of scrutiny – particularly if you’re a goalkeeper.

‘Mikel Arteta has created that, let’s be clear with the Ramsdale and Raya situation. It’s unusual but he says it can work. ‘

Just Arsenal Opinion

Earning the position of first-choice goalkeeper at a top Premier League club like Arsenal is certainly no small accomplishment. David Raya will now have a deeper understanding of the demands and expectations associated with the role.

While he has encountered some challenges with recent blunders, Raya is undoubtedly a talented goalkeeper. It’s reasonable to anticipate that he will learn from these early mistakes and use them as opportunities for improvement in his performance.


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  1. The gaffer will probably sticks with Raya and I tell you why, deep down in his heart he believes the Spaniard is capable of something beyond the Englishman, that his ball playing abilities or precise long balls are more important than the occasional lapses.

    In a nut shell he’s seen as a carbon copy of Ederson at the Citizens, remember he too made lots of blunders and should even been sent off on one occasion against us.

    1. You may well be right Gunsmoke
      How long can Arteta trust Raya to come good? If he can’t handle the pressure then Raya isn’t the solution. Ramsdale doesn’t appear to have that problem but in my view isn’t as able at pinpointing a good pass out from the back. Raya, until recently was pretty good.
      I think Ramsdale needs another chance but does replacing Raya then put his nerves into meltdown?

      1. Great men make great mistakes, I remember Ranaldino doing the same thing to David Seaman, that one was even more embarrassing.

        Anano though lifted Man United impressively playing out from the back, haven’t exactly covered hisself in glory.

        Ederson at Man City, maybe rank as one of the best between the sticks isn’t without his own Waterloo.
        Maybe this is the season for embarrassing mistakes between the sticks.

        Moving Raya now would totally destroy the Spaniard, he obviously need a little more time , we have to learned to treat people better, how Ramsdale was dealt with am the first to voice my displeasure, but doing the same thing to the Spaniard will only make a bad matter worst.
        It could even leaves eggs on the gaffer face, if you ask me.

        1. 1) Ronaldinho openly admitted that he never intended to lob Seaman, while Mudryk informed reporters that it was no coincidence, as he had been diligently preparing for it during training.

          2) Raya, being on loan, should be treated on par with our own contracted players, particularly since he has not yet demonstrated that he merits any special treatment. So drop him

  2. Irrespective of whatever any football pundit pointing out Raya’s goalkeeping costly errors making in matches for Arsenal.
    But Arteta may not drop him in the next 2 Arsenal matches away to Sevilla in the Ucl. And at home against Sheff Utd in the Epl and reinstate Ramsdale to mann the goal. But very likely he will start Raya for Sevilla.
    But if Raya fumbles in the match that cost Arsenal to lose it or play to a draw in it instead of to win it to garner 6 points after losing to Lens in France in their last match.
    Then, Arteta may consider dropping Raya for Sheff Utd should Raya’s performance at Sevilla falls below .espeexpectation. More especially if Arsenal didn’t win the match due to his goalkeeping mistakes making in the match.
    Nevertheless, I personally believe that Arsenal will next Tuesday night in Spain beat Sevilla in the Ucl. More especially if Arteta start Thomas Partey for the match. Who has had Ucl matches playing experience when he was at Atletico Madrid playing. But he shouldn’t start Jorginho for the match if Partey who is ahead of him is very fit all round to start, But will I teach Arteta how he should make his starts for Sevilla? NO! I can only make some suggestions to him.

  3. Raya’s mistake v Che reminded me of Ramsdale’s mistake in the Europa League last season when he was lobbed from a long-distance

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