Henrikh Mkhitaryan shows what he could have done for Arsenal

I have just finished watching the 2020 Armenia v Bosnia European Championship qualifier and what a match it was and what a performance from Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

As we all know he has joined Roma on loan primarily because of his below-par performances for Arsenal but we all knew he had the talent and that was the frustrating thing about the Armenian.

Well, today he put on a fantastic display for his country, not only did he find the back of the net twice in the 4-2 win for Armenia but the third goal was something special not because he scored, he did not, but the way he controlled a high ball pass and then whipped it with pinpoint accuracy across the area for his teammate Hovhannes Hambardzumyan to score was simply brilliant.

Everything he lacked at Arsenal he employed today, leadership, skill, confidence, passing accuracy, finishing, you name it, he had it in abundance.

Why he could not have done for Arsenal what he did for Armenia today I will never know.

It should also be noted that Sead Kolasinac also had a great game, his penetrating runs down the left flank also came with some great crosses and if it was not for Edin Dzeko he would have had at least a couple more assists than one he has to his name.

What I saw today from Kolasinac and Mkhitaryan was two players very content playing beautiful football and while the respective opponents are not exactly world-class it does not take away from the duo’s performances for their countries.

I suppose one positive is that if they continue to play like they did today for their nations it will help maintain their transfer value at the very least.


  1. When a player actuality has quality but isn’t performing then it’s usually a case of mentality because mentality is linked to confidence,decision making and form.All these add to how a player performs on the pitch.
    Mkhitaryan is actually a good player but his stint at Utd has greatly affected him.Perhaps if we signed him before Utd did things couldve been differemt.
    As for Kolasinac it’s a case of him not being good enough in defense and not being dynamic enough in offense.

    1. Perhaps. But he was supposed to fix his confidence issue after moving to the new club and Aubameyang’s presence should have helped his transition

      I believe his main problem is his playing position at Arsenal. He was forced to play on the right wing due to Ramsey’s/ Ozil’s position in the center and it got worse when he had to play as an LW

      Kolasinac is great in attacking and I expect him to train harder because of Tierney

      1. He is primarily an inside forward that is better coming in from the right side as a RW.He isn’t your typical No. 10.He showed this in best was in at Dortmund.
        I see him as a very system specific player.Wenger’s system was helping him a lot and he seemed to improve massively but then we know what happened.Time for him to move on

  2. We all know Mkhitaryan’s natural position is no 10. But he rarely got the chance to play in that position, because that position was reserved for Ozil at Arsenal

    Too many Gunners that can play as CAM, but suck on the wings. This shows the lack of pace and skill deficiency of those players, because a highly skilled and pacey player can play on the wings and centrally very well

    For example, Messi and Iniesta that possessed tremendous technical abilities and speed when they were young. I think Pepe has great potential to be a highly versatile attacker like those legends

    1. He is best as an AM but having played a significant part of his career as a RW I don’t think that’s what has led to his bad form.Infact he was poor for Utd even as an AM.At Dortmund he played a lot as a RW and he was very good there and in hiis best season he played 43 games as left or right winger for Dortmund and scored 22 goals and assisted 28 goals. 
      He did very well against Arsenal in our 11/12 UCL in that same position.
      He is a RW/AM who operates as a creative playmaker.He is not a classic No. 10 like Ozil so he has no excuse

  3. Mkhi can’t cope with the PL, simple as that. He struggled with Utd and Arsenal and it wasn’t getting any better for him.

    He wasn’t the first and won’t be the last who can’t perform at PL level.

    I think Xhaka, Sokratis, and Mustafi have the same difficulties and should be moved on.

    Let’s not hold back Willock hoping Xhaka will figure things out after several years.

    1. Ah yes, the great PL, which proves trying for the best of them.
      It’s a special level all on its own.


  4. Didn’t his father bake a big stink about Mourinho making him track back at ManU. Dudes a pro football player who expects to be pampered.

  5. You’re right NY Gunner, player must adapt to team, not other way around.

    Mkhi was poor under Jose at Utd, and both Wenger and Emery at Arsenal. Which is more likely, 3 managers wrong or Mkhi is trash in PL?

  6. Actually he scored two, assisted one and was involved in the forth one where his shot was deflected by the opponent into the net.

  7. If he could have done this for us he would have done this in the games he has played with us. PL is not international football and you shouldn’t compare the two because of the massive difference in quality.

  8. Both Mkhi and Kola are arguably the best players for their respective national teams, and have been playing with the national side for years. Think that might have something to do with it.

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