Henry could still manage Arsenal…… one day

Henry still dreams of managing Arsenal!

As I am sure you are all aware Thierry Henry has left his position of coaching the Arsenal under 18’s team this season, after rejecting Arsenal’s full time offer. However in his latest piece in the media, Henry has concluded that he still dreams of being a part of the Arsenal set up one day and hopefully as the position of manager.

Henry parted ways with Arsenal on official terms this week after rejecting Arsenal’s offer to stay full time as a training youth coach with the club. Henry was not prepared to chuck away his media commitments with SkySports and with Wenger concerned that Henry therefore wouldn’t be fully devoted to Arsenal, Wenger subsequently pulled the plug.

Henry will now look elsewhere to complete the rest of his coaching badges before surely looking to begin his career in football management. But just where could the next chapter of his career begin?

When questioned if he still hopes to manage Arsenal one day, Henry replied: “I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a wish that I have because I love Arsenal. The game is my passion and always will be. I would like to manage but I am far from it. Although I am able to manage any team now I would still like to pass my Pro License that I’m working on to give me a better all-round knowledge. I am in the process of doing that.”

I was disappointed to learn that Henry had left the club after turning down a full time position, especially as it was supposedly to focus on his media career. However now I understand why Henry didn’t take up Arsenal’s offer and so the fans should no longer vent their frustrations towards our legend.

I must admit I have thought about what a fantastic sight it would be to see the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira and Adams all being a part of the coaching staff one day. Of course at the moment they all lack major experience, but In a few years when Arsenal need another revamp, could it be something the club choose to take a chance with?



  1. Unlikely.

    Wenger is there for years to come.

    And when he does leave he will dictate who replaces him.

    The desire to make money far exceeds the ambition to win things for the Arsenal board….

    I would like to say something different but thats the reality of it…

  2. Glad to hear it. But I can’t see he could manage a team (or youth team) anywhere as head coach if he still work at Sky Sports. Head coach let alone manager is not a volunteer or part time job anywhere in this world.

  3. He probably won’t as Wenger won’t resign until he’s 100! Maybe he’s immortal who knows…

  4. Just Because he was a good Footballer does not mean he would make a Good Manager.
    But then again anyone would be better than Mr Wenger.

  5. I have a feeling Mikel Arteta would be the perfect coach.
    I said this last 2years and Now he’s working under Pep at city!
    Hope he comes back in the future and lead us into the promised land.

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