Henry insists Arsenal must give Arteta time after tough start

Thierry Henry has urged Arsenal to give new manager Mikel Arteta time, especially after the most recent setback by the suspension of football.

Our club had finally strung three consecutive league wins together for the first time this season before the worldwide pandemic hit, which saw all training and fixtures suspended indefinitely.

The government and FA are believed to be working tirelessly to find a safe way for the campaign to be completed, with talk that the current and new season may well have to be played behind closed doors, but whatever happens, Arteta’s work so far this term cannot be discredited.

Should football return with our form disrupted, it would be harsh to judge our new boss solely on these new alien surroundings which will be implemented to end the season, should it return of course.

Former star Henry has backed up our new coach, reiterating calls for Arteta to be given time to implement his changes, while praising the work that he had been doing prior to the suspension of action.

Henry insisted: “It’s a tough one because Mikel Arteta was getting there and getting them to a certain place.

“You could see the organisation, they were more compact and difficult to beat then this happened.

“I can tell you as a coach now it’s not the news you want to deal with, because you want to carry on with what you’re doing.

“Keep the players with you, talking to them. It’s better to train and try to see what you can do after training at the weekend.

“It depends on who is going to leave, who is not going to leave, who is going to come, also, and we don’t know about that.

“I just want Arsenal to do well, to make sure they can compete. I wish them all the best all the time and Mikel Arteta too, because that’s a tough job as everyone knows, but we have to give him time.”

Could the pandemic undo some of the fine work that Arteta had done? Is there any doubt that the Arsenal board are backing the Spaniard in the long-term?


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  1. Too late!some fans have already started judging him negatively after taking the job after only 3 months,at the busiest and worse time!😠

  2. As long as he still believes in Xhaka and Ozil, then he should know that he’s digging his own grave much faster. Emery assembled for him a competent squad, he just have to deliver

  3. It’s hardly the time to speculate on Arteta’s future after four months of actual football. My impression is that more are for him than against. He didn’t go into management by accident and learned many things from two of the best. Not a guarantee but his demeanour is encouraging me

    1. I’m telling you, he doesn’t look like someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      I knew he was going to do well in the tactical aspect, it was the administrative aspect I thought he’d have issues with, especially with the big name players, but it seems that was what he mastered first.

      Also, I don’t think his personality is the type that’ll care about what just any critic says.

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