Henry insists Saka must stop being nice and become a killer on the field

Bukayo Saka has emerged as arguably the best attacker at Arsenal this season as the Gunners sit comfortably atop the Premier League table.

The youngster was superb for England at the World Cup and scored Arsenal’s first goal in their 3-1 win against West Ham yesterday.

He has added a killer instinct to his game that was previously missing, making him one of the players to watch. 

Gunners legend Thierry Henry, spoke to him after the game and said afterwards via The Daily Mail:

‘This is something I want to point out, he used the word disappointment, he understands how important it is to win battles, how important it is for him to turn into a killer threat and a player that is not nice.

‘That standard can’t be nice. When you pass that line is has to be you or the guy. It better be you and he understands that now,’

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Saka has emerged as arguably one of the finest talents in the land, and we are blessed to have him in our squad.

The youngster will keep getting better, and when he starts scoring goals more often, he will become even more unstoppable.

At 21, he has already achieved so much and if we win the league, he will have been a superb contributor.

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  1. Saka

    22 and under, are brilliant young players for Arsenal & looked like that also from the outside. Becoming World Class if they can continue improving every week.

    Now just need all to get on new contracts for the foreseeable and keep them together

  2. The idrea that you cannot be nice and also an on field so called “killer”( a word that itself is a silly one to use for a highly talented fooballer , even when the highly respected Henry himself misuses it)is just typical unthinking hype. Thre have beemn hundred ,amau hundreda od player who are both “nice”( itself a poor desciptive word) and also determined and fierce warriors on thr field, now as much as in years gone by.
    To give evidence for my view , it is my sincere belief that intodays world there are far more thinking and caring folk around among young people of footballers ages, whether or not they play sport, than in decades of long ago.

    In todays world there is nowhere near the awful level of my much younger days when so many,and certainly a vast majority of Brits, were prejudiced, class ridden and foolishly judgementalof all folk who they did not perceive of being of their own ilk. A lot of that hideous former evil and plain ignorant thinking has, mercifuly, left our planet for ever.
    That does NOT mean we can relax now, as there is still hated of others around.

    But Henry, though an all time Arsenal legend and a personal hero of mine, is not, IMO, among the very most INTELLIGENT ex players of ours still alive

    For clarity, there is also, disturbingly, far more greed these days then in long ago. But wise and thinking fans are capable of seeing a wider and whole picture and not being tempted by a rash, thrown together piece, based on Henrys rash , throwaway comment, into instant unthinking replies.

  3. Henry mentioned killer to mean killing off games, not in real sense of killing. He, henry might have had 20assists in a season but what really made him scoring many goals was his selfishness, believe, techniques, and speed. He knows that saka has what it takes to score many goals, the only things he lack is the believe and selfishness to go for it alone. Saka is in the mode of being effective as Sala. He too can start scoring 20goals a season if he follows Henry’s advice.

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