Henry likens Arsenal striker to Emile Heskey!

Thierry Henry has likened Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud to that of Emile Heskey.

The striker is set to lead the line for his country this summer, and former Arsenal legend thinks he will play an important role for France.

“He is a very good striker.

“He won the league in France but was it enough for Arsenal as a team since he went there? No.

“But yes he is good enough to play for France. He is good with his back to the net. He has that touch.

“Is he the guy that’s going to run in behind like (Jamie) Vardy and bail you out of a game by dribbling past six players? No. But he has other attributes which are important for France and for Arsenal.

The press had misconstrued Henry’s words previously, when he called for Arsenal to sign another striker, claiming he meant his former club should add to Giroud, not replace him.

“What I said at the time was that Arsenal need a striker but I never said Giroud had to leave. People interpreted it that way. I didn’t say it.

“Giroud has shown in the past he is good enough for France and will have to show it even more now because Benzema isn’t going to the Euros.

“So the pressure will be even bigger on him and the squad.

“I was always feeling sorry for Emile Heskey when he played for England. Giroud is that type of guy.

“Michael Owen was taking all the glory but the people couldn’t see what Heskey was doing for Owen. But if you take Owen away then suddenly you look at Heskey and he doesn’t score. So you need a Heskey and you need an Owen.”

With Anthony Martial and Antoine Griezmann likely to form a front three with Olivier, I foresee all sorts of space opening up for Giroud, and I expect him to relish under the spotlight.

Does Giroud NEED a strong Euro campaign or will is have no bearings on his place at Arsenal?

Pat J

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  1. So to get the best out of Giroud we need someone who will run past him and be the goalscoring threat…
    Our wide players are not going to do that often enough as Giroud is too static and doesn’t go out wide enough or move from side to side to link up with the wide players and create that kinda game play.

    This means we would need a ACM who will aim to score more than assist… That sound like Ozil?

    OG needs a 4-4-2 formation and we do not play that, Heskey would have made a terrible LONE striker but he was a good CF in a 2 man attack, the link up CF.

    I hate to say OG name in the same breath as another link up CF but here goes…

    OG is a Bergkamp style CF, just a very very very very poor version… Think I might of missed out a few million ‘very’ to represent a realistic comparison…
    Back in those days we played a “442” formation but Bergkamp always dropped deep to collect the ball, in some ways he made the ACM come about due to his intelligence and ability.

    I don’t disagree with what Henry has said but I do think Henry has left out a LOT.

  2. 1.There is no more room in the lineup to ADD another striker to compliment Giroud. The other attackers are ALREADY on the pitch with Giroud. Which position would be sacrificed without disrupting the formation???

    2. Heskey was not good at scoring but was very good at making opponents think twice about challenging him for the ball. I remember games when he was the only player with long sleeves so he could better protect his arms from opponents’ teeth when he elbowed them in the mouth.

  3. Does anyone remember that game against Chelsea where RVP scored a hatrick ? His 3rd goal was everything we need in a striker, someone that has the mentality to capitalize on the opponent’s mistake and the skill to shoot from long range into the top corner.

  4. hahahaha Henry is such aa genius, giroud being like Heskey might sound like a commendation but it’s actually a jibe based on ‘FACT’

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