Henry lived and breathed Arsenal – He MUST return some day

There will hardly ever be another Henry! by KM

A magnificent career has come to an end ladies and gentlemen! The one true King of Highbury and the Arsenal has retired. Words will never be enough to describe how much this man has contributed to Arsenals history and one of it’s most successful periods ever.

He scored so many goals, it’s hard to pick out just a few! I love the one where he chipped the ball and fired past Bartes. Ah the good times, when we were dominating United. We had players with character than. We had real leaders and we had players that you could always rely on when you are in trouble.

Henry could always pop up with a goal if you need one. Henry was the last player left that had the spirit of the Invincibles. It’s remarkable how quickly we disposed of all of those players. This left us with a generation of players that had so much potential. Sadly those who actually used it now play for other clubs.

This is the thing, Henry loved Arsenal. Henry breathes Arsenal and the fans love him. This is why he has a statue in front of the Emirates and the current Arsenal players will never have one. When he scored against Leeds in 2012, you could see how he felt.

Not even mentioning the fact his finishing at 33 was better than what most current Arsenal players have, his reaction said it all. This is the Arsenal and we don’t lose. We don’t give up. His goal against Sunderland at his last match for us. When we needed someone to step up, guess who it was, sitting like a predator in the box for the ball and put it past the keeper.

He now joins Sky as a pundit and I think he will do a fantastic job. Thierry is intelligent. Not all good players are. Some players don’t even learn English after playing for years in the country. Henry is well respected and will be a great ambassador of the club.

We need to sign him up as a coach at some point. Our finishing could vastly improve if we have him doing the job. But this could happen in the post-Wenger era. Right now we don’t need another Yes man like Steve Bould turned out to be. And i had major expectations when he took over from Pat Rice.

So I wish Thierry all the very best at his new challenge. We will hardly ever see another player so passionate about the club, so hard-working, and so talented at the same time. The King moves to a new arena.

Good luck Thierry Henry 14.


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  1. CraigZWE says:

    Umm, Alexis is hard working and talented and you can see his passion whether it is for Arsenal or just football is another story, but time will tell.

    Keep Henry articles coming guys.

  2. CraigZWE says:

    Great thing about Henry, he never played for another PL side. True gunner

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      Do thank the imaginary football gods for Barcelona being the one interested in him. If that would not be the case, who knows what horrible thing would have happened.

      1. DanielC1989 says:

        Viera part 2

  3. Ks-Gunner says:

    Every football fan is about to listen to him rrlly good whenever he has to say something, expecially Arsenal fans, as he will be tllk a lot about us

  4. Thando says:

    I know i may get tumbed down but the truth is henry is waiting for wenger to moveout and then he take over with some fresh ideas that goes with the modern game without listening to anyone who is telling him what to do.

    1. DanielC1989 says:

      Henry hasn’t even got his badges yet and you’re talking about him being our manager? get a grip

      1. Thando says:

        @danielc1989 im not talking about being a mananger,i mean as one of our couching staff.

  5. Tas says:

    AFC is Multi Million Pounds Company if Henry has not proven himself as one of worlds greatest coach or Manager then no to being our manager, great players don’t necessary make great managers example Marodona of Argentina, Gigi Hagi of Romania and many many other flops,

    1. Tidan2 says:

      True, but it makes a brilliant basis if only for the fact that he is an Arsenal legend already and will be respected for that immediately along with his talent. Based on what I have seen of him he is also very well-spoken, has a good grasp of more than just the football but also the tactical side (puts some pundits to shame), and based on his comments he seems to be someone willing to learn and improve before being given a chance at such a massive role.

  6. Enigmaticben says:

    Dennis Bergkamp was great but for me,TH14 is arguably the best player to ever grace Highbury

  7. Ks-Gunner says:

    Just to let you know. 70% of Arsenal foreign fan base is made bec of Henry.

    1. Twig says:

      …. And Wenger.

  8. Twig says:

         Patrick Viera
         Gilberto Silva
         Mikel Arteta
         Lucas Silva

  9. sheggz says:

    Sorry what point are you trying to make with those names?

  10. 007 says:

    He was a unique player and will forever be special to us.

    Watching him play was just magical, so many years have passed in the EPL since he last played and I don’t think any striker has even come close to his quality. He made me fall in love with the Arsenal more and more each time I watched him.

    Whether he will turn out to be a great manager or not remains to be seen and I can only wish him the very best.

    All in all, Henry belongs at Arsenal, whether as manager in future or some other role. Wouldn’t want the repeat of the Viera saga (it still hurts me)

  11. 007 says:

    OT: Here’s the team news for those who have yet to catch it…

    “There’s a slight chance of Monreal being available and a very slight chance for Walcott. We hope that Oxlade-Chamberlain will be fit. We’ll see that on Saturday.

    on Theo Walcott…
    He is back in training today [Thursday]. But only today. I might take him, I don’t know yet until he’s back to full training. Let’s see.

    on Oxlade-Chamberlain…
    That’s what we’ll see on Saturday after a test. He’s not in training at the moment.

    on Ospina and Rosicky…
    Ospina is back in full training and Rosicky should be back next week.

    on Wilshere, Ozil, Koscielny, Ramsey and Arteta…
    All out. They’re all progressing as planned.”


    Some worrying news on the OX plus no TR7, Jack, Ramsey, Ozil or Arteta. Wonder who will play if Ox fails the test, LeCoq??????

  12. GOONSTER says:

    HENRY deserted us..

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