Henry worried that Arsenal have toughest run-in

The Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is very happy that Arsenal are top of the League, but he thinks that the Gunners should have opened up a bigger gap in the first half of the season as the second half is full of tough away fixtures.

He has obviously thought long and hard about this and in this AudioPost interview he lists every single one of the games that will be Arsenal’s biggest tests. Listen to what he has to say then decide whether you too are worried about these games. Or have Arsenal improved enough to be able to handle these fixtures this season?

Interview courtesy of AudioBoom


  1. When Alexis returns, I think it may be time to move Theo back to the middle and rekindle the competition rotation between he and OG12. The past several games, for me, OG has begun to look a bit jaded and is due for a rest. Also, the competition helps to spur him on, and helps Theo as well.

    Secondly, with an eye towards Barca in the champion’s league, if we’re going to be successful against them then we’re going to have to play them on the counter the way we did Bayern. That means Alexis, Theo, and Joel Campbell up top; then Giroud to come on and present a different element. (Biggest concern for me against Barca will be our ability to break the first line of pressure. They do a very good job, especially Busquets – who they refer to as the octopus sometimes – of reading your passing lane and turning you over in your own half. Not having Santi’s ability to wriggle out of traffic/pressure is going to be troublesome. Ramsey is prone to giving the ball away coming out of the back or in midfield, and the MSN will make you pay for that.)

    1. In the fall when Walcott started as the center forward, Giroud came of the bench and looked very hungry. More often than not he scored as well.

      So I agree with you. When Sanchez returns, plant him on that dreaded left wing.

      ——— Walcott
      Sanchez – Özil – Campbell

      If OX could just perform like he did against S’land (second half), he would be in a shout for that RW spot. In any case, we can use him when Campbell gets tired (that boy runs his lunges out).

    2. For me the biggest concern is the finishing, our midfield can easily match Barca’s but if we attack and fail to score within the first 20min it will only give MSN trio more confidence to abandon defensive duties and apply more pressure on our defence. Against Bayern we were wasteful and lucky Bellerin came to our rescue, Walcott should stop trying to score worldies and just play his natural game and then the goals will come.

  2. Let’s just remain focus and take it one game at a time! RIP David Bowie “the thin white duke”! Thanks for all the great music sir! you will be missed!

  3. Unfortunately, we have more than a few injury prone players and because of that, Our Squad hasn’t been stronger enough to compete in all competition for years!

    Can anyone actually remember the last time,
    when we didn’t have a injury plagued season?

    2004… Maybe ?

    Until a solution is found to the long term injuries,
    We will never be able to seriously compete on all four fronts.

  4. With away fixtures to Man U, Everton, Liverpool, Man City and Spurs still to play it does indeed look tough. However, if we can take a minimum of say 7 or 8 points from that I reckon we will still be on course. On the plus side:

    1) Looks like it will be a low points tally for the eventual winner – probably sub 80. I don’t want to but think we can “afford” to lose 3 more games.

    2) City’s away form is abysmal and are probably more prone to losing against anyone than we are. They still have Liverpool and Chelsea in their away schedule. Despite the media’s inane chatter about them having the best and deepest squad it is clear to me that this is b*8$£t. If any one of Hart, Kompany, Toure, Silva or Aguero is out injured they look half the team – they have no one remotely capable of filling in for any of these guys. Our battle with City (can’t be bothered to think of Leicester or Spuds as realistic competitors at this stage) will probably be down to who sustains the least injuries to key players – would say that it is a coin toss looking at each team’s injury record/history.

    3) Being hard-headed, the likelihood is that City will be in the last 8 of the UCL and we will not be. That will benefit us in terms of our PL aspirations and hamper City’s.

    4) Whilst our away schedule is tricky our home schedule is kinder and if we can rack up 3 pointers after Chelsea against Soton, Leicester, Swansea, WBA, Palace, Watford, Norwich and Villa we will be well placed and in the mix come the end of the season.

    5) My expectation/hope for the season was for us to be at least competing for the title over the full course of the season. Right now, I’d be happy if it comes down to a 6 pointer at City on 7 May.

    1. Regarding your point #4, I believe the next 2 away games will give us a picture how we will fare in the future away from home.

      Hopefully we will end this week with 4-6 points after strong performances.

      1. I agree, 7pts from next 3 games (Pool (a), Stoke (a), Chelsea (h)) would be immense and fill me with great optimism. 5 would be OK – anything less and the old worries would return and the media will be on our case massively.

  5. As long as we remain focused, play our best and our injured players return asap then we should be fine.

    Alexis, Arteta, Rosicky should be back soon.
    Elneny by the end of week

    if we get another signing that will be an awesome bonus but we can win the PL with what we have


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