Henry’s insight on Arsenal transfer plans good news for Gooners

The former Arsenal and France striker Thierry Henry was not claiming to have insider knowledge when he was writing about what he thinks the club will do in the January transfer window, but we all know that the pundit is still in regular and close contact with his fellow Frenchman and former manager Arsene Wenger.

So when Henry uses his column in The Sun to talk about which positions the Arsenal boss will be looking to strengthen next month, I get the feeling that our record goal scorer has a much better chance of being right than your average football reporter.

Let’s hope so anyway, because what the 38-year old wrote is very good news for us Arsenal fans who will be nervous and wondering whether Wenger will bring in some quality cover for the currently injured first team stars like Francis Coquelin, Santi Cazorla and Danny Welbeck.

Henry said, “It’s a good job Mathieu Flamini didn’t leave last summer, as looked likely. They would have a real problem in central midfield now without him.

“I would expect Arsene Wenger to buy a specialist in that position in January. Their injured stars will all come back into contention eventually.

“But Arsenal can’t rely on them — they have to plan for the rest of the season without Cazorla, Coquelin, Wilshere and Welbeck.”

So assuming that Henry does have a certain insight into the transfer plans of the Prof, it looks like the Gunners will be adding at least two new players to the squad and they are likely to be a central midfielder, perhaps two, and a forward.

Or will we hear the boss say once again that he has looked but that there are no decent players out there?

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  1. Arsene is never short of excuses, but when he want something he surely how know to get though he prefer what he WANTs than what he NEED most of the time!

  2. In January we need 2 dm and a ST, at this point that’s mandatory. In the summer, if we still haven’t bought anyone in janury we should buy Mahrez/Stones and Igahlo

  3. Mahrez is a player that I would like to see playing for Arsenal,
    Utd are set to offer £29 million for him in January.

    As for Henry having inside information about Wenger’s transfer targets! .. I very much doubt that he has,
    As he is now a Tv pundit, who not to long ago criticised wenger on national Tv, So it’s highly unlikely that Wenger will let him know his plans.

    Every fan and his dog knows where we need strengthening and it doesn’t need Henry to state the obvious,
    Whilst trying to get some credit for it ?
    If anything, Wenger won’t sign a midfielder now,
    Just to spite Henry’s comments, ?
    Yep, thats how stubborn he can be. ?

    1. Fatboy, Henry is not just a pundit. He is doing his training badges AT ARSENAL and is helping to train the Under 18s. He probably sees Wenger narly every day. He knows a lot more than other pundits abut Arsenal

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