Which Arsenal players are likely to leave us the January transfer window

As we are still in the middle of the boring international break, let’s find something interesting to discuss to keep us occupied. We may have observed in previous reports which positions and with which players Edu and Mikel Arteta ought to sign to bolster our squad during the winter transfer window. However, as we anticipate fresh signings, we may also be confronted with several players who are struggling for game time and wish to leave in the January transfer window. So, who is likely to explore their situation at the club and probably leave in the January transfer window?

Aaron Ramsdale
Raya is firmly establishing himself as Arteta’s No. 1. Rambo has only appeared in one of our last seven games, an EFL Cup victory over Brentford. He hasn’t played in the Champions League, which he helped us qualify for. When we beat PSV 4-0 and lost to Lens 2-1 in the Premier European competition, he was on the bench. He’s also not featured in crucial games such as Tottenham’s 2-2 North London derby tie and Manchester City’s 1-0 win. Some clubs may persuade the Englishman to join them during the winter transfer window, and he may do so if he feels he isn’t guaranteed enough game time. Playing consistently is vital for Ramsdale because it will help him compete for a starting spot for the Three Lions in the Euro 24 tournament in Germany.

Emile Smith-Rowe
Arteta hinted that he will slowly reintegrate him into his team until he reclaims a key role in his project. Our No. 10, on the other hand, may believe he should play more. If he doesn’t play as much as he feels he should between now and January, he may evaluate his options in the winter. Newcastle sees him as an ideal fit for their project. If Smith Rowe fails to prove his worth between now and the winter, I believe the club will consider selling him, given that he is in a last-chance saloon this season.

The Italian international’s contract will expire in the summer of 2024. Several clubs are interested in him, with Barcelona being one of them. Other than the La Liga giants, numerous Turkish clubs were interested in him throughout the summer, and who knows? They may return for him in January. He may choose to leave, and the club may choose to profit from his sale in the winter rather than losing him on a free transfer in the summer.

Cedric Soares
Yes, the Portuguese fullback is still at the club. He returned from Fulham at the end of last season after finishing his six-month loan there. He was unfortunately unable to find a new home after that, considering it was obvious he wasn’t in Arteta’s plan. I believe it was a mistake for him to stay. Anyway, he could make a move to correct that during the winter transfer window.

Which other of our players do you believe will depart during the winter transfer window? And who among the ones mentioned above will you not want to see leave?

Jack Anderson


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  1. I discount Cedric entirely as he IS and has always been just a bit part player, largely ignored as a player, wuth good reason too.
    I coulsee see Jorginho wanting out but not til seasons end, as IMO by then he will be sidelined more andmore and replced with a new and better player.
    ESR is harder to call. I think he has a legit grudge IF he wants out, though I doubt he does. I hope by later in the season he will be re-established as a regular starter.
    I do not see RAMSDALE wanting out at all and think he WILL play enough games to keep him feeling a key part of the set up. I do not forget RAYA, DESPITE SEEMING TO BE FIRST CHOICE, IS RIGHT NOW JUST A LOANEE AND NOT SIGNED PERMANENTLY.
    Until that changes I think RAMSDALE WILL BIDE HIS TIME.
    I much hope he regains his first choice spot as I prefer him to Raya.

    1. Yes. I also think Smith-Rowe will have the chance to claim the left-sided AM role, unless Rice plays there permanently

    2. Jon-
      I agree too that Jorginho will not leave in January because I think he would rather wait for six more months and cash in as a free transfer. As for Ramsdale, I think he might want out because he he want to be in the squad for Euro and he might not make the cut if he continues riding the bench.

  2. “boring international break” lol, could’nt agree more given it’s mainly qualifiers and friendlies. Seriously though, i can’t see anyone except Cedric leaving in January.

  3. Unless there are some dramatic turns of events, can’t see anyone leaving this happy bunch in January.

    Smith Rowe with one eye firmly on Euro 24, he will be nervously hoping for a lucky break in the team, which the gaffer will be force to oblige due to fixtures congestions, in any case January will be a bad time unless a ridiculous offers comes in from Brighton.

    A mischievous club couuld well make a bid for Ramsdale just to test Arsenal resolve, which could unsettles the player, can see Chelsea doing it, I would not be surprised if the gaffer accepts a £50;mill bid for the former Sheffield man.

    Jorginho could be tempted depending on how things turned out between now and January, am imagining a case where a young highly and mobile midfielder suddenly becomes available as Barcelona intrest for the Italian international intensify.

    While the core of the team is settle, there are a few on the periphery that could become unsettled with just a simple bid from another club.

  4. ESR is the only one likely to leave, and we should cash in on him before he’s injured again, which will happen given his terrible record.

  5. Don’t see any one of those, or anyone else, leaving this January.
    1. Cedric will not have any offer coming in, full stop.
    2. Smith Rowe and Arsenal will probably wait and see what happens and make a decision at the end of the season.
    3. Arsenal won’t let Jorginho go because for a period between January and February, he would be the only established DM in the team (I expect Rice to play more as a B-to-B)because Partey and Elneny would be off for the AFCON
    4. Ramsdale will probably start thinking of leaving if and when Raya’s deal is made permanent

  6. Ramsdale & ESR must stay. We can’t win trophy with first 11 players only. We need solid sub. Arteta need to find game time for them.. He need to keep the team balance.. U can’t win league with ordinary sub players.. u need super sub…

  7. I’m pretty sure Jorginho, ESR and Ramsdale will stay beyond January. 4 competitions will be overwhelming by then. Different story next summer. Jorginho might leave if Arteta gets a young replacement. Ramsdale might leave if he can’t stomach competition. ESR could stay as he is Arsenal boy. Just look at Nketiah.

  8. I forgot Cedric was still at the club so he should go if possible… As for Jorginho, after the Spurs debacle & bring an ex- Chelski player, if Barca want him then have at it… ESR could play back there if Rice & Partey aren’t fit!😂

  9. I can’t honestly see any of them moving in January unless a huge offer comes in from Barcelona for Jorginho, but they haven’t got any money unless they sell someone for big bucks. Ramsdale and ESR I think are quite happy to sit out the rest of the season to see how the Raya experiment pans out and if injuries allow ESR playing time. Cedric seems happy like Elneny to be a rarely used bench player.

  10. I would be happy to see the club cash in on Nketiah, and we get a conventional striker in his place to really push Jesus. I really, I would still have ESR in the team and Jorginho gone.
    So, Jorginho, Cedric, Elneny, should open up spaces for academy players like Patino, Sagoe, Nwaneri, et al.

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