Here is how much of a pay cut Willian is taking to join Arsenal

Willian is reportedly close to agreeing a three-year £100,000 per week deal to join Arsenal after failing to agree on a new deal with Chelsea, according to Mail Online.

The Brazilian has been in talks with the Blues for a long time, but there was no breakthrough because he is insistent on a three-year deal and the club wants to offer a two-year deal.

He will now join Mikel Arteta’s side who have agreed to his contract duration demands, but he will be taking a pay cut to his current wages.

The Brazilian will join the Gunners for £100,000 per week, however, he was on £120,000 per week at Chelsea and had he renewed those terms he will have been earning £6.2m per annum which will have earned him 12.4m for the two years.

However, he will now settle for a £1m pay cut per annum after agreeing a lesser weekly wage with Arsenal.

However, because he is signing up for three years, he will make £15.6m overall from his time with the Gunners and that might be a smarter move for him.

The Brazilian will be 32 soon which means that he will be 35 when his Arsenal deal ends and the Gunners will hope that they can get some good performances from him.

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  1. Ornstein said Willian even had more lucrative and better offers…
    Why is he taking a pay cut when he’s nearing the end of his career?
    Aren’t you curious?
    I mean I know he was convinced by Edu and Arteta, but it’s rare to make the decision to join us considering he should be securing a last big paycheck

    1. His family is settled in London and
      the guy has been well compensated
      financially during his stay @ Chelsea.
      The Brazilian doesnt strike me as
      the type to live well beyond his means
      and the MLS is still a possibility if the
      former Shaktar Donesk man shines
      during his time @ the Emirates. Villa
      Beckham, Rooney, Ibra were all 30
      something successes in MLS.

      1. Lol..has been well compensated during his stay at Chelsea?
        He was on 120k per week, I hope you know that’s Chicken change for players of his quality during the past few years?

    2. I get the “feel” that Arteta is able to make clear, the picture of his project at Arsenal to the players that he wants and they (players) seem to buy the idea and would want to be part of the success story. Example is the rumor of Gabriel Maghallas choice of Arsenal over his other top suitors.
      David Seaman’s recent warning concerning the possible losing of Artete if not supported must not be taken lightly. He will become a great coach and we better enjoy his hey days.

  2. I am not sure about this deal. He might have played well last season but is he going to deliver the next? What about the next two? He might have performed better up to now considering his age but at some point he will start to decline and that will happen when he is at the Emirates.

    I don’t understand how we are trying to rebuild by signing or extend contract of older players when they may decline anytime after 30 years. We have too many old players are we going to rebuild every season?

    David deal is understandable since it’s only one year but Cedric 4 years, Pierre 3 years, Willian 3 years. We still have Mesut 31 years. Our squad as a whole is not on the younger side.

    Those who say Arsenal haven’t read from Mesut mistake might have a point.

    In the end I hope it all works out and they deliver good results.

      1. 31 years… that’s wishful thinking, hey, HH?! 😜
        I must admit I was quite surprised by this deal too… there’s always going to be risks/what ifs with new signings.. but he has been one of Chelsea’s mr reliables over the years and has just had a fantastic season with them! Although he’s of a more mature age, at least he won’t be another Lichtsteiner… and you’ve no idea how much that pleases me saying that!!

    1. With his stature and good injury record, I seem to believe Willian can play top soccer for the next 3 years just as Carzola have done. We only have to be positive and believe.

      1. Exactly… Same goes for Auba.
        I think one important factor a lot of us including myself ignored and been ignoring is the fact that this isnt like before anymore. Players can play beyond 30 now, it’s all possible because of Science, Diet and Lifestyle now… Look at Rinaldo, still fit, look at Auba, Look at Ibrahimovic, hell Sergio Aguro is 32 and still delivers constantly.
        Players can stay fit and healthy and play beyond their 30’s now unlike before, and I also ignored that fact.

        1. Exactly man! Look at vardy ffs he will be 34 in less than 6 months and he just got the golden boot! End of the day I trust arteta more than anyone on here lol 💪

        2. then how come Ozil has no stamina to play full 90 minutes?It boils down to his stinking attitude. Shame to him, even Willian is taking a pay cut and this bloke isn’t.

          1. Not a fan og his but I don’t know how you’ve managed to drag Ozil into this discussion and to even insult him

  3. Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, Vardi and many more players playing to 32 and over, by some years, some. If a player wants it and looks after himself he can play well to 35.

    1. In Italy you can be top quality up to 37, 38 as the speed is not a major factor there.

      Luca Toni was the league’s top scorer at 38.
      Giroud could be a top player there up to a similar age, too.

  4. Zlatans like 38 and still rocking it in Italy

    The trouble is is that many people on here just post someone else’s opinion, they dont take all the variables into account about what, how and why, when it comes to Arsenal either renewing a contract, buying new players, selling or steeling a free from a rival.

    When Ozil signed that contract, he was still playing rather well, his chances created and assists were basically 2nd to none, so we paid up as everyone though he would still be on top for that duration.
    The team was ALOT different, our midfield was much better than it is now and with the way he plays you need to be secure in midfield, its that simple.
    If we had a Partey, Kante, Ndidi in the team now and Ozil in front i’m pretty sure he would flourish, but we dont and we wont so he wont.

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