Here is Ozil’s respectful send-off that Arsenal should have given him (plus video)

Good luck Mesut Ozil! (opinion)

As the news is confirmed (rather slowly it seems), it has become increasingly clear that Mesut Ozil has moved on from Arsenal after nearly eight years at the club. So those fans that wanted this to happen have finally got their wish after an agreement was reached to terminate his contract a few months early.

And I know this article will divide opinion, but I honestly don’t care!! Opinions are there to be shared and not everyone will agree.

Despite the turbulent time Ozil had during his last few years, a selection of fans has seemed to have forgotten some of the quality, magic and just general crazy skills and great games he has produced in an Arsenal shirt.

In my opinion, he deserved a better send-off then the one Arsenal (and mainly Arteta) gave him, let’s be honest Arsene Wenger would never have allowed this sort of situation to happen. A player that was loved by all staff and his teammates at the club (including Gunnersaurus!) and a player that has a huge amount of respect and love from a number of Arsenal fans, both famous and general Arsenal fans, me included. He will now hopefully be able to continue doing what he has worked his whole life to do and is passionate about- playing football again!!!

Fans seem to forget that his last goal for the club came in a 4-0 win against Newcastle back in February 2020 and his last game for Arsenal came in a 1-0 win against West Ham where he assisted Lacazette, for the last time it would now seem, before we went into lockdown and before being shut out rather disgustingly and disrespectfully by Arteta. And I will go as far as saying it was all Arteta!!

From playing Mesut in every game since his appointment to deciding to drop him because of his political views, his “lack of showing intent in training” as Arteta kept saying, and his refusal to take a pay cut, or whatever other excuse Arteta will chuck out, only he knows.

But let’s remind fans that Ozil was not the only player to refuse to take a pay cut and if footballers cannot use their platform to make people aware of some of the awful goings on in the world that need to be changed, then I don’t know who can.

People also forget that Ozil has, and still is, doing so much to help children and families both on and off the pitch, here and around the world within communities and with charities. Of course, all CERTAIN Arsenal fans see is his salary and the fact that he looks disinterested at times when on the pitch. But I know that is just Ozil’s way and even if his face looks disinterested, he certainly hasn’t showed that with his playing skills. At times he has shown more interest and passion in an Arsenal shirt than some of our current crop do now.

I just want to wish Mesut Ozil the best of luck in his new journey and chapter in his career, and no matter where you are and what you do MESUT I will always support and follow you. I am just sorry you did not get the send-off you deserve. Haters will hate, but nobody truly knows the actual goings on in a club!

And to Arteta all I can say is ‘what goes around comes around’!

Say what you will in the comments Gooners but every fan is entitled to their opinion so be kind!

And as a bonus, watch this video of 10 Times Mesut Özil Destroyed Big Teams for Arsenal

Shenel Osman

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  1. What send off did you have in mind Shenel? He was thanked by Edu & Arteta and that’s about all a player who was not one of our greats should merit.

    1. Exactly. He had his moments, put up some good stats, but overall didn’t leave a real legacy with Arsenal. He’s a bit like marmite with the fans as well.

    2. He deserves to be respected better than what Arteta did. The treatment was disgusting of Ozil no matter how much his salary was or if he had ups and downs he is human at the end of the day. Henry would never be singled out, dropped or disrespected, none of our former players have been so why should Ozil! No matter what has happened he deserves respect like every human being!

      1. Its the other way around, mate! He should have shown respect to the club by
        1. encouraging his team mates when we were losing
        2. should have taken onus of responsibility during crunch moments on the pitch
        3. should have kept his little mouth shut and not insulted Unai and Freddie when substituted.
        4. On a cup finals in Europe, we were a goal down, instead of running he walked off to the sideline. Disgusting indeed.
        5. Kept his PR machine alive to embarrass the club with his socio-political statements. If you talk of human rights, then talk about ALL human right abuses.

        No one would care for what he earned, if he could put in half the performances of Saka or ESR except that fluke season due to Sanchez’s brilliance.

        Most disgusting and disrespectful player in modern history, rate him worse than RVP and Adebayor or Nasri. These three men gave their best when the donned our colors, what they did after quitting does not matter to us.

        So what do you expect? An all stars charity match? A gold and diamond loaded parting gift? A stand named after him? A statue outside the Emirates? A guard of honor to the tunnel? “Dankeschon Mesut” jerseys for the last FA cup match?

        Every player has to quit the club someday, why Henry was never targeted? Because he did his best in his first spell and even in his second loan spell. Once a legend, always a legend.

  2. “What goes around comes around” in a you’ll get whats coming to you one day

    Followed by….”be kind”


    1. So what has that got to do with ozil as a causation?

      May be its the Flamini and Sanogo signing that same season that were the causation.

      Or may be it was because Santi and Ramsey scored the goals. Or may be even Giroud, wilshere etc also contributed to those goals we scored in the final.

      Isn’t it?

      1. Yup – correlation is not the same as causation. Ozil played a part but it doesn’t mean he was the key to everything

      2. Haha. Funny how one can be so short sighted. I have never thought that there were other signings made that when making that point. One can say Mesut signing was the impactful one but still your point is heavier on the scale.

      3. @Goonster remember that all the players that you mentioned were there before he came in they never won a stick for us.

  3. Good luck in the future Mesut and I agree with Dan 100%.
    His words regarding the time he spent Arsenal, what he feels about the club and the fans says it all for me.

    MA has made his decision, as a supporter of the club, I hope it will turn out to be the correct one.

  4. Shenel you are clearly an Ozil fan and that’s understandable. The whole Ozil situation was messy and there is blame to be attributed from the player, Arteta and the board. There is injustice everywhere and Ozil should have dealt with things differently. Try putting yourself in the coaches shoes with overpaid and over pampered players that think they can show up when they feel and then you will know how it feels to be in the hot seat.

  5. Farewell Mesut. You were singled out for being outspoken regarding the treatment of Uighurs in China… not fair

    1. In saying that Zack, what do you think of Erdogans human rights record?
      Ozil showed himself to be a hypocrite on that score.
      Politics and sport?

      1. Erdogan is a recognized and elected president. His status is as much recognised as president as of any of the so called your leaders triumph, Boris or anyone. Even UN is blaming China or asking them question about what is happening with Uighurs. It’s not same as Turkey situation. It’s a fight between the armed forces over there. I am amazed how poor knowledge some people have of current affairs. You must be one of those who just believes what ever BBC or CCN feed to you.

        1. Erdogan elected President of Turkey, with a censored press, journalists and opposition polititians imprisoned, purged military, Kurds being attacked relentlessly and constant threats being made against Greece, including incursions into Greek airspace, because Erdogan wants to to recreate the Ottoman Empire.

  6. Good sendoff Admin. It’s clear now that Ozil was disrespectfully treated by both Spanish managers .A lot of it must be down to personality issues. Similarly the anti Ozil faction in the Arsenal fan base were never objective in their criticism, expecting him to be a one man show like Roy of the Rovers. They have been very forgiving of their personal favorites despite crappy performances, but always eager to shine the spot light on Ozil after what we’re bad team efforts. Perhaps someone with a more “mature “, personality might have worked harder to prove his critics wrong but that was not to be.

  7. Spot on Pat. Agree with you and i share the same feeling as well. MO deserve a better send of.

    To Ozil …all the best on the new journey .. you will always be remembered.

    Ya Gunners Ya


  8. Good riddance
    Never compare Henry with Ozil. He couldn’t win us a title. He was a Cup player who didn’t like away games.

    He didn’t deserve any special bye bye. He was just lazy and greedy

  9. Moshan I think you’ll find similar questions have been asked of the supreme leader Erdogan.
    For the record I detest most politicians especially Johnson and Trump.
    Ozil, Sir, is a hypocrite.

  10. I have supported Arsenal since 1971 and it is a rare occasion that such a gifted player with such an enormous talent has played for our club. A player who is not front line in glory but orchestrates the attacks going forward which is not appreciated by a number of fans who maybe did not comprehend the enormity he played in getting us to move forward in Attack. His record in World football speaks for it self and all who criticise should do research on Mesut Ozil first and show him the respect he deserves. No Arsenal player in the squad in the last 10 years has achieved the heights he has. In my mind very badly treated by Arsenal. Totally unbecoming of a club of our magnitude.

  11. Looks more like a crybaby still in tears about his favourite player departure lashing out than an article. Dumped by 2 managers should have been 3 but wenger was too kind for it(a kindness which ozik abused with his special treatments and holidays)

  12. I hope all of you Ozil haters you are happy with what Arteta and Williams are doing at arsenal now . At least for good 3 years Willian will continue to play rubbish and collecting 220k every week and to you that is justified

    1. There is no justification in overpaying an underperforming player whoever they are.
      This has nothing to do with Ozil.

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