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Don’t Listen To Kaveh Solhekol? by Dan Smith

I find the mindset of some of our Arsenal fans strange. The fashion at the moment is people taking to YouTube to give their own version of a transfer daily, the equivalent of reading out the daily papers. Some have been a bit smug this week, preaching ‘I told you so’, based on Kaveh Solhekol claims that our budget is bigger than 45 million.

Let’s clarify; very few of us know what is going on behind the scenes or how a transfer works. We are all simply expressing our opinions, for anyone to try and claim otherwise is arrogant. I hope in this instance Mr Solhekol is correct and Zaha comes to the Emirates. Yet I don’t understand the logic of when the majority of journalists quote the same number, they are dismissed as making up rumours yet when one reporter says the opposite, we are meant to take his word as gospel? That seems to be a contradiction.

Is it because he works for Sky Sports or simply that he’s saying what you want to hear? He could have heard the links with the player and simply made an educated guess. If he’s wrong, we are too angry with Stan Kroenke to care. If he’s right, the more views he gets and followers because suddenly he’s the man with the contacts!

For example, we have all read that Man United are interested in Harry Maguire. So, I could lie, say I have been told the defender wants to leave Leicester. I don’t need to provide evidence to validate it. I just guess, then look like a genius when it happens. The juice is worth the squeeze!

I have done a bit of digging and the man’s reputation among other fans seems to be of someone not reliable, certainly he is wrong as much as his peers. So please do not think just because he’s frequently on TV he can be trusted. As adamant as he is about our financial situation, he’s had other ‘exclusives’ that proved to be simply hot air.

A year ago, through his Express column he wrote, ‘Chelsea do want Pickford. He is their number one target if they sell Courtois. If Alison cost 67, you’re talking about a 100 million keeper ‘

Now of course the Blues did spend a huge fee on a goalie, but it wasn’t Pickford! Something tells me if Everton had any suggestion that they were going to get a 7-figure sum offer they might at least have considered it?

Also 12 months ago, you might remember Jose was getting increasing upset that the board were not backing him? Well according to our man in the know: ‘We are expecting Man United to make two signings before the end of the window, Tony Alderweireld and Harry Maguire, while Perisic remains an option, if not Willian’. All 4 of those men are still at the same clubs

Anyone remember young Renato Sanches’ loan from Bayern Munich? ‘My sources from Italy tell me Liverpool are favourites to loan Sanches’. The Portuguese did come to the Prem, 6 months later at Swansea!!!! Speaking of the Welsh side, if they re-signed Bony, our ‘expert’ said it freed Llorente to go to Chelsea. The Spaniard went to London but to Spurs instead.

This one should worry us – You know how Van Dijk was desperate to leave Southampton and move to a bigger club (like Zaha) well the journo had sources then very similar to now. ‘Sources close to player tell me he won’t play for Saints again’. … He did for another 5 months

If you think I’m being harsh, it’s not just me. Here’s a tweet from Ravel Morrison in 2017, ‘wrong again’ when his loan destination was pure make believe.

Here though is my favourite fairy tale he came up with; ‘We are being told the man they’re really interested in, the dream candidate, is Diego Simeone’. Everton instead hired Sam Allardyce and I guess never spoke to Athletic Madrid.

This article isn’t to mock a man who is simply doing his job. It’s to not want my fellow gooners to get their hopes up based on one individual who, as I proved, gets things wrong as much as anyone else in his profession. Certainly, don’t let other fans belittle your opinion just because they choose to believe him.

My advice? Until Arsenal themselves confirm things, don’t believe anything.

Dan Smith


  1. Who do you think you are coming around here with all that sensible talk, this sir is the internet we dont have that here. We have farfetched fairytales that we like to cling to then blame the board when we miss out on a target we were never in for in the first place.

    in all seriousness i completely agree with your article Admin and feel like its come at the right time. Martin and Kev are at loggerheads posting there rumours and gossip (which i love btw) but until Arsenal confirm anyone then they are both wrong.

    1. Was not written by Admin, was written by Dan Smitha contributor. More articles from our readers would be very welcomed. We appreciate all viewpoints when they are not trolling.

  2. My favourite rumour today is from the Evening Standard. Fenerbache President working hard to sign Ozil

    He will need to work his butt off and it still won’t help.

    Turkish leader Erdogan was Ozil’s best man at his wedding so who knows

  3. We already know 99.9% of what is written about Arsenal transfers is gibberish. Sure have some fun discussing it but quoting this stuff as fact has become rediculous and bordering on stupid.

  4. Is there anything both better or worse than Hope. I’d like us to get the signing done early, whoever they may be, so I can adjust my season achievement ambitions accordingly. Every rumoured transfer can swing the new season from top 3 and silverware to step backwards struggling to hit top six with a new manager required come seasons end.

  5. I wonder why arsenal a ‘big’ club will always be bullied to sell players for cheap while the so called small teams will aways sell at their original asking price without any intimidations. What is wrong with Arsenal? We are always bullied to sell at cheap and clubs always bully us to but at extreme prices just as crystal palace is over pricing Sarr. When did we lastly sell a player for 50m pounds? Big teams have been making big sales and big coups . Even the so called small teams have been making player sale profits. What is wrong with us? Loosing players for free year in year out . Ramsay and Gnabry are recent examples.we get bullied everywhere by everyone. On and off the field

  6. Transfer rumours and gossip are obviously just that. No one is rushing out to get Saliba on the back of a new shirt because Kev says it’s a done deal.
    I enjoy Kev’s contributions ?
    Raul/the board have a tricky job on their hands. Without selling the players Unai has no plans for going forward, it’s tricky to add new players. Clubs aren’t interested in our players, we pay them too much and there’s plenty of cheaper/better options.

    We have to be realistic about where we are and accept it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

  7. Its silly season but who knows what Arsenal will do. Apparently iv read online today that Fenerbache are working hard on signing Ozil, that would be a plus for us. Then also read that Mustafi had cleared all accounts related to being an Arsenal player off his online accounts, instagram etc..
    Again another plus, maybe he is leaving. If they both go then happy bloody days but we need to recoup some money & if its loans forget about it.

    We are again linked with Fraser this morning after the Zaha smokescreen has us fooled we are going to Spend massive money on a single player, even Behrami is apparently coming on a free from Porto, wants 3m sign on bonus.

    My point is it’s all online for anyone to read on countless pages etc..
    Apparently Koss is going to France, Monreal has signed a new one year extension and Teirnay could be coming if we up the bid. It’s all there to search and read yourself.

    NewsNowArsenal gives you the pages to endless reading of gossip

  8. guys now edu can officially be unveiled 2morro, our whole transfer window can start to play out as edu needed to give his own report of d players e are linked to before major actions can be taken, trust me before d end of this week if we not unveiling someone then we be pretty close to doing tht

  9. This time the guy is right how can our budget be 45M when we have put bids which amount more than our so called budget which is not championship level, what kind of manager would agree to work with 45M when asked to rebuild a team, when we’re getting more than 100M in TV revenues, Europea money, extra tickets sales,new sponsorship deal?this does not make sense,why would go after Tierney,zaha,Frazer…. with only 45M? also you have to take into account players sales no matter small they are!

    1. But if we have more then 45 million why are we offering only 40 million for Saha and haggling over every last penny regarding Teirnay ?

      1. Dan, I think the right question is why are we wasting time pursuing Tierney, Saliba and Zaha if we have only £45m to spend? And don’t forget, we have already signed Martinelli for £6m. So Kavel Solhekol may be right that we have more than 45m to spend.

      2. Every club tried to pay as little as possible,look at man city under pep, they refuse to enter in any bidding wars, they’ve walked away from prime targets a few times now other clubs know it and don’t try to haggle with them contrary to utd who now have to pay way over the fees, city are walking away from Maguire utd have been quoted 90M by Leicester, that’s crazy!

  10. Good advice from Dan; don’t stress out until the announcement a player has signed is officially made by Arsenal.

    1. This is pay back time for arsenal gone are those days we sell players for more profit now is time to invest back the money we gain then

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