‘Here-we-go confirmed’ – Arsenal deal done with medical scheduled for this afternoon

Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that Arsenal have agreed a deal with Bologna to sign Takehiro Tomiyasu, and have scheduled him in for his medical this afternoon.

The 22 year-old is a versatile defender who is comfortable playing at either centre-back or at right-back, and is now expected to complete his move to the Emirates today.

We are expected to pay a 20 Million euro fee to the Serie A side according to the Guardian, with a potential 3 million euros extra in bonuses if certain criteria is met.

Fabrizio Romano added that the medical is scheduled for this afternoon, crediting David Ornstein as the first to hear news on the player’s potential move.

The defender has been linked with Tottenham in recent weeks, with our North London rivals claimed to have made him a ‘long-term summer target’ according to Football London‘s Alasdair Gold, but we have clearly beaten our rivals to the punch here.

Does beating Spurs to one of their targets make it that bit sweeter?


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  1. “The defender has been linked with Tottenham in recent weeks, with our North London rivals claimed to have made him a ‘long-term summer target’ according to Football London‘s Alasdair Gold, but we have clearly beaten our rivals to the punch here”

    No, they chose another player…we beat nobody, don’t you watch our games haha?

    1. white and chamber can play as cdm
      mybe arteta will play them as cdm to fill partey injury and xhaka red card

        1. I totally agree with you. Putting Chamber as CDM is as good as committing suicide. Only the daft Arteta cannot see this. Chambers is at fault for the goals we conceded during Brentford and City games. It was so easy for opponents to score when Chambers is defending.

  2. As far Arteta still remains the manager is of no use,,, there’s no point to prove even Arsenal should sign all the best players in the world,,, Arteta is not good at let alone being good for Arsenal….

  3. With this signing am having a feeling Arteta is about to switch to a back 3 defense for the season. Am not saying it’s not good infact if it will bring a kind of defensive shutout am on for it.

    1. That would explain the decision to keep AMN as well. He is a better wing back option than Chambers or Cedric.

  4. Another Callum Chambers. And after the Romano tweet it looks like our business concluded for this window.

  5. I don’t know much about Takehiro Tomiyasu so I’m not going to comment on him personally. I just wish him all the luck in the world and welcome him to the Arsenal family! 🙂

    I’m pretty sure this will be it going forwards now, as far as incoming players go. So we have White, Lokonga, Odegaard, Tavares, Ramsdale and Tomiyasu. I’m not not sure about any of you but I’m personally not that over excited with our summer transfers. It looks like MA was given £150m to spend, and that’s exactly what he did. He spent every last drop of it on youth.

    When you consider that we are heading south towards the Championship league faster than a bullet train, you would think the club would stop piling pressure on unproven players. You would think Arsenal as a club would at least look for some proven battle hardened players who can contribute from the get go!?

    With all the names we were being linked with (Aouar, Sanches, Aarons, Dembele and Trippier etc.) It makes you realise we were never in for them anyway. The usual smokescreen I guess. I was just hoping that the club had finally seen the errors of its ways and began to go with instant fixes and opposed to, “more of the same”. But then, who wants to come to Arsenal anyway? Bottom of the EPL and a squad in turmoil and confusion!

    1. My personal doubts is Xhaka 4yrs contract ,should have been given 1yr or let him go out.

      Odegaard is overrated shouldn’t consider him. This fee should be diverted earlier for Buendia.

      Takehiro is like Alexander Hleb he is good at footwork, tackling and plays 2,4,3,.

    2. Aouar is overated. He is not that great. He can’t solve our problem. He is not even as good as samri or Ozil. He will another waste of money.

    1. you don’t have attacking midfielders that can scare opponent’s defense then you won’t see goals, and the opponents will still score goals against you as even the best defense still concede

    2. John, Glasgow Celtic have sold Edouard and have bought Georgios Giakoumakis, Greek international CF for £2,5 million from relegated VVV Venlo. Despite his club being relegated, the 26yo, 1.88m (6’2″) CF scored 26 goals in 30 games to be the Eredivisie top scorer last season.
      Maybe Edu should have checked him out from his jetski in Majorca. When Celtic sell him what will he be worth?

    1. Agreed , however they probably have missed at least 12 transfer windows or more….and One transfer window can NOT fix 6 years plus or more of the opposite. So not only is this on the so called owners, but have to look at Edu, Sven, Venky and others who do Incomings but more importantly out goings it is an embarrassment, but when you won’t pay top dollar for Top people you get mediocrity and mistakes caused by lack of experience. We have kept players way past their time, havnt capitalized on getting rid of people who have gone off the boil, who don’t want to be here,who aren’t good enough, who just don’t run hard and give there all for the team all over the pitch, who just aren’t the quality and it is clear for the blind to see. Until you get rid of cancer, the new heart can’t begin, and I don’t believe this lays at Arteta,s feet, kronkes wanted to go on the cheap…because winning isn’t important to them, their sports franchise’s they own never win, they just siphon the money. This model of young and build to sustain is saying we are cheap, and who cares if we go to the Championship. THE TRUE ARSENAL FANS UNDERSTAND WHERE THIS ROT AND DECAY AND DESTRUCTION BLAME LAY..DIRECTLY AT THE OWNERS WHO HAVE DESTROYED US.

  6. Tottenham were interested in him but ended up looking at other players,as PJ-SA wrote,we didn’t beat the Spuds for his signing and as much it hurts to say this they bought s much younger,better player from Barca for way less,I swear you could be forgiven for thinking that MA as a player was at RM and not Barca,RM sold us MØ to fund their deal for Eduardo Cavaminga with few millions to spare.

    1. ” they bought s much younger,better player from Barca for way less”

      Both players are 22… Takehiro Tomiyasu cost 23M Euros while Royal cost 30M euros.. Royal has been loaned out for the past 2 season because and now sold because Barc doesnt think much of him..

      but but but..why let facts get in the way

  7. Maybe one of the signings that ends up being a huge signing. Lets see…

    I know as much as he is strong, athletic and combative in tackling. I see he is comfortable playing a cross field pass out to left wing though I don’t expect to see this from him so soon.

    Most impressively is he looks so mature he doesn’tplay like a 22 year old.

    I think you could flip a coin on this or Royal yet Royal appears to prefer Spurs according to some reports in sections of the media.

    All I know is Barca didn’t want Bellerin and some cash so we sell to Betis and buy Tomiyasu.

    Royal might be a bit more raw and enjoy venturing forward, a definite upgrade to the inconsistent Aurier But Tomiyasu I feel surprise a far few people

  8. Arteta and technical bench,you need to do something greater than that,by winning games ,not only spending

  9. So! How is swapping him for Bellerin going to sort out our central defence, midfield and striker problems. Another signing that i dont get! If we had sorted our problems out, i would understand but i dont. Underwhelming again!

    1. so true Reggie, I’m going to resist from saying too much until the window is officially closed and all the dust has settled, but the very notion that we once again shelled out more funds on defenders is so mindboggling…I wouldn’t be surprised if this player ended up at RCB and our 50M purchase played out wide, like he did on numerous occasions for Brighton…for all those fans who kept reminded us about how Arteta had shored up the defence last season, maybe they could now explain why we’ve spent over a 100M on 2 defenders and a backup Keeper…of course, I’m not slagging our most recent addition from Serie A, as he seems to be a decent player, but he’s also a tweener, like White, yet we didn’t give Mavro and Saliba a shot and use those finances to address our most pressing needs…what a friggin circus

      1. We are the biggest, yes biggest spenders in the prem this summer. What have we improved? Massive expectation should be expected from this team, with that amount of expenditure but for me again we haven’t addressed the real problems. I dont look at our team and think GREAT we are ready to compete but that is also down to the way we play as well.

    2. Reggie, Takehiro is 6’2″tall, a full Japanese international and plays both CB and RB, so compared to Ben White is a bargain. Also he has played for Bologna in Italy, so is not coming straight from Japan.

  10. Tomiyasu is a solid defender who ticks most of the boxes in that he is quick, good in the air and has sound positional sense. On the few occasions I have seen him he has played at RB but at 6’2″ he has the physical presence to look after himself at CB .As a RB he is stronger defensively than in attack but that is precisely what we need at present, a defender, who can defend.I hope the young man has a long and successful career with Arsenal.


  12. Not sure if we should celebrate this signing or not? Just been watching SSN and Kaveh Solhekol has just said the following on Sky Sports (i have quoted word for word), ”….Tomiyasu’s agent confirmed that player was OFFERED TO MOST clubs in the PL. He’s a good player but the problem is he’s NOT REALLY a right back NOR is he a central defender. I’m not sure how he will get on at Arsenal.”

    Wow, just wow!!! If this is the case (and I have no reason to disbelieve Kaveh Solhekol), then what the hell are we doing signing this player??? If anyone needs proof that what i’ve quoted above is true, then it was said at 5.31pm – so if anyones been watching it, pls rewind back to that time and see for yourself…..

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. I just love Arsenal fans.Nothing can satisfy you guys. Always needing a reason to moan.

    2. Ricardo, Takehiro has been playing for Bologna in Italy and is a full Japanese international at both CB and RB. He is no mug, so don’t write him off yet.

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