Here’s one TOP player who will NOT be leaving Arsenal

Hopefully times have totally changed for arsenal and the long suffering Arsenal fans will no longer have to se our best players like Fabregas, Nasri and the little boy inside Robin van Persie abandon north London for what looks like greener grass elsewhere.

The money situation at the club is certainly a lot better and with back to back FA cup wins in the last few years along with some decent spending in the transfer market, the players should not have4 the same worries about never winning anything.

Having said all that, even the money Arsene Wenger spent in recent years bringing in the likes of Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Granit Xhaka and Shkodran Mustafi looks paltry compared to the cash being splashed by rival clubs like Manchester United and Man City.

And if we do not keep up the current form and mount a decent title challenge, the expensive and most highly rated players at our club might start to look elsewhere. Not everything boils down to money though, and it appears that a lot of the Arsenal stars feel like they owe the manager something.

One of these is our great defender and key player Laurent Koscielny, who Wenger plucked from relative obscurity and helped to make one of the very best around, so The Mirror has reported our centre back declaring his deep gratitude and the sense that he needs to repay that faith.

Koscielny said, “He was the man who gave me the chance to move to a big club.

“He took the risk of buying me in a small club, and make me grow as a player and man.

“He managed his best I think I try to prove that he was right to trust me.

“I want to give him back that, but I’m not the only example, there have been many. He did a great job during his years at Arsenal.”

So it looks like at least one of the key players has no intention of leaving Arsenal, but will we be able to keep all of them?


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  1. in the end nasri,fabregas even robin would still be playing at their best or close to, had they stayed with us but we know what happened however where are they trading their skills now?nasri on loan with sevilla,fabregas is warming the bench on the wrong side of the city,robin is in the turkish league:)short terms they made the right move but long terms they might have one or two regrets i think koss knows better!!

    1. They all won league titles by leaving Arsenal. It is sad to have to admit that they would not have achieved as much if they had stayed at Arsenal under an ageing and outdated Wenger.
      (PS May I qualify my comments about ageing. I do not mean biological ageing – just look at Ferguson still winning titles when far older than Wenger – in Wenger’s case I am referring to the deterioration in his skills as a manager.)

      1. Lol, and if they had stayed? If you were being sincere in your assessments, you’d realise that in the years RVP and Fabregas won titles at Chelski and Man. U, they were key players leading the goals and assists charts in those respective seasons, if they had chosen to keep faith with the man who kept faith in them, perhaps their efforts might have won us a couple of titles. Would Ferguson have kept RVP fir six injury ravaged years, getting paid? Did Bayern not come knocking for Koscielny? What do you think would have happened if he actually wanted the move, you honestly think he wouldn’t have got it? He must be an idiot for choosing to stay according to you, innit?

      2. Given a choice of being a legend/fan favorite for a club and winning 3 more trophies.. What would you choose?

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