‘He’s a liability’ – Campbell reiterates criticism of Granit Xhaka

Kevin Campbell claims that he previously called for Granit Xhaka never to play for Arsenal again, and reiterates his belief that he is ‘a liability’.

The midfielder got himself sent off against Manchester City yesterday with our side already 2-0 down at the time, all-but sealing our fate as losers, although you could argue that the game was already lost, there was at least hope before the red card.

The Swiss international was penalised with a straight-red for a two-footed tackle in the 35th minute, shortly after our side had managed to get a foothold on the game, but it wasn’t long after before we found ourselves three behind.

Xhaka’s removal definitely ended any hopes of rescuing a respectable result this week, but this isn’t the first time that he has come under intense scrutiny, with one incident prior seeing the 28 year-old unleash abuse towards the fans, which resulted in him being stripped as club captain.

Some called for the midfielder never to play for the club ever again after the previous incident, and Campbell insists he was amongst that contingent.

“I am one of them, I was one of them,” Campbell told Sky Sports listeners(via the Express).

“I was one of the people who said he shouldn’t play for Arsenal again.

“I know there’s been a meltdown in the Arsenal fanbase because the club re-signed him.

“Now, wanting to upgrade is what every fan wants.

“And when stuff like that happens yesterday, getting sent off in what was going to be a difficult game anyway, he’s a liability.”

Could our failure to offload Granit prove detrimental to our season?


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  1. Probably.
    I’ve been an ardent advocate for the sale of Xhaka. Always insisting we need an upgrade.
    But then, right among the fanbase (even in here), we found those that were clamouring for him not to be sold. Claiming no other player in the market is as ‘good’.

    Now we are stuck with him. Another of those that form a vicious cycle of terrible decisions at the club.

  2. Not sure why some think Xhaka will change.

    The silly red cards, side and back passing surely outweigh the positives he brings.

    As for the “leadership” he brings,

    Nothing like getting sent off with a foolish red card when the team desperately needs a leader when getting hammered on the pitch.

    Cringing at several more years of this.

  3. Hmmmn! Arsenal will never learn. Since he came to Arsenal, we have been declining steadily! Instead of looking for an upgrade, we ended up remaining stagnant by offering him contract extension!. We’ve started seeing the result!

  4. Obviously Arteta and Edu have realised that Xhaka is better than, Gilberto, Petit and Viera. “Trust the Process”. The plan is Xhaka deliberately gets us to lose the first 6 games, then a new Xhaka will arise and we will win every game. Cunning plan. Same with Cedric, Kolasinac, Mari, Chambers and Holding. They are pretending to be useless but after we lose or draw the first 6 – 10 games they will shock everybody and be unbeatably good. We don’t need Mbappe or Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo…..we have XHAKA.

  5. Horror………spuds are 1st in the league……and arsenal are last in the league……..goal difference is 12 between the two clubs…….lucky I don’t live in London………!!!!!!!……………how many first class players do arsenal really have…………?

    1. @Jakes Mradu
      We have many first class players. What we do not have is a coach who knows what he is doing.
      I notice all those who were very vocal in their support for Arteta have kept very quiet. They thought they knew it all but know nothing. It was clear this novice was completely out of his depth last season but they thought otherwise. You are right to feel embarrassed

      1. I have kept quiet Phil because due to unforeseen circumstances I was both unable to watch or listen to the game. I had the misfortune to see the highlights of a beating and a gormless and a dangerous sending off foul, on MOTD. The first goal was poor and the second goal so soon after the first sealed it for MC (from what I could tell)
        I offer no excuse. The obvious and relevant ones have been mentioned before and they are genuine. However, the arm waving by some players was reminiscent of the dying embers of the Emery tenure and unedifying too. This does not bode well for Arteta and unless those returning from illness and injury can pull a rabbit out of the hat, then MA is in a spot of bother. I had hoped that he would grow into the job, but that is looking less likely now. Sean Dyche must be rubbing his hands in anticipation – taking on another Arsenal squad whose mentality is fragile.
        I did read your point in an earlier post that Arsenal is a big club that can attract the best. This is true but one that is in danger of being destroyed by an ownership that allowed mediocrity to flourish and that will reduce the interest of the best or most innovative managers.
        I’m sure I’ve been accused of accepting mediocrity. I don’t, but to use a word often used by Jon Fox, I am a realist, insofar as you and I cannot vote Kroenke out. It’s his club

  6. Xhaka has been a liability in the Gunners squad for to long.
    Why the sale to Roma was not completed at the price they wanted to pay is beyond me, the 15 to 17 million plus the saving in wages could have gone some way towards bringing in a player who is not a liability to the team.
    Could someone try and convince Jose Moriño its not to late

  7. When all is said and done, MA is at fault! He wanted him to stay. Even though he knew his previous record. His brain fart moments that cost us big time and time again. Why is he still at Arsenal? Because MA is obviously building a team that Xhaka is at the heart of. How is that for a manager!?

  8. Arteta you can only fool you bosses but not the supporters. Your bosses know nothing about soccer. We the supporters want results now. We can’t wait for the “Process “. Get rid of Xhaka, Chambers, Holding, Mari and Cedric. And then you and Edu please resign.

  9. Instead of signing Bisssouma they resigned Xhaka and they loaned out saliba,bought white and retained mari,holding and Chambers, phew 😅

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