“He’s a manager who pays great attention to detail” Ryan discusses working with Arteta

Mat Ryan joined Arsenal in the last transfer window and the Australian has been impressed by the management of Mikel Arteta.

He joined the Gunners on loan for the rest of the season and played his first game for the club in their match against Aston Villa as Bernd Leno was suspended.

That appearance shows that he is now ahead of Alex Runarsson in the pecking order at the Emirates.

Ryan is an Arsenal fan and is now living his dream by playing for his boyhood club.

He is being managed by a former Arsenal player, Arteta, and says the Spaniard has left an impression on him.

He claimed that Arteta is a fine manager who pays attention to detail and had a good hold of the entire squad.

Arteta knows exactly what he wants from every player and in their team meetings he brings his ideas to life very plainly.

This has made the Brighton loanee admit that he is now in a winning environment.

“He’s really impressed me since coming in,” said Ryan to the World Game

“The sense I get is that he’s been able to exert more of an effect on the team by perhaps cleaning out some of the players who didn’t quite buy in to what he was trying to accomplish,” he said.

“He’s a manager who pays great attention to detail … you see that with the team meetings every day, where he goes over everything with a fine tooth comb.

“He makes it clear what’s expected of each player in every aspect of the game.

“It’s all about instilling a winning mentality and everyone is buying Into that. I really feel like I’m thriving in this environment.”

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    1. A pathetically biased and plain daft opinion! That you need to use laughing emojis to laugh at you own so called “clever” comment is childish ! Grow up sonny and see what A DIAMOND W HAVE IN MA.

      Though you aretoo young to know this, sonny, is is widely accepted throughout the whole football world that ALL top managers have great attention to detail.

  1. Arsenal fans are never satisfied!!!!
    AW was hounded because he, apparently, didn’t do any homework on the opponents, but just told the players to play to their ability.
    MA is being criticised by fans for being too clinical in his details!!!!

    Looks like Ryan could be with us for quite a while.

  2. This guy is a brown-noser who will never say a bad or truthful word about anything Arsenal-related…he’s been here for a cup of coffee, yet what he’s saying runs counter to what we’ve heard from some of the younger players who’ve been here much longer…large grain of salt scenario for me

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