“He’s been far too anonymous this year as a player” Cascarino savages Arsenal star

Tony Cascarino claims he didn’t even know Arsenal had substituted on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in their 1-0 loss to Aston Villa, because of how ineffective he was.

The Arsenal captain earned a new big-money contract at the start of this season, but his performances have tailed off since then.

He was one player that the club could rely on for goals even if he came off the bench. But now, even when he starts games he makes very little impact.

The striker came on for Alexandre Lacazette in the loss to Villa alongside Willian, but they could do nothing to change the scoreline.

Cascarino says Arteta cannot afford to have those two experienced players in his team if they cannot deliver the goods.

He went on to slam Aubameyang for his anonymous displays and say he didn’t even know the striker had been brought on in the game.

‘Arsenal got frustrated,’ Cascarino said on talkSPORT about the 1-0 defeat as quoted by Mail Sport

‘The biggest disappointment for Arsenal is when you see two players that come on, who have been quality… Willian was poor, he kept giving away the ball, and Aubameyang.

‘These are two top-quality players who have done a hell of a lot in football that came on and made no impact at all.

‘Aubameyang, I didn’t even know he’d really come on. He’s been far too anonymous this year as a player because he is a player that Mikel Arteta can’t afford for him not to change games and make things happen.’

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  1. That’s some real investigative reporting Tony…instead of trying to figure out how we can run the purest goal-scoring threat we’ve had since RVP, which includes Sanchez, why don’t we take a closer look at how our largely anemic offensive tactics have provided him with little to no service throughout much of the season…someone who plays primarily out wide requires the help of others to produce, especially when our main plan of attack appears to be simply bombarding opposing boxes with a myriad of nonsensical crosses…anyone who’s watched this dynamic player ply his trade since his arrival at Dortmund understands that you need to employ some directness in your attack if you want to get the best of this goal-scoring machine…minus a handful of games, even the mighty Renaldo would have struggled with our defence-first, sideways passing, slow-moving borefest…we have much bigger fish to fry so let’s stop attacking Auba simply because of his wages and put some pressure on Arteta to loosen the reigns a bit

    1. Can agree with you on this RVL.
      When MA decided to select a team with no creative player at the start of the season, it was obvious that Aubemeyang was going to suffer.
      He is not a Henry type of forward, who could make his own chances from midfield as TH did, he needs “feeding”.

      Only when MA was forced, through injuries and covid, to select ESR, did the chances start to begin – as witnessed by Lacs return to goalscoring form.

      It was unfortunate that a dip in Aubameyang’s own form and his personal family situation has not allowed him to benefit from ESR etc, but I hope this changes if MA selects him.
      Also the loan signing of our Norwegian lad will, hopefully, see even more opportunities for Auba.
      To be honest though, Cascarenho does have a point, as he was a ghost like figure when he came on, but for the reasons above… in my opinion.

  2. For all that he’s done for the club, he can F up this entire season and get away with it. And I wouldn’t like him one smidge less than before.

    But come next season and he still sucks, I think it’s time for the Ozil treatment.

    Literally every player over 30 that starts Oziling up the place should be treated the same way that German was in 2020/2021.

    Don’t see a better way of getting rid of players that become deadwood.

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