He’s coming home! Torreira flying to London for Arsenal medical

England are through to the World Cup semi-final but Arsenal fans are all glad that Uruguay have been knocked out and are now leaving Moscow. Most of the team are flying to Montevideo for the homecoming celebrations, but the Uruguayan Federation have confirmed that Torreira will not be on the plane.

Lucas himself was again asked why he didn’t have his Arsenal medical while he was in Russia and the midfielder replied: “Yes, we could have done things differently, but I did not want to think about other things,”

“The World Cup is important and being part of this squad meant a lot to me.

“But now I have more time my future will be very clear.

“The important thing is that I’m happy to have been part of this squad and this World Cup, so I thank all the people who accompanied us.”

Meanwhle a freind of Lucas has tweeted that he is on his way to Arsenal…..

This translates as… “Good friends of the Arsenal get ready. Because Lucas Torreira travels to London for his medical check-up and contract. It is scheduled to arrive in Uruguay on Thursday. In other words, to England the arrival will be imminent to be attentive. I hug all gunners and trolls.”

So, now we know! Torreira will be a Gunner by Thursday if he intends to fly back home for his holiday on that day. No more waiting!



  1. LUCKYVILLE says:

    Read about players being stunned about the intensity of Emery’s training, now that’s what I think these players need, they have always been regarded as a soft touch under Wenger… I remember Troy Deeney accusing us of lacking cojones, but it seems all these are gonna change now under the new regime… Better times ahead and now is the time for the Arsenal fans to be happy again.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Emery has restricted mobile phone use during meal times at the training ground to encourage more interaction between team-mates.
      main youth teams now eat at the same time as the first team at London Colney to promote integration between the players.
      Emery’s training sessions have been focused on more work with the ball, rather than the fitness drills which were common under Wenger in pre-season..

      So yea, exciting times ahead

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:


        “If I were in his place, I would say: ‘Thank you, but that’s enough,’”
        “He’s bent, disappointed and offended, yes, offended, his own fans booed him before the World Cup at the international in Austria and he cannot understand why.
        “He doesn’t always have to defend himself. He’s played in the national team for nine years … and became a world champion.
        “It’s always said that if we win, we win together, but if we lose, we lose because of Ozil.
        “He’s booed and put up as a scapegoat – I completely understand that he is offended.
        “Mesut’s been an example for years. The situation is absurd – he loves Germany and has shown commitment to his country, that he’s presented as a scapegoat is so unfair.”
        “It wasn’t the first photo of Mesut with Erdogan, I knew it wasn’t a political statement from him or anything like that.
        “He had it taken out of politeness. Mesut is a reserved person, almost shy, how could he have turned down a photo if a man like Erdogan asks him?
        “Mesut is an athlete who wants to play football and has nothing to do with politics, which is why he did not think anything about the picture.”.-
        Ozil’s father

        I gotta admit it’s enough and sickening, the treatment he gets. He’s not responsible for Germany’s woes for fvck’s sake!!
        I’m sure our fans will also pile theirs on him when he returns to the club

        1. Phil says:

          Eddie-I will continue to state that Mesut Ozil is our BEST PLAYER.How some supporters are only able to attack him is beyond me.And now the Krauts are at it too.And over a player who they voted National Footballer of the year FIVE years out of the last SEVEN.
          So many say we are stuck with this player because nobody will pay the wages he gets since signing his new contract.Firstly I believe this is good.It takes away all speculation that may have arisen and allows the player to focus.Secondly there are plenty of Non-Euro clubs who would double those wages to get him to China.Even Sanchez did not sell himself that cheaply.
          FFS just get off his back. The new Management team without a doubt recognised that players such as Giroud and Walcott were NEVER going to allow Ozil to do his job.Giroud just TOO static and Walcott just TOO useless.Not exactly broke goal scoring records at Chelski and Everton since their moves but if Wenger had had his way they would both still be at Arsenal.
          By signing Aubamayang we now have that pace and movement Ozil needs.With Lacazette and Auba we could just have the best two strikers in the League with Ozil on top of his game.And Torreira will give Ozil Midfield cover and protection that Wenger decided just wasn’t required in modern day football(and people still wonder why he was SACKED).
          Emery is not stupid.He knows what Ozil can do.He will do whatever is required to ensure Ozil gets on the ball in the areas he can exploit.He will NOT have him chasing back 70 yards because if we are set up correctly and become disciplined defensively Ozil won’t need to do this.
          Football isn’t rocket science.Now that NUTCASE FRENCHMAN (who is STILL UNEMPLOYED) is gone we should be seeing the best from Ozil with a manager setting the team up to allow him CREATE.

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Phil it’s amazing how every season we find a scape goat…for years it’s been Giroud, Ramsey, Walcott and it’s been Iwobi last season.. This is gon be Ozil’s season to take all the blame by the look of it.
            Our fans will always pick a player to blame for the failures of the season

          2. jon fox says:

            Hi Phil, Just arrived back from holiday where I managed to escape all world cup games, though not the constant updates from my “beloved” family and friends, who all think I am a weirdo! I agree with them but not for the same reason they all give( my avoiding WC games). I have to say that now Russia are out, I am reconsidering wartching from now onwards, as I have nothing against any other parcipitating countries. Great to see you personally are still on fine form , as ever calling a spade a spade, which I wholeheartedly endorse, though I am less sold on Ozils brilliance than you are; if only it were more regularly shown! But like you and virtually all others on here, perhaps not Ken and Pires, I still wake each morning and am thrilled to think we now have a real, hungry, ambitious manager who will drive our players, and not make constant ludicrous excuses for them when they don’t work hard. And one who cares about defence, something Wenger has never shown the slightest interest in over the last 11 years. This is the reason I don’t see Ozil staying long term UNLESS he starts busting a gut for the team week in, week out. Great teams defend all over the pitch when necessary, so I don’t see Ozil (or any player) escaping this work under Emery. Talent is not in any doubt but his character is. Up to him now; work hard OR ELSE, I believe. Though when compared to Walcott, who is the laziest and weediest player I have ever seen at Arsenal, Ozil works like a navvy.

          3. Phil says:

            Welcome back JF and I trust you wore your MERCI ARSENE T-Shirt wherever you went just as Ken 1945 did.I do hear he had been deported from Canada and forbidden EVER to return for crimes against public indecency for wearing his Shirt but knowing Ken he will have written a very thoughtful and meaningful letter to the Canadian Government reminding them of their own French heritage and why Monsier Wenger will most likely become the next Prime Minister of Canada due to having had no job offers since his SACKING from Arsenal.
            So we disagree again on Ozil and I find it difficult to argue against all his detractors when workrate and commitment are given as solid evidence against him.But this should never cloud the fact that we have on our books one of the best Playmakers in world football at our Club.Im convinced Emery will set up the team to maximise the obvious talent of the player and to me of this means his workrate is finding space and creating goal scoring chances then I’m more than happy with this.
            It’s going to be a very interesting season and I’m sure all the supporters are chomping at the bit for the first game.
            I personally cannot wait and I’m not sure I have been this enthusiastic for a number of seasons.

          4. jon fox says:

            Glad to be back with my friends on here Phil and I guess you will not be surprised to know I did NOT wear a Merci Arsene shirt; perhaps an “I note you are still unemployed and am not at all surprised” shirt might make its debut on my “stunning” body any day now, though! I do agree that Emery will get far more from all our players , Ozil included, than Wenger ever did, for the simple reason that Emery will not settle for, OR ALLOW, the couldn’t care less attitude that was so rife throughout much of our squad under WENGER. Interesting times directly ahead, as you rightfully say!

    2. snowden says:

      Luckville. Where did you read this?

    3. Naija Jollof says:

      We all knew his deal was done subject to passing his medical. Kev reported this news weeks ago. I’m glad we finally got our man.

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    ‘Hugs all trolls’

    I am honoured

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    England vs France Final will have heaps of marketing and commercial value

    Football coming home!!!!

  4. Darwin says:

    OK. Good to know this. Welcome boy. See you in an Arsenal jersey soon.

    So BBC got it right with their reporting of Torreira, waiting for Sky on their accuracy on N’Zonzi.

  5. cosmas Dana says:

    I think Unai s doing good business at arsenal so far
    Bravo Emery
    Welcome Lucas feel at London

  6. John Legend says:

    I can’t wait for that transfer in particular. A proper DM at last.

    1. Steve says:

      I think we need 2 proper DMs this transfer windows. I hate to think what injuries can do to our season with only one DM

      1. Kumagaya says:

        It is my humble hooe that injuries went with Wemger. By yhe way has anyone have an idea if that stoooge called bould is still around. I hope Kimg Hemry Belgium at WC perfom well and he can be snapped by Arsenal

  7. All the world know that Torreira is an arsenal player

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I have a feeling some Trolls must have been trying to hurt the deal with stupid comments before and during the world cup. I read from a couple of Tott fans saying how sick they were with Arsenal getting Torriera to upgrade on Xhaka while they’re losing Dembelle and signing Jack Grealish.

  9. Sue says:

    I can’t wait till it’s official!!! Come on!!

  10. Russell says:

    King Torreira Is Ours Go Gunners Watchout

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