‘He’s gone’ TV pundit claims of key Arsenal star

Rio Ferdinand has claimed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has made his decision to quit Arsenal this summer, claiming ‘he’s gone’.

The striker scored both goals in firing the club to win the FA Cup yesterday evening, earning ourselves entry into the Europa League in the process, but with only 12 months remaining on his contract, the players future has remained up in the air.

His future was brought up after the final whistle, and Rio Ferdinand claims that Aubameyang’s reaction tells him that the striker is ready to leave.

“I think he’s [Aubameyang] gone from that reaction. He’s already decided,” Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“I’m going to enjoy this with my team-mates” – he sounds like someone who is going elsewhere.

“Arsenal need to do all they can to keep him. He was unbelievable. But the Arsenal fans adore him. Is he going to find that elsewhere in his career?

“I feel there have definitely been negotiations or he’s already decided I’m going to go.

“I’m going to enjoy this moment with my team-mates and I don’t want to talk about my future.

“From my own perspective if I’m committed to the club and I know I’m staying this is a moment for me to say I’m going to sort it out it’s not done yet but I will try and get it sorted out here guys.”

Arsenal will hopefully turn our attentions to persuading our key man to sign, but if his mind is already made up then there may be nothing that can be done.

Could there still be a chance to salvage PEA’s stay?


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  1. Well, when you get asked the same questions by reporters week in week out after saying numerous times that they are in talks it gets boring for any player.
    He was right to say no, only trophy and leaves the interview.
    Talks are obviously happening between him and the club so let them do what they need to do to convince him to stay and put pen to paper

  2. SO MANY DIFFERING ANGLES ARTICLE ON HERE ABOUT HIS STAYING OR LEAVING. Whatever is flavour of the moment appears and there seems to be no joined up thinking between the in house writers on this matter. We have had every angle under the sun covered, so I tend to ignore all of them and just wait and see. You who run JA know no more than any other Gooner about what Auba will decide. SO WHY THIS CONSTANT SPECULATION , PLEASE?

  3. Iv read all depends on what transfer plans we have in store… if it suits his ambition of challenging then he may sign. Hes captain, Top goal scorer and worth every penny if we do get him to resign.

    We need to make a statement signing in my opinion to convince Auba we are serious! Cabellos permanently along with Partey. Saliba already there and sell or swap deals Miki, Chambers, Papa, Elneny, Ozil & Guendouzi.

    Apparently he wants Dembele from Barca but hes injured now and quite alot of the time, so a no for me unless we can snap him up on the cheap at the last minute.

    Going to be interesting but we cannot like for like replace Auba so please Arsenal board get on the ball and get this done asap.

  4. I respect Ferdinand but he’s only making a claim based on what we all saw was completely inconclusive. Auba will wait until he sees the club make some positive moves to convince him otherwise. He is only doing what he should be doing. I do get a nagging feeling though we’re in for one of those transfer windows (again). Where we all monitor Arsenal rumours on a constant basis, only to be deflated by the news that a particular player has signed for another club (usually, a rival).

    They say, “no player is bigger than the club”, and that is true. But, if we lose Auba because of a lack of ambitious transfer activity, we might as well assume that statement is wrong. Because without Auba, we would have finished much lower in the league and not in Europe at all. The value of that is probably worth his wages for the next year alone!?

    Anyway, we’ve been here before my friends. Do your selves a favour and try to have an active life away from the screens for a few weeks. Because It’s likely to be a disappointing transfer window if recent history is anything to go by!

  5. Rio is over jealous, want to see him going what so ever happened arsenal will still come good for now let’s enjoy the moment of happiness for winning the trophy 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆14 and counting London is red

  6. Why is Rio ignoring what MA said?

    Look at reaction of all the players and MA after the game…is that the reaction of someone who is about to leave the club?

    Only Auba knows what he has is going to do, but Mikel has, to date, never led the fans astray and he is with him every single day.

    As GunneRay says, chill out, bask in the glory of Saturday’s win over the chavs, keep our fingers crossed and just wait….

  7. Can someone please tell Mr “Rio de janeiro” to please shut up and sit the eff down? What effrontery and cockiness to pass such a comment on live TV as if he lives with Aubameyang and can predict with so much confidence what he’ll do. If he had said he thought, would have been a different thing. You only needed to watch Arteta’s post match Interview. I don’t think if Arteta wasn’t confident, he would have responded that way. I mean he said he’s positive Aubameyang will sign especially after winning the trophy and qualifying for Europe. They’re just crossing a few T’s and dotting a few I’s is all.

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