“He’s got the capability of killing it” Ian Wright weighs in on Aubameyang situation

Ian Wright wants Mikel Arteta to sort out the ongoing problem between him and his star man, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The striker has been stripped of the Arsenal captaincy after a recent disciplinary breach.

Arteta is refusing to comment on the development and ignored questions about it after the Gunners’ 2-0 win against West Ham yesterday.

However, Wright believes he cannot continue to dismiss the question and at some point, he needs to settle with the attacker and move on from the episode.

‘He’s just not entertaining anything to do with Aubameyang and I totally understand when he says he just wants to concentrate on what happened today and he doesn’t want to talk about it,’ Wright told Premier League Productions via The Daily Mail.

‘But I don’t think you can continue to avoid it, especially in the way that it has come about. At some stage you’re going to have to quash it or talk about it.

‘He’s got the capability of killing it and saying, “Yeah, he’s in the plans and he’s an Arsenal player”, and he didn’t do it.

‘I was hoping for something like that because what you want now is everything’s done, Arsenal have won, they’ve played brilliantly, the boss has been vindicated for his decisions so just quash it so they can move on.’

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Arteta has given Auba more than enough chances to make the right decisions, but the striker never seems to change his ways.

You can hardly blame the Spaniard for not wanting to comment on the issue because the club has already made a decision and everyone knows about it.

Now is the time to focus on winning more matches with the team, and Auba has to work his way back into the reckoning.

Arsenal is already achieving positive results without him in the team, so he has a lot of work to do to win back a place in it.

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  1. No matter what people think or say of Auba…if he comes to the team and score a goal….we still going to shout GOAL!!!

    its not the first time its happening in football history and it wont be the last.

    Complements of the season.

  2. Needs to be left out of the next to games so hopefully it teaches him not to disrespect the club rules.

  3. ‘He’s got the capability of killing it and saying, “Yeah, he’s in the plans and he’s an Arsenal player”, and he didn’t do it

    Maybe the situation as not be resolved, I think the ball is in Auba court…. But who knows….

  4. This article is based on a falsehood(or a lie if you prefer plain English) . I both saw and heard MA say to a TV journo, that this matter r waqs now ended He stopped short of saying that Auba would or would not be picked for the next game. But that applies to all players in every game anyway.
    BUT he did say that the suspension was now the end of the matter and to my clear and logical thinking mind that means this one game suspension was the only game where AUBA WOULD BE SUSPENDED.
    Whether or not he is picked for the next game depends entirely onwhat MA thinks fit , but it is clear the suspension is now over.

    So THAT is the false premise on which this knowingly false article is based.
    I pray Auba never wears our shirt ever again, but that is merely my personal hope and nothing to do with the article.

  5. some fans here are making this auba issue look worse than it seems. he breached the rule and was punished by dropping him and taken away captaincy from him – case closed. if a particular captain can be so disrespectful to fans, insulted the club by throwing the captain arm barn on the ground and refused to appolgise to the club and fans and today the same player is still playing for the club and every body pretends nothing happened then, why making auba case look as if it’s from the moon? JA admin, publish it if you like. this is my opinion.

    1. You don’t wish death on a mans wife and cancer on his child and expect him to be calm and yea those arsenal fans who triggered xhaka needs to f**k off as for auba nobody triggered him just a plain nonchalant attitude on and off the pitch I Pray Arteta continues picking laca cos I know I prefer to watch him play than Auba who currently does nothing to help the team and the young players

  6. I think Auba will be leaving soon and the sooner Arsenal sell him, the better for both parties. There will certainly be suitors for Auba and Arsenal can focus on their plans to buy a new striker. In the meantime Laca is doing a fantastic job both as CF and as Captain and I do hope he signs a contract extension with Arsenal.

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