“He’s lost it. That’s the speech of a man on the brink” Fans mock Arteta after he gets mathematical

Mikel Arteta bizarrely took to statistics to try to defend Arsenal’s poor form in his Manchester City pre-match press conference.

Arsenal has now made their worst start to a season in over 40 years with their current form, and the Spaniard thinks that the efforts that his team is putting in are not being rewarded.

The Gunners have lost seven of their last ten games in the league and they are now moving down towards the relegation places instead of looking up at a top-four position.

He said, ahead of the Carabao Cup clash with Manchester City as quoted by Mail Sport: ‘Last year we won the game against Everton with a 25 per cent chance of winning, you win 3-2,’.

‘Last weekend, it was a 67 per cent chance of winning, any Premier League game in history, and a nine per cent chance of losing, and you lose.

‘Three per cent against Burnley and you lose, seven per cent against Spurs and you lose. There is something else apart from that. It is not just the performance on the pitch, it is something else that needs to go our way and at the moment it doesn’t.

‘Saying that, it doesn’t care because you lose and the only thing that cares is that you lose a football match and this is what we hear.’ 

Sky Sports posted the comments on their Twitter account and fans couldn’t help but mock the Spaniard for his ridiculous stats that makes no sense when the team isn’t bringing in the points.

Here are some reactions:

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  1. As long as the stats say we are one of the best teams in the league, why should we worry we aren’t getting any points. Mikel knows what hes doing, we are in good hands. Lets scrap gaining points the conventional way and just worry about meaningless stats that tell us b🙄ll🙄cks.

  2. He has failed in all those matches, no excuse arteta, arsenal to be relegated for the first time in the history, too shamful.

  3. I’m starting to panic now. Arteta was supposed to be the one to lead us back to glory. So far he’s reign seems worse of thann Emery’s. Maybe we were too harsh on Emery.

  4. Maybe arteta is well informed about all those stats and he has been getting rich by betting against arsenal in those matches where we were the absolute favorite?

  5. The memes are hilarious.. Our manager is now an embarrassment I got 12 % chance of becoming a billionaire but in reality of my bank balance shows I am living in an alternative reality. Please can we fire this man

  6. It’s just absurd. And have to agree. A clear indication of a manager who has lost it, and doesn’t even have a clue why.

  7. The club is too big for him, he already lost the dressing room. Just sack the man. Why wait for more loses to do that?.

  8. Of course this gibberish Arteta is spouting is utter nonsense, but somewhat understandable under the present circumstances…so how did we get to this desperate place…I would suggest that since the time of Wenger’s departure, and likely before, the inmates have largely run this asylum…Unai clearly experienced similar issues, but without the managerial title it was almost impossible to make the necessary changes to overhaul the increasingly toxic locker room…of course winning has a way of masking some of these festering issues, but as soon as our form dropped things went south incredibly quickly…by the time Unai was sent packing numerous stories about disgruntled players, sketchy transfer business, involving both club personnel and “super” agents, and a severely divided locker room were being openly discussed by media outlets and fans alike…it was clearly understood by Freddie, during his brief tenure, as he tried to make a statement with some of his team selections, but it just exasperated the situation when he failed to get the necessary results…so on the heels of all that, along comes Arteta…he clearly understood the gravity of the situation, which is why one of his first statements involved a “clean slate” initiative…although the results were mixed, many were willing to give him some time to right the ship…unfortunately, he became a victim of his own success, especially after getting some results against several upper echelon squads and winning the FA Cup…all of a sudden, talk of a rebuild took a backseat to thoughts of us being only a handful of moves, both in and out, away from competing for Champions League spots…short-sighted on the part of us fans for pushing that narrative, albeit understandable considering our “groundhog day” experiences since arriving at the Emirates,,,shame on this club for not being the responsible adults in the room and staying the long-term rebuild course…Partey, Gabriel and Saliba aside, all other off-season decisions were irresponsible and suggested they didn’t really have a cohesive long-term vision…they should have gotten rid of every single player that wasn’t part of the plans, assuming there was a plan, even if it meant having to absorb some financial losses…now they’re still paying for players that aren’t even playing, which has inflamed an already fragile situation…so this is the new Arsenal way, two steps forward, four steps backwards

  9. The sensible thing to do is to relieve Arteta of the pain he is experiencing. BUT, then again, this is the Arsenal. They have made us, the fans, endure pain for over a decade now. Arteta, sadly, will be with us inflicting pain for the foreseeable future. My fellow fans, for the safety of your own health, watch the games expecting the worst. Any different outcome will be a bonus.

  10. Can he tell us what are is chance that he will still be in charge of Arsenal in the second half of PL season?

  11. The biggest problem to Arsenal is Edu and no one seems to acknowledge that. His business side of things has affected the team structure. He focused mainly on Franco-Brazilian connections and they are failing us. He does not seem to be looking elsewhere for talent. Mediocrity is the order of the day. Of all the transfers, one player is stable (Gabriel). We released better players for these palookas remaining, lest I remind you that Arteta himself wasn’t the best of mid-field players we’ve had at Arsenal.

  12. Arteta cannot handle this team.He does not bring out the best in the players.
    I dont know what is happening with this team. We are having the worst season ever.
    Sad sad sad 😥

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