“He’s offering nothing” Pundit slams Havertz after poor performance

Kai Havertz was again anonymous as Arsenal drew 2-2 against Fulham in the Premier League today.

Mikel Arteta has defended the signing of the German who struggled at Chelsea, but the Gunners fans simply cannot understand why the club splashed out so much money to add him to the squad.

Havertz is expected to replace Granit Xhaka in the Arsenal midfield and he has some big shoes to fill after the Swiss star delivered terrific performances for the Gunners in his last season at the club.

However, three games into the new season, many still cannot understand what Havertz brings to the team.

After the game against Fulham, Talksport pundit and Arsenal fan Darren Bent said he does not know what the German does well.

He tweeted:

“I’ll always back players that play for your club, But Havertz isn’t working in this arsenal team, the Midfield has no balance and right now he’s offering nothing. Fair play to Fulham though.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is really hard to defend Havertz because he truly does not seem like a player who contributes to Arsenal’s performance.

The midfielder has to do better and must start influencing games, otherwise, he will be dropped from the team.

Dropping points at home against a ten-men Fulham is far from what we expected.

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  1. I think most Arsenal fans agree with Darren Bent. No one has anything against Havertz, but the guy just does not belong where he is, and he’s really not to blame for where he finds himself. He did not apply and get get accepted. We spent millions to get him here. The poor guy can’t be what he’s not.
    The question is why’s Arteta forcing him into the team? We have players in the academy who can do better than Havertz. We have players on the bench who can do better than Havertz. Why on earth are we subjected to this. This is total disrespect to the entire Arsenal organisation. What do we owe Arteta and Havertz?

    1. I totally agree. James Maddison was available for a smaller fee but Edu and Arteta saw some magic in this player which he now is unable to deliver.

      ESR and Trossard can do better. It’s shocking that Havertz was easily the worst performer on the pitch today and instead of replacing him, Arteta chose to replace Trossard who had a far better rating. Wonders shall never end.
      It’s even better to play Nwaneri or Skelly in that position if he doesn’t want ESR who has proven himself in the past.

      Even Vieira showed some better glimpses when he came on.
      Please Arteta, play Havertz from the bench. Right now there’s too much pressure on him to do better.

      We even had enough funds to buy Caicedo or Lavia.

  2. He pretty much offers us exactly what he offered Chelsea ,and this is coming from someone who as actually watched him play over the last few years not from 3 years ago where he had a good season in Germany .
    He might get a few goals and assists and will put in some good performances ,but a signing that was not needed and especially for that price IMO anyway .

    1. @Dan Kit… did we not have this conversation before and we were told that Stats mean nothing when we compared Havertz to ESR and Pepe or am I having a serious bout of deja vu?

      1. We did mate ,I mean he could turn out to be the next RVP but that’s highly doubtful .
        It seems the club have spent 67 million on some extra height .

        1. Thank gawd for that… I was gonna ask for another prescription because the pills wasn’t working🙃

  3. I’m gonna make a punt on this…

    Raya will play against Manure as someone has to take the blame for our poor form so far this season and it won’t be Havertz and it definitely won’t be MA.

    1. You very correct
      Thats how Arteta does

      Man City’s goal against us in the Community Shield, Tierney takes the blame for it.
      Suddenly he is not involved with the team anymore and is now finally sent out on loan.

      I said it recently, the day Trossard makes just one out of the nonsense mistakes Kai has been making u will see an evident punishment from Arteta on him

  4. It’s a good thing we are not created the same, intellect and all. Someone just rated Arsenal players and put Kiwoir below Havertz. Kiwior, 23 years old; 8 months in the EPL with limited minutes has given better displays but was average today. Havertz spent 3 yrs with Chelsea and flopped. Somehow, some small minds thought all he needed was changing a blue outfit for a red one. He, (Havertz) is proving that preposterous. He is worse than Pepe and in fact Pepe at least had value coming to Arsenal and would still offer Arsenal something even as the door has been shut in his face.

    1. Pepe and Auba won Arteta his only Arsenal trophy,

      I remember that final against Chelsea, Pepe almost single-handedly put the whole Chelsea defence to the sword

  5. I struggle to find one good thing to say about Havertz in relation to his footballing ability.
    People make jokes about Pepe but Pepe is a better player in every respect than Havertz.
    Its not his fault that MA spent a fortune on him but unfortunately we are now lumbered with him – MA is responsible for that.

  6. The role he plays him is more like an extra midfielder who should be looking for any pockets of space to play from whenever we are attacking,

    almost like a free-role when we are with the ball

    FOR GOODNESS SAKES Trossard will COMPLETELY SMASH THIS ROLE IN & OUT, Trossard will make us bully all the other 18 teams week-in, week-out playing in that role.

    Moreover, if its a role Arteta feels Lazy-Kai can take then please tell me who cannot then play it in our team.
    Even Fabio will do better

  7. Big money (65M)for nothing. 330K pw for free.
    Gotta luv my AFC.

    But worst of all we have disrupted the balance of the team, playing our best players out of position just to accommodate low-energy Havertz.


  8. As much as i don’t wanna sound insultive, i just couldn’t find a better word to qualify that tall for nothing guy. What a wasited money

  9. Havertz basically brings nothing, what ever Arteta is trying to get him to do, he just does not have the ability to carry out the orders. He is a statue that gets in the way, surely he will be dropped from the starting line up for the next game.

    With that said he I am not scapegoating him, I just think if Arteta keeps starting him we will be out of the title race before he becomes an asset to the squad.

    1. Yes, it comes down to the coach. The player is simply not good enough. So now the decision needs to be made that he cannot be starting games. Let’s see if Mikel is willing to admit his error with this purchase.

  10. What people have to remember is. Too accommodate Haverz, he plays Partey at RB, dropped Gabriel and plays only one genuine midfielder. All to the detriment of our wide players who have no real support or overlap. Is it all worth it?

  11. Just got home…. blinking train strikes.

    I’m not blaming Havertz, like I never blamed Willian when he joined. My issue is that MA has this prosperity to fit these players into a system that does not fit the player or the team.

    It is pure and utter madness, especially after last season.

    He has spent over 200 million this transfer window and as a punter all I have seen is that he has weakened the team.

    If you read this MA, please revert back to last season and replace Xhaka with either Havertz, Rice, Trossard, ESR or Viera and stop fannying around with this inverted full back or just play a 3 2 4 1.

    I’m no coach, but if we are not playing with over lapping full backs a 3 2 4 1 will steady the ship with a double pivot. With the tools at your disposal you have well and truly 🦆ed this up, especially with Fulham losing 4 of their most influential players for this game.

    Today was a proper shocker. Even the post match Kebab couldn’t get the nastier taste out of my mouth, and I had triple Chilli.

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree. This team is weaker than last season. Timber injury unfortunate of course, but it makes it look like the only improvement to this side its he Rice addition. And that’s not enough to challenge with City again. We’ve got no forward that can score 20+ goals, no adquate Zinchenko or Saka backup… What problem have we solved besides covering for Xhaka’s departure? The problem was the ridiculous GAMBLE to pay 65mill for Havertz. That is far too large of a fee for a player that was poor for 3 EPL seasons and looked shot of confidence last season.

  12. Trust Arteta he knows what he’s doing like ok in 15 games time he will shine our arsenal are back red army the energy Coming from arsenal now is amazing not seen this since the semi finals in 1994 on way home the energy was amazing the trian felt like it was bouncing and that’s what it feels like now love arsenal nothing else matters no what we are revolving love arsenal

  13. If you compare the Havertz and Madison signings Madison was bought by Spurs to play in a position he had played successfully many times. Even though he changed teams it was basically business as usual. I don’t know what Havertz was bought to do, presumably not what he was doing at Chelsea. It sometimes feels to me as if Kai’s entire premier league career has been spent playing out of position.

  14. There’s no agenda against Havertz he’s just not a good player. Nobody can justify him playing over ESR, Vieira, Trossard in LCM. It was an abysmal buy. Call me reactionary, but I’m also right. We need to do our best to sell Havertz to Saudi Arabia next summer. He has no place in this Arsenal team. He’s not good enough on any level and has zero attributes that improve us. How many times do the fans have to keep screaming to stop buying Chelsea flops.

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